18 Nigerian Discussion Forums You Should Know (2020 Updated list)

Nigerian forums for discussions
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Forums are discussion places. They are usually communities of individuals with similar interests discussing issues that concerns them. With over half of the population of Nigeria (46%) utilizing the internet, there is the need for users to communicate their interest on platforms that allows such.   In this article, you shall find the best Nigerian forums, all active ones. I also shared insights on some of the newest forums working on pulling more members to their site and what they are doing well.  

18 Active Nigerian Forums You Should Be Part Of



Nairaland is the largest discussion forum in the world, the third largest forum of any kind all also. Since its creation in 2006 by Seun Osewa, the forum has achieved massive success over the years and has managed to keep its feet in the ground and stay afloat for more than a decade which makes Nairaland most likely the first forum in Nigeria and Africa.   Though one may confuse the name of this forum for betting site as a newbie judging by the naira in the URL (I know I did have that assertion about the name of the site or was it only me?). There is really nothing betting going on here.   Nairaland is Nigerians’ go-to place for the latest news in the world of celebrities, gossips, political discussions amongst many other things. Interested Nigerian netizens as well as internet users from all over Africa and other nations of the world visit this forum so frequently that for many years, it has been the rank one of the top 10 most visited websites in Nigeria.   Fun fact: Nairaland relies on in-house adverts to sustain the upkeep of the site. This occurred because at some point, Google disbanded their AdSense. This pissed the founder off and he decided to run on advert placements made on the site. The site hasn’t reverted the action since then as this actually proved to generate better turn-overs than the almightily annoying Google Ads.   One of the unique peculiarities of the forum is its classic look which has been replicated by many other forum creators.   Since creation, Nairaland has grown to having over 5 million discussions from over 2.5 million forum users.  

Nigeria Bulletin

  Nigerian Bulletin is a popular forum that focuses majorly on delivering the best contents for Nigerian netizens. The most popular categories on the site are politics, metro, business and entertainment.   This forum has also been around for quite a while and as such has a large database of forum users with thousands of visitors on the site daily.  


  I wouldn’t say GistMania is all that popular within Nigeria but it does have a good number of visiting and regular users who garner scoops from the Nigerian sphere.   The forum is just as the name sounds, Gist + Mania (Passion). It is reputable for its insanely edgy contents. Gossips, rants, bashes, savages never lack on this platform.   The forum offers a great range of topics from news across and beyond Nigeria to funny tales.   Note: To create an account on Gistmania, one gets linked to NaijaPals. This is a social network so do not worry when you face that encounter. Once the naijapals account is created, a GistMania account also gets created. For this, you might wanna consider killing two stones with a birth by creating a NaijaPals account firstly, activating it then inputting your log in details to Gistmania  


  EveryKnows is the Quora for Nigeria. It is a question and answer (results) sites. Users sign up to create questions they’d love to know about and other users are pulled to drop relevant answers to such questions.   In recent times, the runners of the site developed a forum for discussions of things Nigerian and beyond. Popular categories on the forum are life hacks, relationship, education and so on.   Sign up for everyknows now to become a part of the community.  


  Naija Pals is a sister site to Gist Mania. It is a social networking site for Nigeria and Nigerians. It has a good number of Nigerian users. The network is made up mostly of youths and teenagers from Nigeria. We could call it the Facebook for Nigeria.   Naijapals allows users to connect on a social platform made for Nigerians. The site has also stood for quite a while and seems to focus more on Nigerian music, film and news contents.   The discussion forum on NaijaPals can be quite immature with contents (from the demographic users) but it does have a lot of well-curated contents from journaling users.  


  This forum has been available on the net since 2010 as either Bestnaija.ng or bestnaija.com. It features a social network, a discussion forum, a daily poll and even a though-provoking quotes on the site.   On BestNaija, there’s always something to do and this is one unique feature that’s kept the site running since its establishment. It’s starts from that amazingly legible cover post on the site to the other activities you may take part in. You are either solving a riddle, answering a poll, reading the interesting articles, adding up a new contact, sending a bestie a message or just finding what to do first altogether.   The BestNaija forum is that fun, yes, I know. Sign up on BestNaija  


  NBF is also one of the first forums in Nigeria. With more than 1,000,000 posts already made on the platform by almost 400,000 members. The Best Forum can easily be rated among the top forums in Nigeria and Africa.   From the glowy green that can be found on the interface, everything about the forum speaks Nigerian and that is something to be proud of.   NBF, just as it’s age-long counterpart, Nairaland is home for discussions and deliberations made by Nigerians.  


