11 Highly Recommended Skills to Possess in Nigeria and Africa

skills to possess for success in Africa and NIgeria
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The world is constantly evolving today, and it definitely leaves behind whosoever is not following the trend and evolving with it. We no longer dwell in the era of academic excellence equating career success and the more the world moves; the visionary too has to know when to follow.   Here are some of the best recommended skills we’d advice any one to learn in order for them to have be able to utilize amazing offers and opportunities when they arrive.   These skills are both viable and learnable by individuals from any age. As age is no longer an issue to worry about in today’s reality. They can also be developed upon by individuals. Learning is one; practice is two; personal development is three and leveraging is final Click To Tweet   These skills can be learned by loafers, school students, per-time workers or even full-time workers hoping to make a change or switch over to a more challenging as well as fulfilling life.

Recommended Skills for Nigerians around the world today

Graphic designs

  The trend of the whole world today revolves around graphics. From the billboard visible on road blocks, the placards placed around town by business owners on street walls, to political campaign posters. Graphic design is now a highly lucrative skill to learn here in Nigeria as well as other parts of the world too. The usage of graphics is the easiest and most communicable way to pass a message to anyone. Be it students still in high school, or adults working at a job. It is so lucrative that every business at some point needs it. From the logo designs to letterhead-making process, getting the ID cards and so much more.   One great aspect to Graphics is also that you can get to learn it from various sources. YouTube, Vimeo, edX courses and you can easily find courses that cost not a dime or cost less than necessary.  

Proficiency with office applications

  This is actually a skill that everyone needs to learn. Just as having knowledge of graphics and understanding how best to pass the right message with it, the market for individuals with high level of proficiency with office apps e.g. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power-point, Publisher and so on is literally endless.   Asides from the fact that it gives one a head-start when seeking employment (as compared to those who cannot operate these tools), knowing how to operate these tools can come in quite handy even when working on personal projects. Sending of proposals, letterhead creations, PowerPoint presentations as well as other creations are just some of what one can achieve with these applications. Note: There are other tools asides the Microsoft packages (Word, Excel, Publisher) which are also highly functional to achieving these results. The best of which is Google Docs and Sheets. Other highly effective software packages that are capable of this includes Libre, WPS Editor and so on.  


  Do you remember those advert lines made by Coca-Cola? that song by Indomie noodles or Peak you can’t seem to forget? Perhaps that highly comical advert on T.V, radio you always seem to follow when it’s being aired? Or even Jumia alluring images on Facebook that wants to tickled your brain and hand to buy me; buy me! Those are the jobs of copywriters   Copywriting is a new oil-field for writers and content creators in Nigeria and Africa. It is the act of creating/(actually) writing copies that converts (into sales) for a potential audience. In lay man’s terms, it is the use of written words to motivate readers/listeners (or in whatever format the message is passed) to spend on products being advertised.   This is the (not probably) most luxurious form of writing nowadays, and it gets even better for Nigerians as this is a market that it yet to be explored by many Nigerians.   As professional as copywriting may seem though, one doesn’t require a certificate to become a copywriter. Instead of waiting for some degree to prove your worthiness; copywriting can be learnt from anywhere. Even in your house.   There are thousands of resources that are open and available on the internet which can be accessed by anyone.   The best of introductions to copywriting is The ABC of Copywriting by ABC’s founder Tom Albrighton himself. This book covers the most basic definitions and hows of copywriting. This coupled with other valuable resources can help one into becoming the copywriter of their dreams.  

Blogging/Content writing

  Content writing has proven to be one of the most opulent forms of writing. It goes way beyond just the summary of things. To ensuring the reader stays engaged on the platform being read from. It also can be one of the most satisfying as it has made many highly successful without their needing to work another option. Take Linda Ikeji as an example, she has easily established her profile as a highly respected content writer in not just Nigeria but also Africa and the world.   The trick with blogging or content writing is to keep readers engaged on the site as well as wanting more that they are willing to come for more.   Unlike copywriting though, content writing is more interested in educating the reader (and prompting) them to engage with such content. Copywriting on the other hand is more direct to the reader’s mind and his wanting subconscious.  

