Top Bloggers in Nigeria, Lessons for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

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Blogging has over the years become of pique interest to the populace of Nigeria as well as its neighbors. With major successes and breakthroughs from the big players in the game like Linda Ikeji, Makinde Azeez to mention a few, one must wonder – what separates this circus from the many numerous/mildly/unsuccessful bloggers in Nigeria.

In today’s article, we shall be pointing our crugging torch on the top blogger in Nigeria, how they made it big in the news and how budding bloggers too can become successful.

Most Influential Bloggers in Nigeria And Lessons for Budding Bloggers

Linda Ikeji of Linda Ikeji’s Blog

When it comes to blogging in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji is always at the tip of our tongues and this is not just because she runs one of the highest earning and popular blogs in the nation but because, over time she has constantly evolved herself and her brand into one of the most successful blogs in the world.

From covering celebrity news, to the latest happening in Nigeria, the Linda Ikeji blog has established Linda as one of the most authoritative bloggers in Nigeria as well as the number one advertisement platform for corporations and brands in Nigeria.

Come to think of it, she’s actually not converting her audiences into customers through email collection – that’s too bad but oh well, she’s turning brands into customers.

How did Linda Ikeji make it and what can we learn from her?

  1. Linda Ikeji actually started blogging when it was still a new product in the market, far back in 2006. This was the period blogging was new to the Nigerian market but she didn’t stop. Her persistence kept her going and got her where she is now.
  2. Linda was into the gossips, and she stayed with what she loved doing. Bloggers too should learn how to stick to their guns, pick a niche you’re interested in and work on it, build a mansion with the sands in your hand.

Makinde Azeez of Naijaloaded

With an average of 1,112,340 daily visitors and 8,898,720 daily page views, this blog really the home for entertainment in Nigeria!

The blog’s founder Makinde Azeez started as a forum and was launched 2009 but had to close down due to certain issues and was rebranded into a blog which has remained ever since. The blog has since grown into one of the most popular blogs in Nigeria and clings unto the title of being the most visited entertainment website in Africa.

Contents covered on the platform includes news on celebrities, sports, education and other important information and opinions

You too can even contribute to their blog, Click HERE

What bloggers can learn from Makinde Azeez and the Naijaloaded team

  1. About that resource Linda Ikeji is not using, well the Naijaloaded team does it well, so well that it’s tempting to resist signing up.
    You see that sidebar form on the platform containing ‘Join 7,000,000 + subscribers’, that’s one magic trick to succeeding online as a blogger.
    Each time the Naijaloaded team uploaded a new content, emails get sent to 7 million plus individuals mostly who are from Nigeria and that converts, really well.

    You need to have a signup form on your website, set up an email marketing platform, use Mailchimp or some other tool (free or paid) to do this. Why? Because emails never go wrong. Better still, it even works on subdomains e.g,

    Note: You are not Naijaloaded yet, so don’t show us a social proof of 25+ subscribers, hide that subscriber count at the beginning.
  2. Naijaloaded gives us the Nigerian view of things. Contents uploaded on this blog are usually on the African/Nigerian perspective, and this is something readers really love about them.
    It’s not enough to just entertain your audience but also, do it the right way so you can keep them coming back for more.

    The blog, Naijaloaded was launched 2009 and has since grown into one of the most popular blogs in Nigeria. He shares inclusive news on celebrities, sports, education and other important information and opinions on his blog. Makinde gives us such a Nigerian vibe and we are addicted to his site.

Uche Eze-Pedro of Bella Naija

BellaNaija, one of Nigeria’s most successful blogs was founded by Uche Eze in 2006 as a means to ‘kill boredom’; and this has grown into a foremost blog and an appeal to Nigerians and Africans especially the women, who are obviously more populated and are also the key audience of the blog.

Mrs. Pedro is one of the most influential bloggers in Nigeria and has not only built an empire for herself in the Nigerian blogosphere by creating a successful blog but also has spark a fire in the hearts of many other women (including Linda Ikeji) to succeed just like she did with blogging.

