How to Avoid Being a Victim of Peer Influence

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Peer pressure and influence has stimulated many youths in Africa into getting involved in a lot of unfit doings, here’s how to avoid falling for the trap of peer pressure.


Samuel’s seen reading with the flashlight of this mobile phone near the window in his dormitory and just about preparing for the upcoming tests he has next week. In between the temptation of bringing out his Laptop to watch Free Guy and the mobile phone on his hands pleading for it to be unlocked and for Samuel to read the various conversations on the WhatsApp platform, someone thuds in.

‘Hey Oga-Reader! Let’s go have fun at the club, there’ll be lots of girls there to dance with and possibly you might get laid tonight.’ – the voice came from the room and Samuel lifted his head up to see who the intruder might be. It was Ahmed, his unserious roommate anda bunch of other school mates at the University of Ghana who seems to only be spending his 100-year level dreaming of ladies and not passing his exams.

‘No, thank you’ was the unexpected response Ahmed got as Samuel continued, ‘I’ve got exams to prepare for and so do you’ the rise in Samuel’s voice was quite rude but Ahmed just laughed it off with a song, ‘Read today, read tomorrow – nah book go kill you laz lazz’

Samuel turned to bury his head back into what he was struggling to allow sink.

The impact peer pressure has on today’s youths has contributed a whole lot to the negative issues youths of nowadays in the Nigerian society face and are involved in.
Most unfit happenings and occurrences goaded by youths in the nation as well as the continent of Africa are usually of peer actions, some groups rebelling and wanting to do things their own way.
Young adults these days see their mates involved in these malicious acts and they too wish to become like them and the resolution of this is to contribute into breed a generation of band-wagons who in most actuality have no control of themselves but are influenced by what’s in vogue, what’s trendy and what’s popular.

Cyber-Crime as an issue among the many faced in the African continent would not have gained prevalence if not for the trend that people make out of this sickening situation of youths defrauding foreigners even indigenes of their hard earned money.

It definitely is a quicker way to make money. One which youth would obviously be interested and since money-making now is the trend, many more youths are endeared into contributing to this demoralizing issue through being influence by their peers, their own mates who have already turned scamming legit.

But even with all of these, how does one avoid being influenced in to negative peer actions by friends or mates?
Today’s article is centered around aiding the few who can withstand peer pressure with information that allows them harness their will and break the bond.

How to stop being influenced negatively by your friends/peers

Know your stance

Knowing your place with certain activities, and sticking to your gun is a great way to help you prevent being manipulated into counterproductive activities pushed on you by your peers.

Knowing how to say NO is a difficult thing to knowSaying it is much more! Click To Tweet

It is however not easy. To deprive oneself of the things everyone in your peers seem to enjoy. Don’t fret, they definitely would chastise you, curse you for it. For daring to be different. But are you now?

Don’t fret, they definitely would chastise you, curse you for it.
For daring to be different. But are you not?

Many young people even adults don’t have a stance on so many things in their lives. This forces them to being conditioned as well as manipulated into a lot of things.

The main reason why many gullible youths get spurred into malicious acts such as drug abuse as well as the many other debauching activities youths partake in is because they actually don’t have a stance on these things, they don’t know or think whether or not getting involved in such activities is what they want or something what don’t.

They really don’t think much about these denigratory acts before getting involved in them.

E.g. When some people get invited to a party and upon their arrivals, people are smoking. So many don’t think too much of the sign emblazoned on the cigarette packets which reads ‘Smokers are liable to die young’ or maybe they see it as just another inexpensive joke from the seller. Instead of also thinking about their health condition, except obviously if ill – they just go in head-on with the guys. Smoke their lungs out and slowly bit by bits comes in addiction which might blemish their lives forever.

Values Rule

It’s one things to have a stance on something as well as it is to set priorities on things you are interested in but it is a total different thing to pick great an helpful values for oneself.

Most youths usually possess their family values and if followed, might help one in cases of approach 

Set Priorities

As youths, this is time to start working on those goals.
You may think you’re young today – but tomorrow, you won’t be.
(Click link to download the quote)

Setting priorities would place you in a state of work-mode and instead of getting influence by peers into partaking in actions that adds no value to you, you’d be concerned with the next step on your ladder. That next step towards growth as a person, family, as a team-player, as a citizen.

Having something to do next also will make you disinterested in minor concerns because you have a major league to play in.

Setting priorities is like having an invincible ladder in your mind. You know that after taking one step, there’s another to go and then another to go.
Would one have time for the frivolities of the world then?

Pick the right people to hang around

When you have the right friends who are goal-minded and all, just like you want to become achievers of success, you would have less concerns to worry about and instead you would be stimulated by these peers and friends of yours to evolve periodically into a better and more knowledgeable version of yourself.

If you hang around idiots, you will be an idiot, also if you hang around the right people, you will end up a blessing to the world.

You can find, network connect and build relationships with individuals for these categories at entrepreneurial events, workshops because they too just like you are leaners, seminars and even active on movements and campaigns because they are doers.

Filter your friends and relationship with other people

We can’t keep all of our friends. 

Raise a hand if you haven’t dropped someone from your life at one point or the other!

At some points in our lives – we all are going to have to drop some relationships because they are either not working, not fruitful or simply because it’s bad influence.

While younger, most people made friends who turned out to be rotten eggs in the society later on in life and keeping close interpersonal relationships with such bunch of individuals actually poses more harm than good to you.

Be mindful to filter your friends, to let those who are influencing you negatively go while you’re still alert before you too get to derail from your plans and get into the gang of the unruly and oblivious of their themselves.

You can’t keep all relationship, but you can keep the ones you want.

Focus on your future

Focusing on your future just as explained in the Setting Priorities point helps on to stay right on track with one’s life

Do what you think you can’t

Many people get influence into doing negative things even things they themselves might not want because they think they cannot escape the reality of now what they are told by the society that they can

Have A Mentor

Okay, I feel like this is not relatable because I do not have a mentor personally but it does work.

Having a mentor keeps you in check since your mentors are people you look up to and someday want to have the certain characteristics they do in your own way. Having a mentor would keep you in check when dealing with peer pressure, because except if an unfit person offer to be one’s mentor, young adults most likely want to be like their mentors and if what is being suggested by peers doesn’t align with what your mentor does, that’s a quick way to escape being caged in the peer pressure trap.

Don’t Do The ‘Just Once’ game / There are No Exceptions

Often times, people make suggestions they know one would reject normally but then try to bind them with the ‘Just this once’ game. What they are doing is only testing you, to know whether you’ll be smart enough to hold onto your stance or will break it for them and get involved even if as they say is just this once.
If you compromise, these people would still come another day with the same trap, just once and you’ll not do it again. Eventually, most people get hooked on trials and this is usually the beginning of addiction, another age-long battle many fight for long

So will you still be a victim of peer pressure after all these or not?

If there are other tactics you know youths can use in overcoming the pressure from peers in schools, at churches, at work places, online and so on, kindly leave them in the comments.

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