  This forum focuses on discussions pertaining to education in Nigeria. Student and academics visit this forum to share ideas as well as updates on recent happenings in the educational sectors of the nations.   Typical types of post to be found on the forum are Federal Ministry of Education ….., ASUU ……, UNILAG Lecturer ……   It can also serve as a school away from school as student can connect and share ideas on a private level in the forum.   If you’re a student, you should sign up for the NG Student Forum now.  

Trip Advisor’s Travel Forum

  This forum is by Trip Advisor, one of the leading travelling agencies in the world. The forum is a platform for discussing travels, plans and bucket lists of travelers.   If a Kenyan man plans to visit Nigeria and wants to know some of the greatest locations to visit for a nice scene, they’d probably visit this forum and ask questions. Nigeria who use the platform are very engaging and so many relevant questions get answers.  

Myschool.ng’s groups

  My School Ng is one of Nigeria’s top educational blogs. The blog is concerned with delivering the latest updates in education for students especially secondary schoolers and tertiary students.   They recently launched a forum (in this case groups). These groups are created by users. It consists of students who are interested in same institutions or courses.   On the groups, members get to contribute and discuss issues that affects them and gather responses from other group members.  

The Nigerian Voice

  Nigerian Voice is more of a blog than a forum. The forum is heavily concerned with dissemination of news contents that relates to Nigerian in all forms. From politics to celebrities, even gossips and trends. They all seem to find a way into the content pot of the TNV’s editor.   Users of the platform gets to make contributions on the blog.  


  Just as most other forums, the NVS is also dedicated to holding discussions and deliberations about the nation, Nigeria. However, unlike all other Nigerian forums, they seem to operate their membership different. At the moment of my writing this article, they are not accepting newer members but from my search of the site, they do have a lot of valuable content as well as respected members.  


  Africoders forum is a community that’s been existing since 2014. The forum is dedicated to computer coders and programmers. It is a forum for discussing & resolving issues, trends and happening in the coding and tech world.   So if you are a techie and would love to be in a closed community of fellow programmers discussing things that relate to coding. The Africoders’ Forum would be the best option for you.


  The land of stories! CoolVal is a forum for story tellers and readers. It is one of the largest literary sites in Africa. The forum is a Nigerian-owned story telling community that allows story tellers share their works to a community of readers who in turn give their opinion of works as they deem fit.   Since the site is a forum, there are (obviously) other subcategories and contents on the sites that relate nothing to writing or literature.

New Nigerian Forums to check out


  The 9jaOnline is a new Nigerian forum. The aim of this community is to provide forum members the best of everything Nigeria. They also pull contents from other nations around the world. The dexterity of members to curate contents that entices the readers is one thing I’ve discovered to be interesting on this new forum.   There are a lot of contents geared towards politics but since it’s still a new forum, let’s just watch and see how things play out.


  Another new forum in the space of Nigerian forums.  

My Free Flex

  My Free Flex is also a newer forum in Nigeria with a growing database. One good vantage forum members get from this community are resources made by the administrators of the forum themselves.   Sign up for an account on MFF  


  EarlyFace is not so early to the game of forums. This forum is a site for hacks, free browsing tweaks, jokes, comedy, love and relationship tips, tutorials, world news, educational news.   It’s a new forum with a lot of promises.   One major advantage this forum gives to bloggers is that they can post contents on any categories and link back to their blog or website for referencing and backlinks.


  There you go, we have delivered the best of Nigerian forums. They all have various functions and categories. If you got value from this content, do well to leave a comment. If there are other (newer or older) forums we missed and you think deserve to be among the list, do not hesitate to leave the URLs so we may make our findings.

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