Best Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

top ways to make money online
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The internet as we see it has changed a lot of things in life from the way we access and store things to our travels, family, learning and so on.
This great web of ours also has various means users can earn from, even earn a living from.


With more and more smart-phone users in the world gaining easy access to the internet, there has been the rise in the question of whether or not one can actually earn money online.

In Nigeria too, this question has been asked numerous times and is on the tongue of many internet users (especially youths) in the nation.
Making money online however has led so many down a negative and demoralizing path with more and more people especially youths getting involved in internet fraud and cybercrime, this doesn’t however mean that one cannot make money legally online in Nigeria.

Can You Make Money Online in Nigeria?

Yes, you can – however, get-rich-quick and cyber fraud is not the way to go. There are legitimate ways one can use the internet to make money online from Nigeria while having no crime record or indulging in no criminal/.inhumane activity and one can live in peace knowing they worked for their money.

All of the methods for making money online in this post are personalized to Nigerians and are all doable and can all be learnt from this same internet of things.

Top Ways To Make Money Online in Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate is basically the process of promoting other people’s contents or products for sale to interested/potential buyers and earning a commission from it.

You can promote products of any kinds and on any social network and when people make purchases on such products using your affiliate link, you should automatically get a commission for it (a commission is a fee for services rendered based on a percentage or agreement rate between seller and affiliated marketer of whatsoever product is being promoted).

Many times it’s usually done with an affiliate link (usually unique fir each individuals) but at other times, it is a coupon or a purchase code.

This is really a good way to earn some simple money for providing an insight/promoting a product which you think would help them

Although most products traded by affiliate marketers are usually low-tickets products that refers to products that are not so expensive and the commission rates of such products might not surmount to anything unless when selling a high number of low-ticket products and affiliate marketing can be a really tedious way to make money online in Nigeria because it needs to be nurtured up and that might take a long while.

But when done well adn right, it s sweet source of income, even sustainable income.

You can learn the strategies to becoming successful at affiliate marketing here.

Digital Marketing

For those who are vast in knowledge in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing, Social Media marketing and every other activity that would help with marketing a business online.

Digital Marketing is pretty easy if you already have the skills of a digital marketer.
You can learn such skills on Google’s free Digital Marketing course.


Blogging as a career has helped a lot of people build brands out of sharing ideas, providing tips and tricks, making updates on things that are of interest to them and their audiences.

Known names such as Sisi Yemmie’s food sharing blog;, Uche Pedro’s Fashion Lifestyle blog;, Linda Ikeji’s news & updates blog; to other aspects of this interesting activity. Blogging has established these few individuals top bloggers in Nigeria and they’ve not only reaped the benefit of monetizing their blogs, they’ve also set entrepreneurial careers for themselves and you can too!.

The potential to blogging knows no bounds because there are basically blogs on anything these days. From cheat codes to relationship and marriage tips to political updates, to movements and causes – so much more. All of these are bloggable, you just have to own a blog (and trust me – it is easy to actually own a blog), share updates consistently, get good at it, monetize the blog *but it is way easier said done*

Before you pick blogging of course, you need to learn some tips on how best to be a blogger from successful ones.

You can learn how to create a blog from our upcoming course on Every Blogging – An introduction into blogging, a step-by-step procedural treat to making money from blogging or use’s as a point of reference.

Blogging is an easy way to become recognized and known in any field of interest e.g journalism, culinary scene, as a graphic artist and so many more

Bloggers have the ability to pick how they want to earn through the various means of earning through blogging.

Creating a Digital Product

Digital products are basically products that can be sold over the air – via the internet. They include videos which can be streamed, eBooks on certain things, teachables and so on.

The secret to succeeding with the creation of digital products as a means to earn money online is to create either products related which what is trending or creating evergreen digital products because this would result as a great way to make passive income for life.

You can learn how to Create a Digital Product here.

You can make use of platforms such as Paystack, Paga, to get payments for whatever products is being sold or even the good-old-bank.

Content Writing

As a content writer, you can earn from your writing skills or as a freelancer to people in need of your services.

Great content writers earn pretty well especially on freelancing sites. Usually service-finders pay content writers based on how much job is done – this is measured by the length of work on the various projects done or by fixed prices made by service providers, content writing definitely is a top-skill to have in order to make money online and remotely in Nigeria.

Related: Learn how to be a Better Content Writer


Have you got skills to sell?

Whatever marketable skill you have there’s actually someone in need of it. You can help them help you – by this I mean you can help them with the service and they can help you with the fees.

