Masturbation – Should I or should I not?

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Masturbation has always been a very controversial topic to deal with as over time and this has been a topic many would love to neglect and thus, the stance left undecided – But it’s something a lot of people do daily and why not? They seem to have justified it in ‘at least it’s not sex’ plus even some medical practitioners seem to have been indecisive since some say it’s bad while others claim it’s only beneficial to the individual as a stance about the alluring act which is defined as the ‘manual stimulation of the genital organs (of yourself or another) for sexual pleasure’ Taking this by the bull’s horn and approaching masturbation, we’d have to take a look into SEX, being a do-thing for two individuals; while masturbation in reality is stimulating ones body in a bid to achieve what is naturally achieved by two and supposedly dates far back to ancient greet pottery displaying satyrs masturbating (; for males, it occurs through the usage of a slimy, soapy or oily object on the surface of the penis and simultaneously rubbing it back and forth to achieve pleasure, for females on the other hand, the stimulation is achieved through the insertion of any object resembling or acting as the male penis, into the vagina, objects like the popular sex dildoes, cucumber fruit are commonly used to achieve these feat.

Why do people masturbate?

  Masturbation which didn’t become a general phenomenon till the early 2000s is now one issue that continues to rave on in the lives of youths, young adults and shows no sign of backing down as more than half of the young ones now have either participated in or will get involved in the act and they would eagerly join the trend because they see so many of their friends and close pals in the highly acclaimed physically unharmful act (even as there are challenges encouraging young adults to ‘Masturbate Straight For 30 Days???’)   While the accepted reasons for masturbating includes the need to boost sexual performance, the claim that it serves as a way to keep the organs sexually active with long distanced relationships or during no relationships, the claim that it aids in reducing endomorphine in the brains which is a ‘stress hormone’ produced by the brain after work or a task hereby aiding the brain in its performances ______  and so on (Visit this LINK for all medically acclaimed reasons)

Should masturbation be encouraged or not?

  While masturbation supposedly has all-good motives medically, it isn’t an act advisable to get involved in as it is not just highly addictive and gets one thinking about itself frequently, it’s also develops into a behavioral act that can get almost anyone thinking of one thing from the opposite sex, which is copulation and also heightens the demand from one’s partner which is not helpful for the young, because as this age; what we should be focused on when meeting new bloods should not in any way be sex but our goals, dreams, achievement, education, how to get better, future plans and the whole learning sphere of life   Moreso, if we duly take a critical look into this act and the claims people allure to it, we’d need no Einstein to help in figuring out that the reasons outlined are not actually true as it may seem. Once done with the act, what do we do about the revealing sensations afterwards? How about the feeling of wrong-doing one feels immediately after climaxing? How about the thoughts that comes through ones head – that this is not actually sex? How about your morals? – Have you got any?
Masturbation seems satisfying and all but is it really satisfying?
How does your self-esteem reduce or upsurge once you finally feel like you’re in paradise with an unseen lady/man? Maybe not the facts you want to hear/see but yeah, that’s literally what masturbation involves, the illusion that the dildo in your hands is actually a man’s penis and it’s stroking you so hard you let out moans.   Just ask yourself – What do I really feel after masturbating? Guilt? Shame? Satisfaction? Fulfillment? Surely some of these would be relatable to you.   In other views, some claim they masturbate as a way to protect themselves from getting themselves or the other sex pregnant hereby resulting in an unplanned or unprepared-for pregnancy; Why do you want sex at all if you’re not ready to bear the weight it brings which is reproduction? You literally just want to suck on the honey from the bee without feeling its sting? “You shouldn’t wish to eat you banana and still have it” If anything, total abstinence from sex and sex related issues should be best encouraged in youthful ages and while quitting masturbation is not a one day or one week job, it is like Eric Thomas says “It’s possible and doable”.
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