27 Best Work from Home Jobs for Nigerians

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Imagine doing all you count as work right from your home, or maybe even on the chair in your room then smiling to the ATM to cash out your rewards?

How cool will that be to work from home and earn, really?

Work from home gives remote workers the freedom they truly yearn and also, the incentives they duly deserve for putting in so much work in their doings.

While we’re not here to talk about how to defraud a unperceiving people through the most popular illegitimate way of earning money from home in Nigeria; Cybercrime also known as Yahoo Yahoo. There are actually legitimate ways one can make money while staying at the comfort of their home and in this post, we shall be exploring some of the best work from home jobs for Nigerians.

This post is not just directed at the stay-home moms or Dad’s but just anyone really including students, career chasers, unemployed and others who are much more interested in working remotely from their most preferred location rather than the corners of an office.

But before continuing you need to understand that certain skills are best utilized at work and so can’t really be work from home jobs e.g. doctoring is best practiced at the hospital because of the availability of room and tools for such works meanwhile data entry as a skill can be a good source of work from home income because it’s just you, your laptop or spreadsheet, some noting pads that needs to work and all of these are readily available at most homes.

Best Work from Home Jobs in Nigeria

Ghost Writing

Did you know you can actually make money off those writing skills of yours?

Ghostwriters are individual writers who produce writings and hand over the credit of authorship to their contractors for an agreed price.
If you’re a good story teller, prosiest or novelist, you can put some of those wits of yours into good use and might as well get paid for it.

Surprisingly, the pay is usually really good especially when done consistently and has actually been the success edge for so many successful copywriters in Nigeria today.
Working as a ghostwriter, one is not allowed to include their names or identity in such works but that of the buyer/client, however you can include this in your portfolio.


The need for copywriters in the business industry over the years cannot be over-flogged.

Businesses require individuals who can write copies for businesses from your home and, in some cases, earn really good service payments.

Are you good in writing articles, creating contents for brands in various media? This is something to really consider trying out for and earn from while doing work from home.


This is the period for freelance writers – skilled individuals who can formulate articles, news contents, brand pages, creative and helpful ideas as well as other contents to be published on web pages or various media platforms such as billboards, in videos and other media.

There are various sites that offer listings of positions for freelancers in Nigeria as well as other parts of Africa to check if interested in particular freelance jobs and in various niches, some of these include Upwork.com, Fiverr.com,freelancer.com and so many others.

Freelancing however is usually highly favorable to those who have built a name in the sphere that is to say most freelance jobs are usually awarded to clienteles who have proof or records in their portfolio of having done such jobs before.

Fees gotten or paid from freelance jobs usually depends on certain stipulated prices made by the service-handler (freelancer) – it basically means you are in control of how much you choose to charge for the services you render and projects are usually on an hourly basis. How cool is that being a work from home?
Many freelance writers have been said to earn at least $150 per article and some even up to $1,500 per finished piece – think of that in Naira.

YouTube Vlogging

Have you got some DIY videos people are searching for and which you can make? Even motivations, train-worthy, news, updates, any skills that’s share-worthy – everything else goes on YouTube.

Let’s say ‘How to prepare Nigerian Ofada Rice’ or ‘How to Crochet-Build A Bag Without Any Machines’.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world and the potential it holds has made many millionaires in real time today.

To earn from YouTube though, one needs to enroll in the Google/YouTube Ads Partnership and figure out how best to monetize your contents while controlling the pre-recording, recording and post-production aspects of the grid.

Social Media Managing

Usually not a thing for startups and budding entrepreneurial ventures because probably the founder would be in charge of all of those at these initial stages but after growing to a certain extent, managing social media accounts of brands becomes a tedious activity.

Many organizations especially big brands need people to manage their social media accounts, publish and schedule events, make updates, engage with customers, critiques and even some pay for social media/community managers to develop social media strategies for them and their brands.


Do you have the ability to animate objects into motion, build animated figures?

Or you are really great at designing characters on Adobe Animate or Krita?

Well – you’ve got the ability to earn right from the face of your personal computer and right at your workspace (interesting work from home) because so many individuals as well as brands are actually interested in creating much more advance visual ads for their brands and this is where you come in – you give them something better than just Corel Draw vector art or Photoshop’s PSD but something sellable to the public.

