Are You Addicted To Social Media? – Causes and Dangers of Being Addicted to Social Media

social media addiction
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Can you take a week off Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter altogether?
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Can’t you? – Why not?
Addiction is defined as an abnormal craving for some substance or thing – in the case of social media; it ranges from being overly wanting to be online and active on most preferred social media platforms which in most cases are: Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, shall be referred to as The Power Three.

Check out the infographic containing the social media addiction statistics of 2019 by Famemass.

According to the report made by Famemass, the average individual spends up to 2 hours 23 minutes on social media while some teenagers spend up to 9 of the 24 hours on the power-three most popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and not even on the more helpful LinkedIn, but what do they do?

They scroll through their news feed checking on what the latest memes of Mark Zuckerberg (who, by the way is the fifth richest person in the world – at age 35 and most of these people are in no way nearing the 5 figure mark), where their old, new and future friends are and what they are doing with their lives, what their favorite celebs are celebrating, what parties are being hyped, what’s trending, who’s being dissed, who’s winning the money and who’s losing fame but to what extent does knowing all of these matter to them, really?
If they do not know these things, would they fall ill? – Of course not but they still spend a whooping amount of time on this highly addicting platforms even more than they do on planning for their future or life in a whole month; in a day.

Ways To Know If You Are Addicted To Social Media

You are either addicted to social media or are well in the process of being addicted to it if you suffer from these:


  1. Spend Too Many Time On Social Media
    Are you the type of person who just wakes up and as early as 7 A.M, picks up your phone not to check your to-do and plans for the day but the first application you tap open is one of the Power Three and probably won’t quit the application until your eyes has taken enough water into itself (idiomatic) – well, no need to doubt it, you’re already an athlete in the addiction game.
    Once you’re not being purposeful about what you do, what apps you visit on your mobile device and which ones you don’t, you find out that you’re slowly becoming addicted to such a tool and if care is not taken, it might end up eating you up.
  2. Allowing Social Media To Encroach Into Your Personal Times
    Have you ever had a task you promised yourself (while being active on social media) to take on by a certain time of the day but when you’d mistakenly checked the wall clock, discover that you had browsed away the time for work and hadn’t accomplished the task you had in mind to, why? – Probably Facebook!
    While the task might still end up being accomplished at the end of the day, the time lost can never be recovered.
  3. Find It Difficult To Put Your Mobile Down
    It’s funny to know but so many individuals find it very difficult to just keep their mobile phones in a simmered-down state where the mobile stays offline from the internet and all the buzz that comes with it, are you in this category?
  4. Get Distracted by Notification
    The ‘ding’ sound which notifies people of what’s being liked and what’s tagged on is one thing you really cannot just resist to listen to, it’s that spark that instigates you to go back and spend your day in the virtual world and when it goes off, you just have to pick up the mobile and get swimming in the social waters again.
  5. Finding It Difficult To Quit Social Media
    Can you take a day off or a week off social media?
    Even if it’s your business ground, you can close the store for a week and go for an holiday right, but if sincerely you know you can’t do this and think it’s in my blood, as does Shawn Mendes – then you’re really way into it.
    Addiction occurs when you think you cannot do without something that in reality you can do without.
  6. Difficulty in Concentration While Offline
    So many people find it really difficult to concentrate while offline, working or performing other human acts and why is that so? Well., their minds wander too much about the post they made earlier on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and how many shares, retweets or regranns it has gotten plus feel this need to always being like it’s an higher calling whereas it’s not, social media is just a tool they misuse and this inhibits their ability to perform jobs or other functions as maximum capacity.

Dangers Of Being Social Media Addiction

  1. Mediocrity
    Being addicted to Social Media usually leads to Mediocrity because this is usually the aftermath of doing what is not right when is not e.g. Operating Facebook when you should be reading or being busy doing nothing other than scrolling through the news feed on your Instagram app and so on, the above leads most people to no end than more followers and living a less deserved life.
  2. Lack Of Focus
    You really can’t do two things at a time and with such tools as social media and work, most people always will pick the former because it’s usually more fun to do nothing but sit back, laugh at memes, yelp at who needs to be, express opinions on interesting and trendy stories and do a lot of no-things and less would pick to rack their brains over assignments or duties that seems like would take forever to complete.
  3. Loss Of Touch/Connection
    Social media is not really doing what is should be, is it?
    While most platforms originally are made to connect people together regardless of distance, it is in these days actually doing the opposite of that as nowadays, as friends tend to not speak to one another anymore, but relate better with newer and more recent connections and it is a simple phenomenon, we tend to attest more value and our time to more recent thing as our minds is fascinated by newer things, connections, places, facts and we easily let go of old ones. Guess we are like the redemption verse of the bible “Old things have passed away” find the verse of the bible with the line in and our friends too have become new.
    Social Media is great for people’s use, but when its use becomes life itself, it’s about time to let go. Click To Tweet

Ways to quit being addicted to social media

  1. Proper Planning of time
    Before even picking up your mobile, right after waking up and doing the needed (remove anything that has to do with your mobile device in this case if they are included in your needed), check your calendar, sticky pad, color note or anywhere you have your to-do list or your day-map as I would call it and see what needs to be done and when such needs to happens, most times we’re triggered to pick up the phone and browse when being idle and have nothing to do while in reality, we do have things to do but do not check to see and put our mind in a state of oblivion as regards what needs to be done.
  2. Scheduling Time For Social Media
    Many people click their social media icons to log in and not come off in time because they do not have specific time or period of the day to maximize their usage of the tool and do all they want on it so they go from off to on and vice versa doing nothing but scrolling and scrolling, searching one things that will catch their eyes and get their interest – which of times, does not happen soon so they spend minutes and hours doing so, double-tapping and moving on to the next one.
    Despite being highly addicting, it is actually necessary in today’s age and the interactions made by men to another and scheduling time for it is a great way to engage people, followers, friends even businesses.
    Being a valuable user of social media is a really good way to prove one’s ‘on and off’ line presence as a human, a business personae, a client or whatever else you claim to be to the world and using social media wisely can help you achieve the best of this, having a set time of the day for your interactions with friends, business associates, co-workers, classmates and so on helps on becoming intentional about what they are doing and also helps in curbing being addicted to the tool.
  3. Being Purposeful about the day
    Anything being done which has no purpose or reason behind its act is usually not purposeful and it is better doing what it purposeful because it becomes helpful in the long run, in achieving your goals and plans.
    Asking yourself the question, ‘Do I use social media for a purpose or am I just there to join the hype?’ will help you in figuring out whether to stay on such a tool or not to do so.
  4. Having a Guide
    Do you feel overwhelmed by social media and none of the above seems to work for you, speak to someone who knows better than you do.
    Like other types of addiction, being addicted to social media might be simple to talk about or imagine as a ‘just drop the phone and it’ll be over’ thing but in most cases, it’s not and if not quitted or managed wisely, becomes really detrimental to such people involved in.
    Having a guide or someone knowledgeable in the field is a way that helps in managing and running social media wisely and curbs being addicted to such platforms
    It is so addicting that even the founders of Instagram compared the tool to ‘Visual Crack(Cocaine)’
  5. Having Social Media Rites
    Having rites and period for totally going offline from the space really helps one in not just being a purposeful user of but a better one as well because when you concentrate things offline experiences


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One more thing to say
Social Media is great for people’s use, but when its use becomes life itself, it’s about time to let go.

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