Social Media Optimization

  Did you know that your knowledge of the people’s favorite (or yours) can be a skill you’ve been under-utilizing all these years?   SMO is the act of utilizing the power of social media to achieve greater results, followers, engaging readers and leads for a brand or organization.   While this is a skill a lot of people possess; far less utilize it. Brands (especially big brands) are always on the look-out for more creative ways to increase their reach on social media. In most cases they’d rather hire individuals with social media skills to help with these needs and are willing to pay a lot of amount to get their desired growth.   So the next time you spend a lot of time being busy doing nothing on social media, remember that you can instead be utilizing your time by helping a brand with their social media growth (and even earning a living from this).  

Digital Marketing

  Do you possess the skill of words? Can you write market products in such a way an online reader would take a pause to see what you are really talking about?   Digital Marketing is the, well online aspect that involves selling and distributing a product or service.   Digital Marketers are highly on demand nowadays by brands especially as freelancers; both by start-ups companies and well-established organizations.   The good thing about digital marketing as a skill also is that it can be learn easily. The best free course right now for anyone aspiring to be a digital marketer is of course Google’s free Digital Marketing course (for Africans).   This costless course has developed so many course-takers into digital marketers earn a good sum for their works now in various firms and places.  


  Is photography a skill, you may ask? But why not? Of course it is!   If it were not, we wouldn’t be fans of the great works of people like Kelechi Amadi Obi and the rest.   What many people however do not realize is that there is more to photography than just clicking of the snap button and capturing a moment to be still forever. No, there is so much more that is yet to be done.   Great photography involves utilizing the power of the lens to tell a story, photographers such as Chika Onnu have proven to be master story-tellers with their lenses.   These people tell stories with their works. The relatability of these images and the reality of people is what has contributed to the growth and seemingly success of these people.  

Vocational Skill Acquisition/ Craftsmanship

  Now, this is Nigeria/Africa! Let no one deceive you that having digital skills is the only other option apart from academic/educational success. There are still many who have built a lot with just vocational skills they’ve acquired over time.   Skills such as carpentry, show-making, fashion designs have made a lot of people house-owners and business owners. It's totally understandable that the world is going online nowadays but this doesn't mean everyone has to leave the floor for the air. Click To Tweet   The recent upsurge in demand for locally made products has even aided the local produce industry more. So maybe there would be a rise in the demand of Aba-made shoes than that of Versace because of the longevity of Aba-made products over the shoal of Versace products.   This however is not easy. I personally took the test to learn shoe-making for a number of months. I am still undergoing training but it is really harder than I’d expected. (this was caused by a lot of factors though)  

Website Design

  Here is another luxurious skill to possess in Africa as many entrepreneurs and business owners nowadays all feel the necessity to take their businesses a notch higher than the office space they own into the air. Into the world wide web. They want also to get seen across millions of users on the internet. And for this they’d require an online home. This can only be gotten through a website.     The need to create an online presence of oneself and one’s business has led to an upsurge in the number of websites. As of when this article was written, there are about 1.3 billion websites around the world today and there would be more by the next day. This shows the potential of possessing such valid and marketable skill. Websites can be designed using various sorts of codes; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL (I am not a coder so I can’t be sure). And majority of these have free courses interested individuals may pick up and learn then practice and become proficient at.  

Programming Skills/Application Development

  Coding is the new architecture in the world. With more and more opportunities being discovered on a daily, coding is a highly employable skill around the world today. It is even rated as one of the top ten highest paying jobs in the world, by well-versed internet marketer; Dan Lok From games softwares, customer relation applications. All your life-hack apps were all designed with codes of various types. Even the website and interface of this message was created with codes – the world wide web itself is a net of codes. This is to show that this coding is needed in every sector and as of now, is being utilized therein.   You can decide to build apps for various reasons and since there are many reasons to want to build anything; it literally means the options of building are endless. Coding is what any and every internet engineer has leveraged upon for their success; and you can too.  

Ability to play Musical Instruments

  Probably not everyone will agree with this! However, the ability to play (well) musical instruments has helped a lot of individuals build their success and connections with other people. Some churches pay as high as 100,000 NGN to musical artists just for upkeep. Such artists also get to travel a lot and visit a lot of prestigious venues as a result of the skill they possess. So the next time you’re at church and free, pick up the piano and stay practicing. You’d find a lot of free courses on YouTube or other sites.


  Just as included in the article, the world might be going all digital. This doesn’t mean everyone has to be online to succeed. It also doesn’t also mean everyone who goes digital with it will succeed. It just is a based on how well you know your game and how bad you want success. There is a lot to success than just possessing some skill, you still need to understand how to monetize your skill and leverage upon it for your lifestyle and progress in life.

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