Exploring the Street Child phenomenon

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The root cause of children on the street stems not from anything but majorly poverty, lack and unreached wants!

In many developing and most commonly under-developing countries, the spate at which children are denied the essentials of life which should be owned to them by the society/ruling bodies is quite alarming and shocking, essentials such as shelter, food, healthcare, water, access to quality education and many more are denied these young ones.


Incredibly, there are many definitions and meaning to what street children entails, who they really are but unarguably, Street Children are widely grouped into two; one of which are those who take to the street during the day, working as child laborers, helpers at market stalls, scavenging, begging and even stealing but do go back home, to their families, contributing their income as a quota towards aiding their family’s financial distress.

The second part of the tree however are those who permanently take into consideration all the aforementioned ills but have instead of having a place to lay and call home, they have none, no house or a family/members to fall back to, perhaps due to war, illness, death of family members or some other human or natural causes mishaps – sometimes they get abandoned by their irresponsible parents even, thus turning the streets their homes, sleeping in garages, broken vehicles, alleyways, road side garages and even sometimes out in the open where they are prone to all sorts of ills.

According to Street Children: Community Children a research carried out by the United Nations Department of International Economic and Social Affairs, estimated the population of street children worldwide at 150 million children between the ages of 9 – 17 years of age, alarming enough!

Yet, the streets get customers everyday meaning children now take to this path as their feed-source where find solace in their contemporaries, it has been averred in this same report, that by 2020 the numbers of children that will be on the street would have gone up twice the digits if not tripled itself.

It has and should be our greatest concern, how to bring about the reintegration of these children back into the families’ fold, the redemption of these hapless children should be our utmost priority.

A society that denies a child its happiness is a lifeless society.
A family that gives regard to the happiness of its children has truly embarked on a journey of true joy.
Happiness is an innate and natural characteristics of children, shredding this means curtailing the growth and development of children in our society and the resultant result is out-rightly disastrous.

It’s apt to know that the mal-administration of government, the carefreeness and negligence of families and communities at large is what thrusted virtually if not all street children onto the street.
The degradable conditions of these street children are pitched in, and has done so bad to have eroded their mentality with violence.

They now turn the hate, dread and bitterness they have against families, communities and slowly become harmful weapons to torment this same societies even to the detriment of the innocent ones among us.

It’s very shocking the rate at which stealing, plundering, vandalizing has become the norms among these children.
They now cause us loss of peace, sleep and living, now it has become an eyesore and will even get worse in the nearest future if these innocent and harmless children are not taken off the streets and proper care tendered to them.

It will continue to dwindle the society and the nations at large if these ills we called Street Children Phenomenon is not properly taken care of and duly arrested, we will forever attest to uneasiness!

About the author: Adebayo Mubarak is a Student and a budding Writer. He has always been keen for the emancipation of the downtrodden, and is working to be a social activist in the nearest future. You can contact him via Facebook or mail



  1. This so so apt. Good to know that we share same dream. Together we can free our streets of broken children. Let’s fight on.

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