Surviving in the Ugly Tides of life

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So many individuals go around their day getting frustrated at themselves just because they are unable to achieve that which they planned out to. We're here to help!
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A nursery rhyme says we all loved while younger read;

Row – Row – Row your boat, Gently down the stream. Merrily – Merrily – Merrily – Merrily Life is but a dream.

Passing through life is like taking a journey in the ocean.  


A very big ocean we keep paddling everyday trying to get to our different destinations. Some of us move through it with speed boats, large boats while some others move with small canoes. Not everyone must move at the same pace or have same privilege.

It doesn’t matter the medium of movement but what’s more important is the movement itself. What matters is that you keep moving everyday even if you have to jump off your slow canoe or the damaged speed boat and swim.

Not everyone must move at the same pace or have same privilege

Life places a mandate of survival on each individual. It works on the theory of survival of the fittest. It is a race that even the fittest is sometimes not fit enough.

Row your boat gently, don’t take life too seriously. Move along with the tides even though it might get ugly.

Life is all a dream that we would soon wake up from; so why die in the dream when you can actually live in the present and make more impact while you still breathe?


What do we need to survive in life?

To survive in the ugly tides life offers, one needs to have and master three things:

  1. Patience
  2. Optimistm
  3. Faith

Patience is one of the strong values that is common to every overcomer, every winner. Life will one day put you in a difficult position, a mess but what will keep you going is your ability to stick with it long enough – patience. Behind every patient man is a will willing not to yield.


Behind every patient man is a will unwilling to yield


Optimism is that light in the darkness. Every mansion was once hidden in shadows of a forest till the builder came along. If you must conquer and survive the challenging darts life throws at you, you must be optimistic, very positive In the most negative situations. Not yielding to the word tagged impossible. It is only impossible if you believe and do you?


Don’t let the tide overwhelm you but be the storm the tide bows to


Faith You see it, you believe it and you put in the work towards making it come to past, it’s time to invest your faith in the process, believe that it will surely happen someday, worry less about how long it would take, would it be sooner or later; but believe and rejoice in knowing that it would surely happen.

Just believe.


Don’t let the tides overwhelm you but be the storm the tides bow to, It would take a while but it won’t be your forever! You shall excel.


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Chidiebere Nwokedi a.k.a (CANP) is a versatile writer whose lifestyle deals mainly in writing, motivational writer. His favourite genre of literature is poetry. You can read more of his works oh his personal blog.

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