Productive Things To Do During The Quarantine

productive things to do with your free time, productive things
Learn how to make the best of your day!Okay, it's not a magic trick but it works.

So many individuals go around their day getting frustrated at themselves just because they are unable to achieve that which they planned out to. We're here to help!
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Honestly speaking, have you been spending the most of your time during this stay home/quarantine doing things that really matter to you or has it been the other way round?

Perhaps you have gotten way tired of staying at home during nothing really helpful than eating, sleeping and you just are watching as seconds turns to minutes and minutes became days.

Why not try some productive activities that would help you rather than dwell on the numerous that won’t.

How To Be Productive During The Quarantine

Attend free courses

(and maybe paid ones too)

There are literally thousands of courses available on the web space that would be of good use to anyone who is ready to search for them and utilize the value provided in them. The world’s largest video sharing platform; YouTube in itself is home to the most accessible learning, Do-It-Yourself tutorials, clips that provide basic skills on most entrepreneurial or personal ventures one might have.

So while the lock-down is inhibiting movement to a certain degree, you can take all of those courses you wish for right there on your computer.

Apart from YouTube, platforms such as Udemy, Couseara, Teachable are better alternative platforms to searching for educational contents or courses of one’s desire as this are purely educational websites and are the best places to learn new skills or take a course of interest.

Speaking of which, most of these above-mentioned platforms now offer MANY FREE COURSES as they are trying to do their part in helping people around the world find easy and cheap access to learning and most of them are interfaced with various teaching/learning options e.g. video contents, written texts, PDFs, audio clips and so on.

Oh! You understand that you are sacrificing your Netflix and chill for a good reason, right?

Learn a new skill

The mind is an open canvas – it will always want to learn more.

This is the time to forget about your ‘not having time excuse’ to learn that skill you’ve always wanted to try out. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to animate, or maybe you want to know more than just how to type on Word but you want to learn how to make edit and create a book with the tool.

Since it probably was your day-job that’s been holding you back for so long, this is the time you’re actually not working and since it won’t last forever (or do you wish the pandemic last forever?), I’d suggest you put in all you’ve got for it while there’s still time to be spent at home.


Meditation helps calm the mind. It puts the body and soul in a state of synchrony and helps well in cogitation. Just leave all you’re doing for about 5-10 minute, lock those lids and just cogitate deeply on that problem that is in front of you.

Slice down that big problem into meal-sized chunks and map out how you’ll get to solving that issue right ahead of you or maybe plan on something you really are interested in doing or trying out.

Take all these steps in the head.

Multi-tasking is good for so many things but not this time – take time out to do just one thing (two actually) to just think on what it is that you’ve got roaming on your mind.

Work on those goals – even with the lockdown

Yes! You remember those #NewYearResolutions you made pre-January?

Sure – I know not everything worked out well and you’re probably blaming the Corona Virus pandemic for it! But instead of just blaming, why not do what you can to ensure that dream stays alive?

I’m pretty sure those goals mean a great deal to you and that is why you so much wanted them achieved – but who says you can’t?

Of course you can. Just start something – even if it’s just by sharing the idea with someone else – and just as Nike reads ‘just do it’.

Don’t be one who does nothing but is following the tides and watching where the year takes them. Life may swallow you up. Instead be one who has plans and ambitions they’ve set their minds to achieving and work towards it. Take baby steps even, just ensure you’re moving.

Read a book

It’s said a reader dies at least a thousand deaths before the actual one (I am not sure on the quote *winks*)

Reading opens the mind of the reader to another individual’s world and takes them through the time, life, experience and lessons of another – though mostly fictional.

Reading can open doors never again to be shut because as they say

Great treasures lie within books. Click To Tweet

Take time out to select books in your interest – Sydney Sheldon, Brian Tracy, Malcolm Gladwell, J.K Rowling, Chimamanda Adichie – explore your fantasy to the peak.


You probably always wanted to jack up a little bit more, right?

There are many exercise practices one can take during this lock-down to fully optimize their time and well, stay fit and improve both physical and psychological well-being (of course, yeah!).


If you are like me – you’d probably be one who dreads staying in the kitchen but LOVES to eat. Why not try to hold on a little longer and actually learn how to prepare something?

Besides, meal preparation is fun – even memorable if your first meal is over-salted or the steak gets over-burnt.

Watch less T.V

Apart from the fact that the Television media is infested with high-spirited covid-19 related issues. Spending too long watching T.V is preparing one for most likely failure in the future as the time that should be spent on learning something new or enjoying family cuddles is spent watching Zee World and other shenanigan stations that adds less, almost nothing to the viewer.

Make New Friends

While you’re enjoying the lockdown – it’s pretty notable that you’re probably not alone. There are probably neighbors living the next compound or house since I don’t think you’re queer enough to be living in the forest with nature.

Making new friends around the community fosters a healthy relationship amidst members of the same community, ensure community growth as well as is of high benefit to such members because friendship at times can be an asset more valuable than all currencies around the globe.

You can utilize social media well for this.

Groom a hobby (offline would be better)

Find something that interests you and turn it into a hobby.

Crocheting, knitting, singing, dancing, playing board games, maybe even poetry or writing something – anything.

Spend time with the people that matter to you

I know – life has not been raining all smile and sunshine to you too and sometime you as well think you deserve being checked up on. The feeling is mutual with most of your friends too. You can break the silence. Talk to the people you care about. An old friend, your parents, your former colleagues, your team mates and all others who hold a place in your heart.

It doesn’t even have to be a really lengthy conversation, sometimes just a message with a smiley on it can keep your memories on people

Share kindness even in the barest form      

Be unnecessarily kind even – we all need it!

This is the period the whole world needs us. Say Hello to that find young man walking along the street, help that old man with his groceries.

Just show someone that you care and that they are loved.

Look on the bright side of things

Yeah yeah!

Corona Virus has caused a lot of havoc since its inception. Thousands of workers have been laid off, most economies are now in recession as a result of the aftermaths of the various lockdown that’s affected people’s movement but also businesses sales and in return, the economy’s well-being.

There’s a long more list of the mayhem the pandemic has caused which has had its adverse effects on people and things but staring at all of things would not even solve any problem so what’s the need of staying there?

Instead – look on the brighter side of things.

It’s given you more time to think and plan on what your next move is, it’s given you more time to spend with the family, it’s provided you with more time to concentrate really on WHAT YOU WANT and not what some boss wants.

Do not dwell in the pessimism you’d find on mainstream media

God knows you can’t even browse through any mainstream media these days without them constantly taunting your mind with the rise in the numbers of casualties or something related to that. While it is okay to want to be knowledgeable on what’s going on around and beyond one. In taking too much negative/depressing stuffs eventually makes most people have a momentary breakdown in life.

We don’t want that for you now, do we?


The only true thing any and everyone has on earth is time and if you do not use it well now – you’ll probably regret wasted time.

We’ve delivered some of our most productive ways of making use of your time during this corona-virus lock-down. If there are any others we didn’t mention and you figured works well, kindly leave a comment.

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