Things Youths Should hold Important in Life

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16-25 is the time you’re nearly leaving secondary school/college, preparing to gain admission into the university in order to commence tertiary learning or are done with schooling and with hopes to grow a blissful career out of life.

Many young adults in Nigeria as well as other parts of the African Continent and the world especially in recent times now seem to have misplaced priorities and do not seem to know what they should want for themselves but like bandwagons, just join in on whatever’s trendy, the need to have much more followers on social media, the need to be loved by their mates and so on are the top thoughts occupying the thoughts and minds of the young in today’s generation and to a large interest, these things are actually what youths should not bother themselves with.

But what really are the things people at this stage of their lives should concern themselves with and give more of their time to?

In today’s article – I hope to answer this question in the most appropriate way I know of.

Things Every 16-25 Year Old Youth Should Be Concerned About

Personal Values

As youth, values should be the first and foremost on the list of things to be concerned with. 

This is the period to pick what you will hold dear to your heart as well as the things that really do not matter with you or do not serve any importance to you.
Yes, mistakes and errors might be made while placing values on immaterial things held valuable but this is also the main period to learn.
Values get updated as time goes on because as a young individual, one gets exposed to many new things daily and since we can’t stay at one place forever, 

For example, being a teetotaler (one who abstains from drinking) might be a value held dearly. When in the case of partying and a friend holds out a bottle of beer for you, you can reject this politely because you have placed a value on being someone who doesn’t take alcohol.


Education they say is the key to success (Check out personal education, you don’t need to go to school to become educated anymore.)

Without education, one is barely living life because they get mistreated by both life and even worse, the society.

Education is what gives people the ability to say, to voice out, to express, to become whatever they’ve got in mind so why shouldn’t education be a priority in the lives of any and every youth out there?

How Educated are you and I’m not talking school-wise?

While formal education is good enough for those it is, in Nigeria it is no longer reliable but more is personal education.

Check out: Issues with the Educational System in Nigeria


Everyone do and should have goals, those things they set out to achieve in life – this may be linked to your career, education, spirituality, relationship and so on. Funny enough, even the thugs and street children seen roaming around the nation also have goals they have set out to accomplish.

Youths should also be concerned with their goals, both personal and general ones they intend to achieve, they should learn to work on these intentions because no goal gets achieved with no input from the goal-setter

‘no goal gets achieved with no input from the goal-setter’

And so this should always stay abreast the thoughts of youths because their achievements are all tied to their set-goals.

Learn how to set SMART Goals they can achieve.


By themselves we mean youths should be concerned with themselves, yes themselves.

Their mental, physical, emotional and social well-being.

So many youths have let themselves get downtrodden with needless worries such as how many people like them, how many followers they have on Instagram or on Snapchat, or even how much they have at the bank in the account with their name.

Learn to control what comes in and out of you, know what’s bad for you as well as what is needed and helpful, that is why values is the first point because it helps us filter out what we want and those we don’t.


Okay, maybe not for the 16s but let’s say the 18 and above (s)

What are you dating for? Is there a vision in the relationship or is it just for fun?

You need to prioritize if relationship is even what you want or have the luxury to do because I can tell you that stuff ain’t for everyone at that age, no rush – you’re not 30 yet so no pressure.

If the whole relationship thing just doesn’t work for you, kindly quit and focus more on becoming a better you without a lover or boyfriend/girlfriend.

Who you relate with matter a lot, those you call your family, loved and close ones matter a lot and they ultimately influence all of us to take certain steps in life.

Is there a vision in the relationship or is it just for fun?


Quote on friendship – embedded from Instagram

Embed the video from 

Just as relationship, friends do matter – like a lot

If you hang around losers, you will end up a loser

Donald Trump

You need to concern yourself with the set of individuals you hang around and call your friends because they do influence you in one way or the other and there is very little hesitation from people when asked to take part in certain activities from friends, why? Because they’re your friends and well, that’s what friends do.


Did you know that most young adults do not even know their medical state and might have not gone for any checkups for a really long time?

Most have never been to the hospital on their own accord just to have themselves checked by a medical practitioner or examiner.

Taking care of your health does you good more than chasing needless things because you wouldn’t be able to chase anything if you die from an avoidable health problem anyways.

Climate Change

Have you noticed the unprecedented heat of recent in Nigeria, that’s not normal, is it?

Well, it’s not – it’s one of the effects of climate change in the nation.

Climate is one disturbing issue youths should be worried about.

For various reasons and doing of the big companies, the current generation is left to pay wages of their past atrocities.

We all must to our part into raising awareness of this factor.

Here’s how you can help – What You Can Do About Climate Change – PICSCanada


Are you Christian, Bhuddist, Muslim or whatsoever religion, perhaps an atheist maybe – well, this is the period to know your own stance and take your place because this stance will influence a lot of things in your life, just pick a lane and if it’s right stick onto it.

Don’t go around being a multi-tongued/ambidextrous instrument jumping on one religion as it comes.

–P.S: I am Christian but would leave the liberty to find out for my readers.

What other things do you think youths across the world should hold important in their lives?

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