What Miracle Would You Be?

Learn how to make the best of your day!Okay, it's not a magic trick but it works.

So many individuals go around their day getting frustrated at themselves just because they are unable to achieve that which they planned out to. We're here to help!
All we need is your co-op, are you willing?

We are all miracles, all answers to someone’s prayers and deep requests, we all are.

You too are a miracle to someone, but do you really know this or do you really make good use of this ability each and everyone one of us own?

We know of people daily seeking miracles for one thing or the other in their lives – perhaps we all might be seeking miracle in one aspect or the other of our lives as well, a good governor or a better ruler to help solve social problems in the community, a likable super-man to save those lives lost in air-crashes, someone to fix the educational sector, even parenting these days is in a state of decompose.

There are millions of problems in the world, most caused by us humans and these issues of course affects us as well as it does other living organisms occupying the earth.

As a person with the ability to think, to solve problems daily, and frequently, we all have been empowered with the ability to be the miracles many seek and long for, an answer to the prayer of an old woman about to cross the busy road – searching for a helper, an answer to the prayer of the dark street-child, seeking nothing but acceptance in the hands of those who would love and cherish him/her, a helper of humanity, someone who caters for the dejected wastes un-busy men and women carelessly drop on flat, wet and semi-porous surfaces at the thought of it disappearing and never to be found again – they do disappear, footballed by a kid on the street into the gutter, the waterway and into the water-lands. But they don’t disappear, they re-appear on necks of turtles and sea gulls, who see these light materials as another one of their numerous sea feeds and in an aim to have their bellies satisfied, swig down such materials only to be cluttered in their bellies or necks as ‘the evil fruit’ that refused to get digested and decomposed – do you now see an example of a miracle you can make by picking up plastic wastes and properly disposing them? 


As a person with the ability to think, to solve problems daily, and frequently, we all have been empowered with the ability to be the miracles many seek and long for.

Many more things can be done by us, usually they are overlooked by many but is actually a direct answer to someone’s prayer somewhere, seeking for the hand just extended.

How about a joint effort to fix a road that would’ve been the death bed for many if not taken care of, Now, that’s a Miracle.

The problem just is that most (the enterprising ones that is) want to fix these problems as solo–workers and want to take the credit for it which should not be, it should be something made by all, enjoyed by all and for the benefit of all – you are a miracle not just for yourself and not just for your family or community but for a greater and way broader cause.

You too have something, that brilliant tech idea in your mind, that great potent to arrange and organize learning sessions, that innate ability to ‘control the crowd’ and speak values to change people’s lives.

Someone somewhere has that next paradigm-shifting poem (yeah I’m a poet and I’ve got to give kudos to the creatives too), don’t slack it – don’t think it too much, just make sure to do it and ensure it gets done.

If you can find your miracle, be your miracle.

That skill you’ve got in graphic designs, use it to design the future, that knowledge of coding you’ve got – you can build the next LifeHack.org for millions worldwide to learn from, you never might know what people want that would lead them to you, that knowledge-sharing session skills you make with your friend, it’s about time you expand your reach and get to the other side of the world, never place a limit on yourself.

What miracle would you be today, to your children, friends, environment, nation and finally to the world?

Remember, you too definitely have something.

Use it.

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