Bella Naija is one of the leading lifestyle and entertainment blogs in Nigeria covering music, style, weddings, beauty and so many more. The blog is known most especially for many as the Home of Weddings and Fashion in Nigeria/Africa. This leads so many to come check out the latest fashion styles, fashion news, trends and happenings, has and still attracts a huge audience base to them, especially on the feminine part.

Something that was just for fun has now turned into becoming Nigeria’s foremost lifestyle blog. The founder, Uche Eze-Pedro has been featured on various exposing platforms such Oprah Winfrey show, CNN and others which also have added to her study growth in the industry.

Lessons for bloggers

  1. Did you notice that I highlight ‘Just to kill boredom’ in the sentence above?

    It’s to drive a point home that actually anything can be taken up and make mainstream, that game you so love playing can be talked about, you’re a bathroom singer who would love to blow someday, write on your developments.
  2. Social Media is a great tool

    If you are following BellaNaija on any of their social platforms especially Instagram, you’d notice the fact that the social media platform has become a highly productive platform to yield audiences for the blog. With teaser and images revealing the latest in styles and regular updates on fashion news and trends, the blog keeps on growing its followers, why? Because they make good use of social media and do so effectively.

So dear blogger, kindly stop wasting your data liking Marley’s pictures and focus more on how you can use social media to book your blog/business


Jide Ogunsanya of Ogbonge Blog

If you’re a blogger in Nigeria and are yet to know of this man and his blog, I can say you’re missing out on a lot of information that could help you grow your blog into that which you have in your head.

Jide Ogunsanya is the owner and founder of, a blog highly known and dedicated to its many tutorials that aids amateurs, professionals and even veterans with blogging tips, online business ideas, start-up ideas, technology tips and tricks as well as tech DIY resources.

The main vision of the blog is to help people successfully drive impact through the various channels of online businesses including blogging and make money from it.

Check out all his post on blogging HERE

Lessons for Bloggers

  1. Keep on adding value to others

    The problem with many bloggers is that they just want to make money from their audiences and care less about offering value to them.
    Jide is a bank of resources when it comes to succeeding online in Nigeria and he helps others become just like him, successful with the power of the internet either with affiliate marketing tips or any of the numerous ways he helps individuals with his platform.
    Yes! He charges too because he runs a business.
  2. Become the best in your field

    Obviously, it is not just Mr. Jide that does give these help and tips for succeeding online in Nigeria – a nation with over 200 million of us, right?
    But he is the one we know because he has proven himself to be better than the most of the lot. That’s what you should do too as a blogger in whatever field you might be. 
  3. Bring fresh ideas

    Oftentimes, we hear lessons on a particular topic or idea in similar ways by many individuals but when it comes to people like Jide, he does his things in a way we think we never know, there’s that specialty, that humanity about his perspective of things.
    Don’t forget, he’s an expert in his field.


Omoyele Sowore of Sahara Repoters

Omoyele Sowore, a Nigerian political activist journalist and reporter is the founder of the, a popular news site in Nigeria as well as a candidate for the previous general Presidential election in Nigeria.

This side holds its ground as being a major credible news and happening source and has even been recognized and dubbed “the WikiLeaks of Africa” by The Daily Beast for the provisions made to its audiences with in-depth analysis of information and reports without fear or intimidation of government action or politics in Nigeria.

They give the people of Nigeria what they need to know – whether the politicians or legislators love it or not.

The site is based in New York City, but has its hold on the Nigerian citizenry,

Lessons to learn

  1. Never underestimate the power of a voice; your voice as a blogger might be what another person needs to stand up and fight for themselves. Many bloggers seem to be so lost in making posts with catchy headlines and intriguing posts about Burna-boy, Naira Marley and the rest alike that they’ve forgotten that blogging can be so much more than just to make money and get known.
  2. One major thing that separates Sahara Reporters is their desperation to bring change to the nation of Nigeria. If you didn’t know – Sahara is a desert that spans across various African nations and thinking about it, is desperation and mad hunger not what is present in a land full of sand and nothing to eat?


