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Full Name: Malala Yousafzai
Birth date: July 12th, 1997
Nationality: Pakistan(i)
Notable for: Women rights, advocacy for children/girls education.

October 2013 Sakharov Prize for freedom
October 2014 Nobel Peace Prize
April 2017 Appointment as U.N Messenger of Peace
April 2017 Canadian honorary citizenship

What you should know about Malala!

  • She got shot in the ‘head’ in an attempted murder by a masked gunman in 2012 at age 15 but survived the blow.
  • She is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize award, clinging onto the prestigious award at the age of 17.
  • She is the sixth and youngest person to ever receive the honorary citizenship of Canada.
  • She went against the taliban rule of ‘closure to girls schooling’ as a young blogger and broadcaster for the BBC under the ‘code-name’ Gul Mukai and got herself in deep waters.

Malala Yousafzai is an educational advocate and activist who hails from Pakistan, and in 2014, became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for her life-endagering mission which was against the dictates of
the ruling Talibans and which got her into a death-race with both her life and identity.

She blogged about life in Pakistan, and especially about Talibans thwarting education of girls as they threatened to close girls’ schools on basis ‘they do not need education’ – upon being having her true identity
unveiled to the world as the BBC blogger that year, her reach, fame and popularity grew and sho did she became a target for the Talibans who’d wanted her maimed and had issued a death threat to her family.



While on the bus with friends from school in October 9th, 2012, she got shot in the head, with two other girls getting injured in the bash, this was an attempted murder set in place by the high-ups of the Taliban
group who’d come to know her as an enemy to their goals and with such a blow to her – she was left in a critical condition which had her flown out of the county and to England, where she received proper treatment and care, eventually she only suffered minor brain issues and would later stand tall as the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Recipient.

What was not known however was that the murder attempt had done however, was to gather support for Malala and the movement but still made her a target for her ‘oppresors’ the Talibans who would literally stop at nothing but end her terrain, this however doesn’t shake the 2018’s ‘He Called Me Malala’ main focus as she stood firmly to her ground and continued advocating for a change in the system.



On her 16th brithday, Malala was put up for a speech at the United Nations and with this medium, voiced her focus on education and women’s right, imploring world powers and leaders to improve their
She also made known that while ‘her attack’ was thought to have reduced her will, it didn’t and instead said ‘nothing changed in my life except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage were born.’



Malala and her father (include the father’s name), launched the Malala Fund in 2013 (month) , an organization which was set up to ensure girls worldwide receive free 12 years of qualitative and safe
education and till date sits on top of the board as it’s CEO and main operator.
Visit the Malala Fund website HERE



Malala has over the course of her time documented some of her living in books which include

  1. ‘I am Malala’ – an autobiography by the advocate over the period of her life as the ‘girl who stood up for education and was shot’, it became an international bestseller upon release in October 2013
  2. Malala’s Magic Pencil – Published in October 2017, this children’s picture book introduces her childhood”…my voice became so powerful that the dangerous men tried to silence me. But they failed…”
  3. We Are Displaced – this is a book published by Malala in October 2018 and it revolves around stories of girls she met while on her travels to refugee camps based in Syria, Colombia, Yemen and Guatemala

‘He Named Me Malala’ documentary – directed by Davis Guggenheim, a documentary on the life of Yousafzai was released in October 2015 and it was such which gave viewers a more insightful look into Malala’s life, her family and advocacy and life works.


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