Effective Ways To Aid Your Kids about Entrepreneurship Early In Life

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No parent wishes misfortune for their children, is there?

Of recent, many people are beginning to see the fact that the hoax in following the old ladder which graduating from a university, getting a decent job and progressing towards success in a career, living a stable life is not always the case most of the times.
Well, now most of the times it is not as we’re continuously being amplified with individuals more and more in the labor market, so is the competition getting stiffer and tighter for players and seriously, if there is a way to avoid all these ruckus for your children won’t you?
Great news is, well there is!

With kids like Ryan from Ryan’s World inarguably the world’s most successful child YouTuber with over 23 million dedicated subscribers to the 19-year old Maya Penn of Maya’s Ideas leading the innovation trail and even more coming to be soon, it’s high time someone told parents that their kids, yes those 10-18 years olds could actually be the next big entrepreneur and lead the next big business venture and here are some tips that we advice parents to put into action to see results.

In today’s post, we shall be giving parents tips on how they can help their kids become the next big things in the entrepreneurial world, now this is not limited to just businesses alone, your kids might be philanthropists as well which is cool enough in it’s own being.

1. Allow Their Creative Prowesses

It’s known that kids are all innovators, at some point in a child or kids early ages, it probably picked up some seemingly useless tool (to the adult eye) and while fumbling with it, was able to create something, but because most adult minds are too myopic to see the innovation in these young developers, they claim it’s crap and toss it in the bin hereby dashing what could have been an invention into their dustbin. Or maybe you’ve got a kid who really is into music and real loves doing music, one who’s interested in painting, arts, pottery, poultry farming (the child version) and so many more, never be quick to churn those ideas out their head and if they want, allow them enter into the business of these things.

Parents should free their children, free them with their time, let them do what they want to, do not make growing up same as living as Rapunzel, a princess who was caged in a tower by an old woman because of the power her hair possesses, all that innovative juice gets sapped up and wasted but instead parents should give them their time to use, let school work be school work and time for themselves be time for themselves.

Imagine if the mother of the child-philanthropist, Marley Diaz – innovator of the #1000BlackGirlBooks Campaign had chastised her dreams of getting books by African authors as a waste of time, the young activist and feminist might have not gotten to where she is right now in her entrepreneurial career and I’m sure I wouldn’t have known her as well as the millions of children she’s impacted over the years.

2. Allow Learning

“No knowledge is ever wasted”

Apostle Paul

Since the above quotes it true, parents should learn never to dissuade their wards from applying for courses; free/paid-for ones, endeavors to learn a new skill or how they might become a better at something they are passionate about, finding resources to become a graphic artist which the kids feel like would be of help to them positively, would help them tomorrow or is a goal they’ve set out to achieve.

What if the so depended-upon education fails? Here’s a chance they have to crug whatever they want to.

“Whatever you do, do well!”


Parents should instead do the opposite of dissuading, they should be the ones searching for relevant events that their lads might attend and will either teach them on improving themselves or to network with like minds.

3. Teach Them Kids Financial Literary

It’s better to start teaching your children about money, savings, managing and investing what they’ve earned from chores or gifts from family or neighbors
For any and every entrepreneurial venture, there’s always going to be a point where money comes into play and it’s better they have themselves up for the task their embarking upon.

4. Allow Them on Travels

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read only a page.”

Saint Augustine of Hippo.

Travelling is a way to see the world in another form from what we used to know.

Be it as a family or a personal trip (be aware of the dangers of kids travelling alone though), parents should endeavor to get their kids on travels to see life from a different perspective and view, learn new societal and environmental problems different from what they are used to, search for solution techniques used in solving such, learn of the work wheel, power tussle and control form of other people cultures and tradition, this helps open the mind up to a new set of individuals and who know, through doing so, you might just be helping yourself produce the next Greta Thunberg, maybe one passionate about Gun Violence this time as in the case of the political student activists of Never Again MSD

5. Invoke Responsibilities At Home

Allowing kids to take part in day-to-day decision making processes in the home and handing them responsibilities clearly is one way to keep their mind sharp and intuitive at all times, especially when at home.

This also helps them learn the power of responsibilities in business, in life; ones that awaits them when they grow into young adults and full adults and is a way to give them a great head-start ahead of their peers.

6. Allow Problem Solving

Don’t always solve problem for your children, even when they urge to do so sticks, resist it. Allowing your kids solve their own problems is a skills that can only be developed through constant practise.
Eventually, these kids would be able to notice what problems they can solve in the home, at school, in the environment and constantly trying to solve this is a skill not too many use as instead of fixing issues, they’d rather complain about it. 

7. Motivate Them

Even with great ideas, many kids would eventually give up on their childhood ambition because of an unperturbed parent who doesn’t really show interest in what their kids are passionate about, a kiddies movie they plan to make, an art exhibition they put together for themselves and peers at school.
Kids need motivation, someone tapping their back when they fail and letting them know that it’s okay to fail and be sad, someone to help them get back up the floor and with their heads back in the game.

8. Ensure They Make Friends and Network with like-minds

“If you hang around losers, you would end up a loser”

Les Brown

When entrepreneurial minded kids make friends with like-minds who are also interested in entrepreneurship, the world of business or social entrepreneurship, there is a pushing force that makes they want to do things, and as an entrepreneur, this is what your children need.

9. Be Part of Their Growth

Eventually the time would come when as a parent, you’ll need to be a part of whatever your kid’s working on even Will Smith became a part of his son, Jaden’s Just Water and this is because while they might have all the ideas and you, nothing – they have yet to experience life like you have and definitely would need someone experience in to be there to guide them.

Plus, you can’t give what you don’t have – for parents to be able to do this effectively, they as well need to work on and develop themselves to a level of satisfaction, certification if need be.

10. Trust in Their Crazy Ideas

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”

Steve Jobs

Similar to the first point but not same, trusting their crazy ideas means investing in them and who would you rather invest into that one of yours?

It’s understandable to be hesitant when it comes to this point but it’s just something most parents would have to do at the end of the day as these kids are probably schoolers and only have their pocket cash to rely on with their ideas, it would eventually get to the point where it expands and they just need more to put into the business or endeavor and that would definitely include finances.
Also, parents need to infer that there is a possibility it might fail too as most times, childish ambitions are just what they are, childish but other times, they actually grow and mature into large scale ventures. 

So trust in your child’s crazy ideas, you never might know what result it may bring for the family.

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