8 Ways To Make Impact in Your Community

ways to make impact in the community
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At some point in the lives of every or most persons – we all want to stand up for something, be a source of inspiration to some, be an impact maker in the community we stay in or in the world at large but maybe we let go of these dreams of ours because the world didn’t seem to co-operate with us and our ambitions.

Just as Malala Yousafzai didn’t lay down on the floor when she got shot in the head and now is standing up for education and Greta Thunberg is a voice for climate change and the effects its causing our world, you as well can start something – be a voice for something affecting the community or the world.

In today’s article, we shall be helping future impact makers on how to go about what change they are interested in making in their community and we hope you can be one of us too.

This is because we know that change is in your hands!

Ways to Make Impact in Your Society

1. Solve A Problem in The Community

Every community of the world has one problem or the other it faces. There literally is no perfect community that has no issue in one way or the other. Be it in mass illiteracy, corruptions in political offices/positions, social issues such as high rate of crime, an anarchical system and so on.

What are the steps to solving a problem in the society?

Find a problem in your community

There is always a lack somewhere, at some point in most communities.
These loopholes in the society may not be so noticeable to every eyes in the community and it may concern just a certain group of people. E.g. a community lacking a police station might not really be a cause of concern for some sets of tributary who have high security personnel on their payroll guiding them, their families and belongings but this would have a drastic effect on the life of the average citizens in such communities as this makes them much more prone to criminal offences perpetuated against them and their inability to fight the good fight or a community lacking a well-equipped school might not be a concern of old people because – well, they’re old anyways but it is a major concern to the younger generation.

It is a requisite for all impact makers in various communities to find these loopholes in their various communities and sort them according to what is most needed/what is most achievable within their means.

For this, you can make an outline on what’s most important to what’s most viable
For example, issues such as a dirty environment can be addressed faster than an issue of crime-rates in the community.

Also, as an impact maker, you cannot really touch every nook and cannot tackle every issue that comes your way so it is better to focus on what you’re more enthused about.

Form a clique with like-minded individuals

Man is a social animal – the quicker we understand this, the better it is for us.

To achieve anything great in life, we need the help of others as well as ourselves for formulation, strategizing and implementation of anything.

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However, when selecting people for such projects (I shall herein refer to impact-aimed tasks as projects for the remainder of this article), it is better to select people who are actively engaged, deeply interested in and are willing to be active participants in the vision being shared by the team or squad.

Failure to select these sets of people would lead to a slow-down and continuous drag in the processes that needs to be accomplished to make the vision into reality.

These people can be found at community gatherings, social discussions, growth centers, seminars, even on social media platforms – all you need to find them is to filter your searches by location, connect with those who have like-minded values and goals for the communities (it’s for the best to work with people that are actually reachable physically as this helps foster movements).
Five as a number is the base for connecting for me – I pretty much think anything can be started with five people.

Share your ideas with them and you make use of a WA groups, an Fb Chatroom to hold discussion in place of physical meetings. Share ideas and get discussions started!


He who fails to plan, plans to fail

How do we measure progress if not through having a laid-out plan?

After connecting with people – what’s the next step?

You need to map it out, whatever project you intend working on needs to have a plan.

You need to have a goal-strategy the team can work with and trace to know what’s next and how to.

Is it partnering with a private/public firm in order to actualize your goals?
Is it seeking for funds from community leaders? Building a social media page to pass information – you need to know what’s next!

Note: It doesn’t need to be all that perfect at the beginning. You don’t actually need to have a process-map laid out on paper because not having one causes a drag on movements and so many projects that could’ve been of benefit to many lives/communities have been halted because strategy formulators were caught up in the web of over-thinking things and that too!

Don’t fall for that.

You can always update/subtract from the plan – the point is never to deviate from the actual goal.

Utilize the skills at your disposal to pass awareness

Many social entrepreneurs miss out on using what they already have to pass their messages across to the lives they wish to touch and instead of starting using tools at their disposal to start things and enjoying the process off growth. May just stay stuck in a position with hopes of a miracle happening and helping them solve the problems they could solve themselves.

