Spanking The Children or Not to : the myths, facts and what should be

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Spare the rod, spoil the child is the most probably alluded-to-phrase when approached with the debate on whether or not parents should spank their children to correct their misdeeds or erroneous acts, the verse/phrase itself although contrary to popular beliefs and opinions that is was discovered in the bible as a fact isn’t but allured to by Samuel Butler in his poem Hudibras as seen below in his work:

What med’cine else can cure the fits
Of lovers when they lose their wits?
Love is a boy by poets stil’d;
Then spare the rod, and spoil the child.


the verse however which relates closely with the above in the Bible is Proverbs 13:24 which reads:

He that spareth his rod hateth his son: But he who loves him chasteneth him betimes.KJV


Also closely related is

Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him with the rod, he will not die.

Proverbs 23:13

With all phrases, the fact still remains they point to identify parents or guardians with the knowledge that disciplining one’s children is a way to instill values in them but what do people take these for?

Over the years, the debate of whether or not parents should spank their kids as a means to correct their misdemeanor has been trending especially since the so-called modern (civilized) era of parenting became a thing, based on claims by the opposing sides that it should be or is a form of child abuse and is a violation of human rights.

Stories (links)
1. Man flogs daughter to death in Zimbabwe
2. Father beating young daughter for being sexually active in New York

While we’ve heard of cases where claims of unfair, severe and very physical methods of correcting one’s ward might seem violating and unruly, duly observing spanking as a means of correcting inappropriate behaviors or characters in one’s wards, as they are naturally meant to err at times, we all do and the effect it has had on shaping the lives of the the grown-ups today is nothing to look down upon as we’ve had many adults revering their parents for the stool-ups, kneel-downs, floggings, and so on they received ages ago from the hands of their strict parents especially fathers who tended to be the more rigid and the disciplinarian in the house in past times which they deem has made them into better, focused and more disciplined individuals in today’s times.

Moreso, taking a critical look at the individualism of most youths today, the behavioral attitude they imbibe and show forth, moral conduct, ambiance towards right values and beliefs, one needs no Einstein to understand that spanking needs to be upheld but not in the old-fashioned way but rather modified into a better means of correcting one’s ward.


Of a fact, a rod should not be applied in no way we are in the 21st century for Christ’s sake, any parent/adult who still prefers to use the heavy sticks on children who are leaders of their tomorrow even might as well start shouting the name of their recipient in some faraway town since they wish to remain a shepherd in the desert.

Spanking makes children violent or live an aggressive life

There is no right on wrong on this part as what one is constantly in-tuned with is what one portrays to the world as well.
But here is a debate on the violence it causes f spanking does this, then what went right with people like ____, ____ who these days live a calm and assertive lifestyle worthy or emulation by the public as they’ve proven to be right-minded parents teaching their kids great values

Spanking is too physical

Spanking truly might get too physical, but this is usually common with traumatized parents or guardians who themselves are in ache from occurrences in their lives, however spanking does leave several scars on the skin of its victims and this might be considered inhumane and unlawful.


Spanking as in the case of bible verse referring to spare the rod doesn’t necessarily mean using a rod, belt, broom, cane, stick or even your bare hands on your kids, there are several innovative punishments you can assign to your wards each time they violate the rules of the and while they might seem hurtful, they actually are helping such a lad in one way or the other and this varies from having them memorizing and reciting a full Shakespearean sonnet 31 or even longer poems to having them sit down and solve a Mathematics test they’ve been taught in school, having counting all the objects in the room or something more educational but seemingly tiring/tedious for them to do.

If parents really wish to guide their wards into responsible individuals of the future, early disciplinary verdicts should be made as well as personal devotion to the well-mannered upbringing of such wards, this way, kids would naturally know when not to flout the rules and when to tease their parents some of the ways that aids orderliness and control the right way and not the fatal/physical way.

In conclusion, spanking should by now, be an outdated means of correcting/instilling morals in kids and this can be done through simple steps and processes consisting of care and responsibility.

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  1. This totally applies to many adults in Africa, it’d be great to see some changes, really!

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