The top skills that people pay for on freelancing sites are include copy writing, social media marketing, article writing, copywriting, web designing, data entry, email marketing but there definitely other skills that sell really well too.

This money-making tactic has actually become the base of the success for a lot of today’s entrepreneurs who started off cashing in with the skills they have.

To become recognized as a freelancer, you need to register on a freelancing platform as a service provider and fill in your credential and skills because this is what actually helps freelancers get more projects/bids and outrank others.

Check the best freelancing platforms in Nigeria

List Properties on Property Websites

Have you go available spaces for rent in your area?

Why not list them out on property websites and earn from doing this?

Sites such as ToLet, Jiji Homes, Jumia House, Private Property allows people register themselves agents who make updates on properties that are for sale. If these properties are bought via such platforms, these agents can earn a sharp cut of the deal and that’s really a fair deal.

Teaching/Selling a course

Did you know that you can actually earn money from teaching something you’re knowledgeable in?

You can teach almost anything and the great side to it is that you can teach with various formats. Videos, podcasts, PDFs and other teaching materials are various ways to teach.

Platforms such as Udemy, Teachable, edX, Vimeo or even YouTube premium (find affiliate links) helps knowledgable educators monetize their contents and is a good way to make money online in Nigeria.

Taking Online Surveys

This would definitely not make you the richest man in Nigeria but sure, it is just a simple way to earn some few cash – or coupon codes. They are usually in various forms which may include filling online surveys, answering quick questions, taking quick tests and so on.

Many don’t even pay cash but might pay with gift cards, coupons and so on.

Trading Bitcoin

BitCoin trading has been around in the world for quite a while now and many people have attested to the fact that is it a really brilliant way to make money online and Nigerians are not left out of this picture as more and more Nigerians are allured to this business.

You can make money either by investing in Bitcoin with the hope that it would gain massive value in future, or you can trade in the retail exchange of bitcoins for a profit.

Most people who earn really well from Bitcoin are keen to their screens and stay up-to-date with the latest changes in currency exchange rates so as to know when to and when not to trade for profit and to maximize their deals.

Learn all there is to Bitcoin success

Data Entry

If you’ve got a nick for data input and really understand how well to use your inputting skills to translate and arrange data into meaningful information, then data entry is something you definitely should look into.

While this might be a tedious thing to do, the aftertaste of data-entry is actually really good as service finders pay well.

You can register as a data-entry freelancer on Nigerian freelance sites for gigs and start earning from this skill today.

Vlogging on YouTube

Vlogging is just the easier way to blog about things that interest you and you are enthusiastic about. It is in video formats.

To make money from YouTube, you need to create contents that people search from and are interested in and after achieving a set-mark of subscribers/viewers on your videos/channel, you can monetize your videos with Google AdSense and earn from the platform.

An added advantage for YouTubers is the fact that it is the second most used search engine and it provides personalized contents to searchers. This means that it is easier to reach people searching based on location.

Graphics design

If you’re really skilled with graphics, you can earn from this highly valuable skill either as a worker from home, a remote worker or even as a freelancer selling your skills for money.

Web design

Many startups would at some point be in need of websites as a home for their various brands and this is a really great way to earn money online from the comfort of your home.

You can run this skill as a solo entrepreneur, freelancer or a brand too.

Social Media Management

As the world of social media keeps on growing daily – so is the potential to make money from it too.

Many brands now require individuals with social media management skills to help them with manage their brand’s social media profiles, make updates, grow fan base, engage with customers and interact with the needs of people over the internet.

This is really a simple skill that can be learnt by anyone on social media.

If you’re a social freak who loves to stay active – why not consider earning from doing this too?

Making Money from Social Media

Most of the world spends their time on social media anyways and Nigeria is definitely not out of the picture here, the nation is a hub full of social media users.
But how many users actually know and understand that they can earn money from their favorite social media platforms?

Facebook is the best social media network to help any average individual make money from the platform and this is from a variety of features – a large base with over 2.5 billion users, it is the most popular social media network in the world, the ability to create and direct a community, the ability to own a page and grow a brand with it etc.

This post from will help you on How To Make Money from Facebook


Now when many Nigerians search for how to make money online on the internet, they might be searching for quick ways to drive money illegally but no, the answers provided in this article are means to making legal money via the internet and while they all are legit and plausible ways to make money online, I would advise you to not base a career on Making Money Online as a source of living at the very beginning – because the process to making money online is easier said/read than it is to be done.

“All overnight success takes about 10 years.” – Jeff Bezos

We’ve compiled our top ways to make money with the internet in Nigeria, if there are any comments to add or questions needing clarifications, kindly drop them in the comments.

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