The Problem With Nollywood And The Youths

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The phrase “I don’t do Nollywood” is a very popular statement amidst the younger generation in Nigeria today or is it not?
What’s more?
It seems justified because movies made in the industry leaves you wondering at the qualification of the casts and if they are actually qualified to be involved in production in the first place.

However, nowadays, it seems they are aware of the ‘complaints’ of the masses, (Younger masses) and Nollywood has really stepped up a notch.
New productions has really stepped up and the change in the messages passed also have evolved

Movies like Lionheart, directed by Genevieve Nnaji, King of Boys, co-produced by Kemi Adetiba, Make A Move, Forgetting June, House of Gold, Alter Ego etc. are part of those that would keep a literary critic’s mind positive and willing to contribute to the space.

This change or improvement however this is not to bring fans into the Nollywood sphere although it might be doing so, it is not actually the opposite too, but it might turn out to be.

There is no need for any special advert to publicise corruption in the nation filled with diverse tongues and ideologies. This is a well-known fact even the day old baby should know it, the leaders and even those not leading are really living a corrupt life and this is a phenomenon that needs no introduction to the people in the nation. 


We, as a developing country are still trying or pretending to – working with one hand at our backs towards curbing corruption country and do not need further assistance in aborting this process.
An abortion that some Nigerian movies are oblivious to the fact that they are actively involved in it.

Gold Statue, a really wonderful movie released in May ’19 starring individuals like Gabriel Afolayan, Kunle Remi, Sola Sobowale, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Norbert Young and a great host of others – one which forces you to take a break in the midst of a suspense scene and laugh in the other room before continuing.

A movie which makes your heart skip three beats just when it was about to calm down, a critically acclaimed intentional movie; that portrays how corrupt the country is with no form of retribution.

It also recently was nominated for the year’s Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Nigerian Film

C’mon, even witches and wizards die in Yoruba movies, or some vengeful ill strikes them making them go blind, or the wicked step-mother, mother-in-law, wicked uncle dies a horrible death, gets banished or something of such sort that ends up teaching morals in a funny kind of way but keeps true to being a didactic tale.

This Gold Statue teaches a moral that when you have money, and you are in power, you can go places and get away with anything you like, it is only the poor that gets to be victims, an abrupt state of lawlessness or law-bending
The rich and powerful are so morally flexible and they bend to every situation.

I guess then that it is a good thing that that the younger generation of today say “I don’t do Nollywood”.
With this kind of mentality, how do you think these upcoming Yahoo Boys would feel—Smug!
They and others alike would keep swimming in their expensive pool of ignorance.


This Gold Statue teaches a moral that when you have money, and you are in power, you can go places and get away with anything you like. It is only the poor that gets to be victims.
The rich and powerful are so morally flexible and they bend to every situation.


It is sad that such a prominent media would try consciously (or otherwise) to promote the vices of a their country rather than curb the menace.

As this cannot be changed overnight, this is just to help us sift accurately what we take in.

Not only in the aspects of movies, corruption, theft but also in book, music, talks and the likes.
Sifting goes in two ways too, but I guess that’s why we all are who we are.

There’s nothing like a good girl (or anything) gone bad.

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