Chude Jideonwo of YNaija

Mr. Jideonwo is a lawyer by profession. An activist who believes in using the media to herald change in nations. He is the CEO of RED Media Group, under which the YNaija blog is columned. This blog is dubbed by them as ‘What The Smartest Young Nigerians Read’ and is a ‘Youth-centric blog.
The name YNaija in itself stands for Youths Nigeria (Youths in Nigeria)

The blog is well laid out for those interested in the entertainment and political affairs of the nation and also they curate an e-zine periodically that entails the latest happenings that affects their audience.

Once you visit the YNaija blog, there’s always a chance you’ll come back for more.

Lesson for bloggers.

  1. The main audience for the YNaija blog are the youths in Nigeria, but every once in a while, they do branch into educating their older audiences including daily news, politics, opinion, enterprise, TV, teen. As bloggers, it’s good to be well niched and focused on your target audience but it is also wise to give them a little bit more of another thing.
    Is it one need you have?
  2. Social Media especially Instagram has contributed immensely to the growth of the YNaija blog – they know the tricks that keeps fans raving and wanting more.
    Just as expanded upon earlier, you should not under-estimate the power of this tool. Things like Inspirational Quote of the day, Man Crush Monday and so on are ways brands can connect on a deeper level with their audience.


Stella Dimoko Korkus of Stella Dimoko korkus’

Stella is a bold woman!

She is one woman-blogger many others should be proud of. This lady peers into a myriads of things, topics and niches which has over the years made her blog a robust one. There is always something for everyone.

Stella is a pro at news rendering and she is known for her deliberate aggressive posts. She’s exceptional – a blogger that lets you know her opinions on things she talks on.

Major topics covered by her blog includes celeb gists, politics, relationships, life and every other things sought after.

Lessons for bloggers

  1. Be Humane
    This is a highly effective tool needed by influencers. Stella shows her human part in her contents. She doesn’t write as though a robot but human – she leaves her views where they should be and conceal them when need be.
  2. Be bold with it
    One thing that has won millions of readers to her site over the years is the fact that she is blunt when she needs to be – she doesn’t hide words in her tongue before saying them (or hide words in her keyboard..). Bloggers should learn to be truthful when they need to be, also understanding that what you’re blogging about slowly slips into the mind of your readers would help.


Ayeni Adekunle Samuel of The Net

The founder of, Mr. Ayeni is one of Nigeria’s leading bloggers because his blog in fact is one of the nation’s leading blogs. The Net just as the name implies is just a net that contains information about Nigeria, the nation and her people.

The blog focuses majorly on educating the public about as a news source

, sharing insights on things that matter even telling the celebrity stories the public might not hear or might remain hidden to the populace of the nation.

Lessons for bloggers

  1. takes in a lot to successfully profile individuals on their side and doing this consistently require a huge amount of timed work and commitment.
    Bloggers should be willing to walk the mile, even the extra one to provide whatever information it is they do.
  2. The fact that is still on the top of the ladder requires a long term dedication to the goal of educating the Nigerian citizenry.
    Nigerian bloggers should learn to stay dedicated to their goals and dreams even when it doesn’t pay at first.


Adewale Yusuf of TechPoint

Mr. Adewale Yusuf is the founder of, after going through a phase that eventually lead to his growth in 2015

A blog that is not just one of the most visited and widely popular blog/websites in the entrepreneurial sphere of Nigeria and Africa as a whole but is one blog I would recommend to every blogger and would advise them keep a tab on to visit periodically.

Through the success of the blog and firm, Mr Adewale has established himself and his team as one of the most insightful teams for entrepreneurs in Africa at large.

Lessons for bloggers in Nigeria

  1. Don’t just be a myopic blogger, there are thousand of niches to veer into, tech is now a hot cake and as this post is written, the techpoint blog is ranking at 23,074 on the Alexa ranking table.
  2. If you’re good at something, become really good at it. People will eventually notice and appreciate your efforts for it.


Whoever owns/runs

The owner/founder of the blog just doesn’t want to show us his face!

Well, it had to be that way because I can’t seem to index who owns the Just Naija website – please if you do, kindly leave his name in the comments.