We complain on things like our lack of money, our lack of connections, our lack of a great mentor to help us see things through and wallow on in our comfort zone whereas – we should be doing.

Tools like the social media is one of the easiest way to reach anyone or even any community, utilize it well.

Pretty much anything can be done with the power of the social media in today’s times. We can choose to launch a movement, start a cause, start an online protest, create an online class and so on, all aimed towards causing social impact in our various communities.

Educate others to do same

The end goal of anything substantial is not just to take the credit at the end of the day but to be a beacon of light for others.

Leaders show the way to the light itself

There is a need for continuous growth in every project/great social deed because the end goal is to empower another to be able to make do of what you did and add improvements to it.

At the end of the day, those you empower would empower others who would want to have a share in such visions and also they too would share the light with others too especially peers and friends.

Partner/Work with Related Bodies/Ministries

At some point, there would be the need to work with related bodies/ministries (in your community) in achieving some goals which would not ordinarily be possible or would be difficult without their involvement.

Government Ministries in most cases are usually looking for up-and-doing youths who are interested in making social positive change in their communities and so their gates would forever be opened to hearing out ideas and plans on how to make the dream of improving communities and the citizenry better.

This is the same for most private bodies or organizations, because they all take pride in their CSR activities, they search for young minds with change-making projects to work with. Though the process might be tedious at the beginning, it definitely would be worth it in the long run.

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Note: Solving a problem especially one in a community might not just be a one-week or one-month, or one-year thing even. The main goal of actually solving a problem should be to keep that problem solved

The main goal of actually solving a problem should be to keep that problem solved

2. Volunteer for a cause

Not everyone can be leaders of movement or initiators of projects to work on – not even everyone can organize people to work together for a common goal. Some people just want to be part of something great – they just want to be included in impact-aimed projects.

If you are this kind of a person who feels like he or she is not really fit for people organization and management, you can choose to be a volunteer for a good cause. It’s something anyone can do.

Volunteering is basically the act of taking part in volunteer tasks for NGOs and impact making bodies as a means to help get their goals achieved.

At some points, various NGOs make requests for volunteers who are needed to help achieve certain goals and at certain times – even the big non-governmentals such as WHO, Red Cross seek the involvement of volunteers to achieve out with their doings.

Common volunteer tasks include campaigns, walks, non-violent/peaceful protest, libeling, transportation and so on.

Apart from the fact that volunteering for NGOs is a great source for knowledge because you’ll be dealing with a lot of people you never knew, it is also a really great way to connect with like-minded individuals who you might be interested in working with on subsequent projects.

3. Using Your Skills for Social Good/Advocacy

Skilled individuals can produce contents for whatever social ill they wish to tackle and upload them for the world to see.

Skills such as photography, animation, Vlogging, blogging, can all be turned into good use for impact in the community.

E.g. A photography can upload an image of a man holding a belt up against his wife and maybe have a child holding his leg – this give an idea of a social ill; marital/domestic violence.

With the prowess of the social media and the extensiveness of the internet, messages can be passed across to thousand and millions of viewers.

4. Teach Skills To People

Do you have some skill which migh tbe sellable and developed further to helping people? You can teach it to commuity members – maybe even for free.

5. Mentor Someone 

There actually is some kid out there in your community who is now like you were a few years ago!

They need guidance on what to do with this one beautiful life of theirs.
They know that they are meant for greatness but just don’t know how to go about achieving it.

Be there for one!

Sometimes, all we need to bring out that idea in our head is just a mentor or someone to hold our hands and tell us it’s okay to be scared but we can do it still.

6. Donate Materials

Sometimes it is not just needy centres that are in need of materials for their good functioning. Sometimes schools do too!

You can stop by on your way and donate some materials to schools, foot bills for students who can’t afford (if you can).

7. Recycle

You may not know what good you’re doing to the world at large but you definitely are helping us all by properly disposing your used materials to be recycled.

8. Become First Aid Certified

Emergent situations never really knock on anyone’s doors. Communities might need a first-aider in certain cases that needs help and immediately.

You never can tell who it’s going to hit. Be that help!


It’s actually a thing that each and every one of us can make impact in some form or the other.

Now What Miracle Would You Be? is the question.

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