Top Things Youths Are Curious About

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Being young means being inexperienced about a lot of things, anxious to learn, curious to receive, ecstatic to gain and this is totally the age to be.
While answering the questions from the young ones might seem a really daunting task to do especially when not prepared, we’ve prepared a list of things we’ve researched upon and found as what the young ones wants to jump on whenever being discussed or mentioned as they really are curious about them


Did you just say ‘what?’
Yeah, God is on top of the list, while this is not preaching to you about heaven and hell, or Jesus Christ and Mohammed, or the paradise with seven virgins (who knows how?) this is telling you that there is hardly any young individual who’d tell you that they’ve never at any point of their life thought of it and asked themselves ‘Is there a God or is it all just all a hoax?’ And with the conception of AI coming out soon, we being gods to robots as our own creation, further deepens the conceptualism of God and His being whether it is true or not!


Life is a mystery to all, even the so-called scientists cracking it, with wonders like the Bermuda Triangle still a bewildering concept to the whole world and still defying all scientific proofs, the sloppy hills and valleys, human existence and so more till making this big bulb a even deeper and immense mystery to the whole world.


You wanna tell me you’ve never wondered about it when your Biology teacher told you that we all became human from apes or you’ve never been asked which came first between the chicken and the egg? Oh yeah, we just heard the egg, came first and won that race.
But then, really? Are you kidding me?
Evolution is really confusing and why not, we didn’t evolve with our brains recording details of what happened some 21 million years ago **haha!


Have you ever asked yourself ‘What is my purpose on earth?’ and ‘Why was I given birth to?’
Has it been foggy to answer because you feel like the answers are just not coming right, well, everyone does that that too and you’re not the only one in the hole of uncertainty and ambiguity.
We all as humans need to walk that journey on our own with no Google or Apple Maps aiding our journey but the light in our hearts.


Due to ability of most individuals even kids to access the internet which is filled with sexual-arousing motives, obscene and raunchy images ‘find a fact on youths and pornography’ , most young adults these days now find themselves wondering a lot and want to know about the couple’s act, SEX.
Parents should take note of this factor most especially when young ones tend to get into puberty as this is the period of sensitivity and arousals and should learn to converse with their young ones on sex education and the way to go.


Well, life is a mystery and so is death – this is a curious-case for the general populace, people want to know what happens to a being after his/her life runs out of breathe, is there some life after death, or is there not, are the scriptures true or a life; all these and more people want to know but unfortunately ‘death men tell no tales –Jack ThaRiper’ and once dead, coming back might not be an option.


Do not be surprised that adulthood is one of the top things the young ones really want to explore, perhaps because it allows them free-will to do the things they are restricted against while as kids/teenagers and do not understand the responsibilities that comes with being an adults, they feel like it’s just some play.
You remember when you were young and wished you were all grown up? – Now you are!


Yeah well, money matters too and even to the young ones so remember the next time when conversing with your younger one, neice or nephew that money and things matter to them too, no one wants a poor life and so secretly, locked away from the outside door of the mouth; lies the desire of wealth, every young blood wants to know how it feels to be rick and no one actually wants to take a peep into their future and see poverty trending over their life and being.

These are our top things we know the young to be really really curious about and would love to know what you think, do you agree to the list or do you think there is more?
Let’s hear it!

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