The good news with this is – you get paid way more than you’d have been for just graphic works.


What is more fun than documenting your interests – things related to it, proffering answers to people’s questions and earning from it?

Nothing right?! Well that’s the fun part of blogging but it really takes a lot more than that to succeed while blogging.

Blogging has helped big names such as Linda Ikeji, Sisi Yemmie and a lot of other top blogger in Nigeria into becoming well known entrepreneurs and this all probably started at their various homes or work-stations.

There is a lot to learn about value delivery, content creations and curation, Search Engine Optimization and these and more makes blogging look more like a real job itself but the rewards (when done well) is much higher than the price paid.

Graphic Designs

Designing graphical contents for brands, businesses, individuals (or self even) is a good source of income while working from home. Creating graphics such as banners, event flyers, ad covers, social media visuals, logos and so much more while from home and earning from them is really everything a designer could ever ask for.

You could even project your works on graphic enriched sites also to further boost your exposure as a graphic artist. Sites such as ello.co, Dribbble, Tumblr, Instagram, are all post-worthy.

Platforms like Etsy, Deviant Art and other ” art marketing platforms even allow designers to sell original works to interested buyers.

Also, the need for freelance graphic artists too is on the rise and working with interested clients is a good source of cash for a creative and what’s more fun, you’re doing all of these from your home.

Content creation

You can write, direct or produce contents for interested brands right from your laptop and a working internet.

Clients pay you for your jobs/projects and everyone gets to have a nice day.

Online tutoring

Through the emergence of e-learning platforms such as Udemy, Teachable and so much more, lectures can now be taken from any part of the world and this is actually great news for a remote worker in Nigeria.

Through the usage of these sites, tutors and trainers can teach students at stipulated prices right from the comfort of their homes. No hassle of moving around the class and controlling a crowd of 50 unrepentant children. I guess all that would be needed are board, some sketch boards, a camera and you!

Proof reading and Editing

Many people worldwide are willing to pay people to proof-read and edit their works for them because in reality – this job is better done by other people.

so if you have a knack for noticing errors in what you read – say the odd color in your President’s shirt to make a mean *haha*, then this might actually be a place for you to earn from.

Editing is not an easy task at all but it does work for those it works for plus it is a simple way to make money for noticing savagery errors in a book.

You can learn how to do this well through Salman’s guide to ”becoming a good proof-reader.

Web developing

Depending on how skilled a website designer might be, many individuals and brands are willing to pay fair amounts to freelancers who in turn will help them in building befitting websites for their brands or organizations.

As specified above, the level of expertise a designer has will greatly affect the market price of his or her service to customers.

Website – UI/UX Designer

It is one thing to design a website and it is another thing to make the feel of the website much more welcome. This is the job of a UX designer, to make the peruser or even skimmers want to come back for more.

If this is something you have a knack for, then it’s definitely something to enter in for because to be frank with you – there is an interesting chunk of money coming from here.

T-Shirts Designing

Have you noticed the recent trend in the usage of similar clothing commodities?
You’d see GRACE, AMA KIP KIP and so much more, all of which were probably one wo/man’s idea.
Designing a sellable T-Shirt is not just about the level of creativity or originality a designer has but also should be about the message. Noticeably the highest-selling shirts always has the feel of the person putting it on – smokers having Khalifa’s image on, Entrepreneurs having some black and interesting message passed on their cloth.

To do this, one needs to have graphic designing skills and a knack for what’s hot and what fashion trend is up. This way it is easier to predict what the people would like.

Once designed prototypes can be posted online for interested people to peruse or and shops like TeeSpring who’d then print out these designs on textiles and sell to buyers.

The whole idea behind this is to get a big hit in the market, the rest is just about continuing what you’ve already started.

Affiliate Marketing

There are thousands of products and commodities out in shops, electronic stores such as Jumia, Konga, Amazon, EBay, Share A Sale, JvZoo and a whole lot of other sales portal that people can become affiliates too.

Though the rate of commissioning awarded to affiliate marketers might not be as high as creating and selling owned products, it is still a really good source for extra or real income and thousands of affiliates have made huge figures through make either numerous low-ticket affiliates sales or less high-ticked affiliate sales.

