How to Build an Online Presence for Your Brand in Nigeria: Transiting your Offline Business into the Online Space in Nigeria

how to build an online presence for your brand in Nigeria
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Ever since the distressful outbreak of the corona virus around the globe and with the widespread lock-down it has placed on people of nations and consumers of products, many business owners and entrepreneurs have it worse as their as their shops and offices are locked-up and business transactions slowed down.

The ones with the most issues are the businesses (owners) who beforehand only ran their organizations offline, there still are! as this would leave them with little or no visibility at all during this period.

Today’s post is centered on helping business owners in Nigeria move their businesses from just being offline to the online space. This post also applies to newbie entrepreneurs in Nigeria who are trying to understand how to build and grow an online presence for their brand.

Why Should You Build an Online Presence for Your Brand?


Having an online presence equates getting more views and with more views comes more sales. Thus is an extra way to reach more potential customers and further grow the business or brand on both local, national and international reach.

Increased Visibility

Putting your brand/business on the e-space is a great way to get seen and know by more people across the world. More people who can be converted into customers that is.

Ease of Access

These days, not so many potential customers actually want to go around asking for the nearest store that sells what they have in mind or want to purchase, instead they just make a quick web search and the brand/store with the most optimized web visibility in most cases gets to profit off such customers. They did nothing, not even advertise – but got the cash anyways, that is the power of being online.

Customer Relationship

Having an online presence is a way to build relationships with your customers as well as potential ones. Brands can get some of their followers to communicate with them through feedback on their products, reviews on brand pages or other means just to know their customers like and dislike as well as how to improve utilizing these notes.


Businesses are found credible when they can be found on the web or on social channels. It proves to potential customers that the brand they are about to purchase from is real and they can further ask questions or make better inquiries on things.

Imagine not being able to find a mall you just purchased a product from on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere?

How to Build an Online Presence for your Business in Nigeria

Creating and Optimizing Social Media Profiles/Brand Pages

First things first, social media is the place for ANY BUSINESS.

Millions of businesses are profiting off the various social media networks and its high time you joined them too.

The most common social platforms for business owners to make profit from in Nigeria are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter and this is because of the exponential number of Nigerian/African audiences actively engaging and interacting with both people and brands on these platforms as well as the huge market that is readily available to business owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

The steps to gaining more visibility or reach through social media for businesses in Nigeria includes:

  • Get a page created – It’s advisable that business/brand owners do not create more than they can control.
    Personally, I’ll advice business owners to focus on two major social media platforms.

    It is best you know what social media network would be the most profitable for whatever industry your brand is into.
    We can help you with suggestions – just ask us
  • Fill in the appropriate details – Ensure to fill in the appropriate business name, include the logo and all things trademark so it’s easily recognized when searched for and is easily spotted as the real one.
  • Optimize such pages to rank high for social search results. Meta-data, well laid descriptions, nice profile logo, and well categorization of brand pages makes some outshine others.
  • If you really need to make some quick sales or get an upsurge of potential customers with social media, run social media adverts/campaigns (if you can). I’ll advise business owners in Nigeria to hire digital marketers with experience to help them with running ads as they can maximize their reach with targeted audiences.

Registering a Google My Business Account

There’s this oil-well for online visibility many businesses in Nigeria are yet to utilize. It’s the Google My Business. The aim of this product developed by the number one search engine in the world; Google is to help registered brands gain more visibility online especially on the search engine itself.

The results of using this tool are very conspicuous and can yield turnovers of brands quite quickly.

The procedures to getting registered are pretty easy and they include

  1. Signing up for a Google My Business Account
  2. Filling in the business information (appropriate as they verify)
  3. PIN Verification – This is actually the most tedious in the steps as it may take a long while to get the verification mail (offline) to be sent by Google to ensure a business is fake or not before its being verified.
  4. Updates and updates – One your page is verified, it’s not left for business owners to share updates on what’s new with the firm in terms of products and services or even share industry news. It does help.

Utilizing Business Listing Sites to Improve Visibility

Business listing sites are pretty much web archiving platforms of businesses with the aim of promoting and increasing the visibility of such business on the web sphere.

Websites such as VConnect,, allows business owners in Nigeria list their brands and deliver some information on what they do and who’s in charge for free. This in turn helps such brands be seen by searchers seeking products or services they render.

This is a No-Brainer.

Create A Website

Creating a website is still the best way to solidify one’s presence online in any part of the world.

A website can be anything the owner wants it to be; a home, a playground, a marketplace or anything else in between.

Creating and optimizing a website for a brand helps brand owners gain more reach, more customers and more growth because even a website can be turned into a money vending machine

Oh yeah! We can help you design that beautiful website idea you have in your head for a fair price.

Indulge Logistics Companies or Own a Van for Transporting Orders Made


It’s time to promote sales with all of those online presence/visibility you’ve created. For business owners who sell. Products can actually be sold via the various online channels but the next problem will be the transportations of finished/requested good to customers who place orders for them.

It is better to get a business van or bike for this job but when both options are not yet really needed, business owners can make use of logistics firms to transport good ordered. Some of the highly popular ones are Gokada, Kwik, Muve, Max and so on.


The future of business now lies on how well, smart business owners and entrepreneurs are able to move into newer phases and keep their businesses along with them.

The world has transited beyond asking for directions to a location to making use of tools such as Google Maps, to find solutions to direction issues.

So as ordering for goods, services and delivering them also has transited beyond queueing at physical stores for products to placing orders and making payments at the convenience of one’s home.

It’s better to start now – before you lose some more of your customers.

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