Just Naija is a fairly new to the list of popular blogs in Nigeria. The blog is a directory for celebrity news (as the easiest way to gain popularity in the Nigerian market.), music and general updates majorly on the entertainment industry in Nigeria

Lessons for bloggers

  1. I don’t know much myself but if you search for some/many trendy songs nowadays, JustNaija seems to appear as top results, why?
    Those behind the blog must’ve worked their asses off to optimize the site for SEO! As a newbie blogger in Nigeria, it’s a prerequisite for you to have some SEO knowledge and know how best to optimize your blog to be visible on search engines. Not knowing this is not the end of the world for you though, there are other mediums to excel as a blogger but it’s better you do. Why? Because SEO is free.
  2. Social Media is not proof you’re successful blogger
    Last I check, the JustNaija Facebook page has less than 50k followers, but are making outstanding feats despite not having so many followers on social media.
    (As at the creation of this post, they are currently on number 46 of the most visited websites in Nigeria with 35.80% of their total traffic coming from Searches.)


Ademola Ogundele of NotJustOk

Do you remember that tune usually at the rear-end of the songs you listen to?

That one reading ‘Music by’ – yeah you do!

Mr. Ad-Mola’s is one of those blogs that keeps us updated with what’s happening in the entertainment industry of Nigeria with much focus on the Nigerian music scope. 

Since we love music and have high regard for our musicians, the blog has been a go-to place to feed our eyes with what’s new in the industry.

The growth of the blog can also be alluded to the numerous partnerships with top musicians as well as producers in Nigeria.

Lessons to learn from NotJustOk’s Success

  • Consistency and improvement is what’s helped the brand remain on top all these years. Bloggers should not rest just because they have attained a certain amount of success because there is still more to go.


Laila Ijeoma of Lailas News

Laila’s News is a well-known news and entertainment blog in Nigeria. It was founded and is run by an ex-banker tuned blogger, Laila Ijeoma.

The blog covers daily things that would keep you wanting more such celebrities gists and gossips, political news, fashion tips and ideas, lifestyle and odd news.
Her blog is now one of Nigeria’s most popular blogs and has a wide-reaching audience, of readers in Nigeria, UK, US and other countries. 

Lessons to learn

  1. Interaction is key to keeping audiences
    One major way Laila’s blog keep getting people visiting is the comment section, the savages, the bantas – these things coupled with the amazing contents makes reading interesting and prompts readers to want to come back for more.
  2. Nigerians love controversies – give it to them
    Don’t be a boring blogger, be one that causes controversies – make people want to punch someone for their opinion on what is said. This is how people like Kemi Olunloyo become influencers today.


Onibalusi Bamidele of Writers In Charge

Writers In Charge, emanated from in 2013 is a resource blog for interested in how to build,optimize as well as earn from a writing career.

The blog was founded by Mr. Onibalusi, a great writer as well as reader who has set trails for freelance writers in Nigeria – he has been featured in Digital Journal, Forbes, Millionaire Magazine and others as proof of his expertise in the field of writing as a career.

Lessons for bloggers

  • Solve a problem in an industry and watch your name encrusted in the hearts of men – Just because Bamidele solved the problem of How to make money through writing in Nigeria, he prompted his career to becoming a major influence in Nigeria especially to those in the freelance writing scope.


Notable Bloggers in Nigeria to watch out for

Esther Adeniyi of

You probably never heard this name in the list of top bloggers in Nigeria and that is because top lists are usually curated from who’s blogs leading the mainstream social networks, who’s got 500k follower but Esther is a lifestyle blogger who’s is not an expert at making use of the Pinterest social network to gain traffic as well as followers for herself through the Pinterest medium and is doing really well across various search engines even the mighty Google.

Afam Uche of

This lady is another notable blogger in Nigeria, just as Esther, Uche also has made her major traffic source Pinterest and is doing great things as a blogger.

Lessons to learn from them

  • If one channel doesn’t work for you, it’s better you switch over to another that might work. Never rest your oars on the Google Search Engine alone, there are tons of other social engines you can still rank higher and convert into visitors from.

If there are other highly influential bloggers in Nigeria whose names deserve a seat here, kindly mention them in the comments.

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