Note: I would not advise you to be an affiliate to a firm that’s not trusted or one that you’ve not tested e.g. promoting a skin care product that you’ve not tested might be a bad idea because if people make purchases through you to a bad product, they might hate you for it and this is definitely bad for business.

Child Caregiver

Since you’re at home, probably due to (frictional) unemployment or for some other reasons, having a child by your side and babysitting them might be a fair source of income while at home. Of course, this should only be practiced if you will be free with the child’s tantrums *winks*.

Personally, I do so this is not the kind of job I would opt for”

Data Entry

Inputting and organizing data (1,2, a, b, z) for brands or even individuals might seem a tedious thing to do but the practice is actually a good source of money – this was even the way I got paid #50,000 for a particular sports analysis project.

Supposedly such individual has a lot of time on their hands, this is a really good and reliable source of income because certain firms in the accounting and data industry always seek for data inputters who can work with them on filling and filing data into comprehensive information which would them be put into reports or for other uses.

Handmade Crafts

Do you have a craft you know how to and are confident in your skills enough to sell them?

Say origami, sculpture, fine art, unique textile designs, all these and more are craft works that can be created at personal spaces and sold off at great prices, depending on your level of influence and expertise that is.

This is a quick and fun way to earn money not just from staying at home but also from doing something you love.

Digital Marketing

As a digital marketer, you’re basically doing all of your jobs on the net, digitally. So it there really any reason not to be in your own house making sales and sipping on ’’ something light.
Help affiliated brands sell their products and make your money the easy way.

Product Reviewing

Did you know that you can make money from reviewing certain products online? While this would definitely not make you a millionaire except you intend spending 30 years of your life reviewing products; it is a good way to make petty and little income. Maybe something to grab a cup of coffee or a sandwich.


Being eloquent in one or more programming languages e.g. Python, JavaScript, MySQL opens one to a variety of income making opportunities including teaching and training budding programmers, organizing paid-for e-events/seminars to train people and so on.

Quick E-Tasks such as Survey taking

Platforms like Survey Monkey reward survey-takers with various incentives such as gift cards, shopping vouchers, checkout bonuses and so much more.

Not highly rewarding but this is a quick way to garner cash off of spending time online and on various social media.

Spending Time on Social Media

What? You didn’t know you can actually earn off of your social media account? and NO, it’s definitely not for Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter!

Certain platforms such as Minds’’, SteemIt actually PAY users of their interface for spending time online and engaging with the platforms.

What’s more, this doesn’t stop you from making friends on these platforms.

If you’re interested in Minds, let’s be friends https://minds.com/ref?emmiasky


Did you know that you can actually earn from your words as a translator? There’s no need for find a formal employment as a translator when you can get the jobs done right from the sit’’ of your bed.

Virtual Customer Assistants

Can you handle office functions such as responding to customer queries, emails, event management, and so on? If you can, this might be a good job for you.

The need for VAs for firms is now a well needed too in that it boosts the organizations Online Customer Communication.

You see those Dare and Nyes you chat with and get answers from questions asked might not all be in offices but at their various houses handling your queries and helping you make your online experience easier and smoother.


Give your expertise on issues relating to humans, life, career, love, relationships and more.

Many podcasters have built their names in the hearts of men due to their candid opinion on certain matters that affects humans e.g. Dayo Isreal, Jimoh Oluwatobi of NGO Podcast Show. After getting known, monetizing your podcast is the next step of the line as this way, you’re not just speaking into the air for people to listen but also while adding value, gaining some incentives.


So many entrepreneurs actually do not understand how to keep or manage their accounts and do not really have the time to learn this. Why? Well because it’s numbers and figures and those are really delicate stuffs. Instead, brands and entrepreneurs find individual freelancers who have these skills to help them run this and the fun part is that they are willing to pay, really well.

If you’re certified in the field of accounting, financial management or have degrees related to them, this might be a good source of work-from-home income for you.

It usually just takes asking but sometimes it’s better to let the clients come’’.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and gotten value from it.

If there are other interesting ways to make money from home in Nigeria that we forgot to mention, kindly leave us a message in the comments.

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