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Jobs sites have gradually become a common thing in the nation, as a means to alleviate one of the major challenges affecting individuals in the nation, 

Such platforms are simply the links or middlemen that connects job seekers to employers of labour and services

This is not going to be another cliché resource on the term ‘Best Platforms to Find Jobs In Nigeria’ but instead you shall be introduced to a list of highly effective platforms some fairly unpopular, where employers can seek and find employment online plus the high-ranking ones you obviously know already, this won’t be totally based on Alexa Ranking and how many thousands of people are actually visiting the site seeking job and employment but a resource page for all Nigerians who seek immediate or long term jobs. 

Websites to find Jobs in Nigeria

LinkedIn Jobs

It’s sad enough to know that despite the large resources available on LinkedIn, so many Nigerian employees and even employers do not fully utilize the power of this great social media network. LinkedIn Jobs provides job openings and recruitment opportunities to members of its site which they can apply to for free.

Hot Nigerian Jobs 

Now the No. 1 Job site for finding latest jobs in Nigeria – ranking at 8,873 worldwide on Alexa, the Hot Nigerian Jobs site is one of the oldest and most popular job listing websites in the nation and is prominent for its doggedness to stay atop the game of getting found by job seekers in the nation.

It site tag reads ‘moving your career to the next level’, this has been what they’ve been doing and shall always do.

They aid even in finding teaching jobs in Nigeria 

Ng Careers

Great website with an intentional layout that feels great to browse through for contents and listings, Ng Careers is one of Nigeria’s top job search, recruitment and career website, they provide visitors with the latest jobs and vacancies in Nigeria today by location, industry and even category

As a job seeker, one can search for jobs from latest and verified job adverts and career information from employers and recruiters in all Nigerian states and even upload/create resumes or curriculum vitaes to improve one’s visibility on the net.

Job List Nigeria

On the home page reads ‘Find Your Perfect Job. Right Now!’
Yes, they do mean that

Job-list Nigeria is a provider of resources aimed towards giving connection from individual job seekers to organizations and firms employers.

They also feed their readers with information consistently on internship and scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate, training, etc.

My JobMag

My Jobmag has risen since being established by Ogugua Belonwu in 2010 to becoming a top job-listing provider with top-notch job services rendered to the recruitment market in Nigeria. 

For the past decade since being in the business of job listing, they have become a well applauded platform by job seekers who have gotten experience the usefulness of the site in searching for available positions in desired organizations across Nigeria including topping the search for NGO jobs in Nigeria 

Job Gurus 

With well over 700k jobs in Nigeria under their listing, the Job Gurus website has risen over the years into becoming one of Nigeria 

They even run a Computer Based test ( for job seekers to learn more about whatever field they desire to be employed into plus offer digital books for sale to interested users.

The website does pretty well on the ranking list with 36,560 worldwide.


The mission of the platform is ‘to crush unemployment in Nigeria  – in our own little way – by consistently delivering relevant job vacancies to job seekers in Nigeria; exposing and fishing out fraudulent recruiters; guiding and providing relevant resources/materials to applicants’

With a simple vision which is ‘to become the number one go-to site for job seekers and everyone seeking opportunities in Nigeria’, this is no ordinary website when it comes to job listings in the nation, with categories on each of the 36 states in the federation , categorization of job listings by industry to even creating a platform for job employers to create listings  that helps employment seekers find access to the information they seek.


Founded by Olalekan Olude in 2009.

JobberMan promises to boost your skills and profile, provide you with personalised career guidance and match you with the right opportunities, so that you can be the Best and the Brightest.

Being a long-standing job provider in the nation since creation and and one of ranking websites in the nation with 295th position on Alexa Rankings – Nigeria, the organization literally does everything it can to help workers become better even after getting employed.

Just Jobs Ng

JustJobsNg is a just as any other Nigeria job-listing website that aims to provide latest job vacancies and recruitments in Nigeria in a variety of industries and locations within the nation.

Neuvoo Nigeria

Neuvoo’s goal is to give job seekers the largest selection of jobs to match their skills and ambitions.

They are also available in Canada, Switzerland, France, UK, USA and 74 other countries.

Jiji Jobs

Did you know the powerhouse of Nigerian hand-to-hand sales has a job-listing platform?

Yes, it does and you can search and apply for job opportunities via this platform.

Even offering internship opportunities for seekers. 

Jobs Today

This is a fairly unpopular among the job sites in nigeria but is actually doing well on the charts, with a vibrant Facebook following of over 200,000, the firm does its part in updating latest job vacancies in nigeria


This is India’s No. 1 Job site, ranking as the number 365th website 

 in the world according to Alexa Rankings, this website has over the years proven to be a reliable source for job listings and employment opportunities over many nations all over the world.

Vacancies Ng

Simple, comprehensive and intentional website. is another fantastic website for job finders in the nation.

New Balance Jobs

An online job board site that is concerned with making job search easier for applicants all over the world.

Career News Ng

This is a website dedicated to helping professionals and job finders seek their dream jobs, 

The mission is to help find the latest jobs in nigeria for fresh graduates non-graduates, and professionals find jobs and verified employment.

Nigeria Job Bucket

This website is here to sensitize their audience on the latest available employment opportunities, giving you a load of choices within Nigeria and not just limited to that, also it gives applications to openings across the world.

Their portal gives job seekers ability to run through selection of Job opportunities placed by agencies,companies,governments and non government organisations. The selection opportunities is wide depending on various areas of specialization and interest.

Updated Daily with new opportunities for readers and visitors, the blog is slowly emerging as one of the most visited job listing platforms in the nation.

Jobrapido Nigeria

Though not a Nigerian-owned website, JobRapido is a well-respected job offering site.

With well over a hundred thousand followers on Facebook, the firm well leverages the results provided through the good jobs done over the years. 

Advance Africa

This website is in the niche for African scholarships, volunteers in Africa programs & jobs notification within the continent.

They offer products and services geared towards advancement of Africans, some of which include scholarships for African students, development jobs in Africa, internships as well as volunteer in Africa opportunities.

While jobs might be the main aims of the reader, we do think being aware of such a website could go a long way in helping people.

For Jobs specifically for Nigeria, click HERE 

Employment Nigeria

This website is highly populated with job opportunities with admins making up to 20 posts all on employment opportunities per day and gradually working their way up the job-listing websites in the nation. 


GlassDoor wants everyone to ‘Find The Job That Fits Your Life’, so if you’re sourcing for jobs within and outside Nigeria, this is a place for you to definitely check out.


LJINig is a job portal in Nigeria that to help seekers get apt job information.

Known as one of the leading job portals in Nigeria, LJINig brings two groups of people together – the job seeker and the recruiter. by providing job seekers with thousands of vacancies that are posted by hundreds of registered recruiters and employers.


Indeed wants to know just two things about your job searching experience, ‘What do you want’ and ‘Where do you want it’?

That pretty much explains everything else.


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