Things to do after college

Learn how to make the best of your day!Okay, it's not a magic trick but it works.

So many individuals go around their day getting frustrated at themselves just because they are unable to achieve that which they planned out to. We're here to help!
All we need is your co-op, are you willing?

Now you’re out of college, finally free from all the Maths, English, Literature, Accounting, Biology teachers who you’ve gotta drag your feet down the hall to call after each 40 minutes period of ‘information well-received!’ Perhaps, you got spanked too.

But now what?
You’re done with or about to take your external exams and at home praying to God and seeking admission into your university of choice – whilst doing so, you’re bored and don’t know what to do?
‘Hey Fella, why not come work for me as a receptionist?’ asked your neighbor who sells car parts the next market!

But No, you’d rather be home slouching on the chair all day than do that – it’s way more boring than being bored at home.

So, let’s help you with some things, activities which might actually interest your and spark a thing or two for you to consider doing while awaiting admission.

Network with people

While mom’s warning to you while as a kid might still be very relevant due to security issues, networking safely with the right peers and even those outside your current network gives you a head-start in whatsoever you want to do or make happen – there are several ways to do this and it might range from attending seminars, participating in your favorite online discussion group, live-meetups e.t.c.
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Moving from one location (not necessarily distant) to another place is a really great way to get to meet newer people in the community as with every new place visited is a new way to see the world and as young ones, this is very good, it is also a means to be able to connect with newer people with different verdicts, constitutions and values than our and co-relating with them.

Volunteer for a cause

Ever heard the phrase
‘We get the happiest when we do what makes others happier?’
Volunteering for an N.G.O and aiding to support a project such as an humanitarian visit to the Orphanage Homes or Home for Destitute is surely something when once done, is done with joy and leaves the smiles and happiness green and ever-fresh in the memory.
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Start Something You Want To

You’ve got something in you that you wanna do or achieve and you wanna do it now! – well, why not?
You wanna become the youngest inventor from Africa, wanna break a record?
Did Mom, Dad, friends say you’re too young to achieve it?
Remember Malala? – the youngest ever lady to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

You just need to make it and even if it fails, be happy you tried and see what happens as the ability to try and fail is something worth saving.

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

Steve Jobs

Intern For An Organization in your field

As a young fellow seeking someday to make impact in whatsoever field chosen, you can choose to intern for an organization (without a certificate), and while you might not be getting paid for your doings in the organization, you’re receiving your payments in the experience form and this when attached to your formal portfolio gives an added vantage.

Learn Some Skills

To survive in the world of today without digital skills is like (a joke on emptiness and vanity) because everything now runs digital and not being digital as a person means not being visible to the world not around you.
There are some skills however, which gives value and respect more than others but knowing even if not being a pro at these is an added advantage to any and every area of life in these times
You might consider learning graphic designs, social media marketing, office management skills, illustrating and so on.

Of all the above mentioned and stated, there is nothing more important that what we kept last, SEEK and LEARN – learn about yourself and why do you things the way you do them, what you’re good at and where you’re lagging behind.

Surely, if you’re able to achieve few or many of this – it will definitely help in a long way as it not just makes you have an extraordinary waiting period, but also offers you a life-changing adventure.

So GO and DO and get something done!

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