21 Home-Based Business Ideas for Nigeria: Businesses You Can Start From Home

profitable businesses you can start from home in Nigeria
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This post is geared toward covering businesses Nigerians with enough knowledge on whichever field and determination can start and profit from their bases at homes and grow into a profitable brand/entity.

Do you remember where Apple was founded with Steve Wozniak?
Well! it was at Steve Jobs garage!

Now imagine is nothing had been done and they had waited a little bit longer to find a better space where they could fully birth the idea?  – Maybe the world would be using Orange now.

Knowledge they say is power – and well, those don’t know just have to suffer in silence.

Many Nigerian whine all day long while staying at home doing nothing but Facebook, Instagram or Tweeting away their time and complain about bad government being their main problem whereas ‘they are their problems’

They do not seek information where they should and waste time doing things they’ll regret eventually.

Some Nigerian have started so many businesses right from the comfort of their computer, many just outside their house, some even make money while on the bed.

So now let’s talk about some of this good stuff, shall we?

Proficatable Businesses You Can Start from Home in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing

Lots of brands rely on marketers these days to make more revenue as they cannot move the brand to you, but what they can do is to move a person to you.

Marketers have the potential to earn high amounts of money and build a sustainable living when they make sales that converts well and get a good commission.

All you need to know are people/brands (around you) who might need whatever product you intend marketing and positions yourself well enough that the product although a want might be sought after as a need.

Fashion Designs

If being and knowing the best of fashion around is your game, then fashion designing and garment creation should be one thing never to look away from.

You can create your designs from home with a manual or even automatic garment making machine, market to potential buyers and make your money.

Easy money!

To make the most of this, it is better to think ahead and look into fashion trends that people are really interested in then – make something that would appeal to many.

This automatically establishes you a respectable brand and all of these can be achieved right from home.

One issue though is that you’d be requiring man-power pretty soon in order to cover demands and this also means it can’t be a long-term goal to do this from home.


Have you got that flair for styling?

If so – barbing might actually be a good fit for you.

You can create a small space in your environment (maybe a kiosk even), get a couple of friends around you and cut/shave hair for them. If you are good enough at styling men/s hair that they are prompted to recommend you to another friend – this would be a really helpful way to get sought after by potential customers.

If this is something of interest, then I recommend you check out how to build a personal brand.


Can you cook?

Can you prepare meals that would take one back to his ancestral roots and give them that ‘I would love to lick this plate feeling?’

If you’re that good – then setting up a mobile restaurant is a good idea for you.

While this business idea can be quite capital intensive as regarding the resources for food preparation, storage devices to preserve food stuffs (if any), kits and so on, this idea is highly time-serving and can pave one’s way to success.

The tips to growing this sort of business is

  1. Being in a visible location: Motor parks, office locations
  2. Utilizing referrals (customers): This is almost the easiest way to grow a mobile restaurant business
  3. Utilizing the good of Instagram (because it’s the most popular visual social media): People love tantalizing images and if your visuals can make people want to lick their lips, you’ve about to get their money smiling in your pocket too.


This is an amazing home business idea you can try online in Nigeria.

It involves purchasing goods from commerce (e-commerce stores) abroad at a fairer price than purchases made locally and trading it to locals at a profitable cost.

The most popular e-commerce sites to excel in this business includes aliexpress.com, ebay.com, amazon.com and so on.

Electrical Repairs

Are you fascinated by the mechanics of a laptop, a phone maybe?

You can put a mobile gadget into shamble and re-arrange the components back to work?

My friend, quit wasting this ability of yours. Whether it is learned or inherited, this is a good skill that can earn you a lot [not at first].

You can set up a small kiosk right in your place and tell some of your friends/neighbors about what you do [don’t be shy – some will wash you but it shouldn’t matter].

Get some gadgets repaired because that always happens [gadgets always get faults], if you are really good. You’ll be recommended.

Once you’ve made a goods sum, work on expanding and registering the business even.


Poultry is a highly profitable market in Nigeria (and they thrive really well during festive seasons; Christmas, eid-filtr).

You can purchase chicks, rear them over time and sell the adults chickens when the demand is exceptionally high and the price upsurges (during festive seasons). This way you’ll make great profit on reared chicken.

The sales of chicken is not the only beautiful thing about this business.
There is also Egg Production/Distribution

This article would help you grow a poultry business

Eggs Supply/Distribution

Apart from being a good source of animal protein and a good addition to many meals (I like food, you know!), eggs is an essential part in the production of a myriad of (other) products.

End-products such as hair conditioners, shampoo, cosmetics, face masks (even), confectioneries (candies), soap all have eggs included in their ingredients of production.

To get this business right, you need eggs (obviously right?) – well not so much.

It is better you get supplies from poultry farms that produce quality/healthy eggs in large quantity.

After accommodating this, the next step is to develop a chain of buyers (around you at first), brands who make demands for this product well and are willing to pay good money for supplications.

You can supply eggs to nearby stores, brands or even faraway firms on a delivery channel.

This is one business idea that is really scalable and profitable.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is home to a lot of things these days.

Brands pay knowledge Social Media experts these days to do a lot of things for them.

From page growth to advertisement running to brand/product awareness.

The opportunities on social media are endless.

You can learn all about success with social media marketingin this article.

Digital Marketing

This basically involved trading products online. Digital marketers are promoters of products to interested buyers. They make profit from sales or even commissions as affiliate marketers.

Crafts Making

What art/craft work can you create?

Beads? Wooden creations? Origami?

It’s time you put that head of yours in the right place. Did you know or have you thought about turning that into a business on its own?

People love aesthetics, and many are actually willing to pay for art works.

You can create your art/crafts from home and market wisely (how to market your art works).

You can utilize social media for to build a business as this.

Fish Farming

Fish farming is a really lucrative business you can start from home in Nigeria.

Although running this from home would not be as large as can be imagined but a little space in your place can be converted into a fish-house and fishes can be reared for profit.

I must tell you, this is not an easy business to start so ensure you’re well educated before entering for this endeavor or you might end up with a bucket full of nothing but water and disappointments.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


The truth of today is that almost everybody these days are photographers!

But then we all know that there are some of us who just use to camera to take photos and there are the real photographers (they tag themselves phoneographers anyways).

One thing most people do not realize well enough is that professional photography can be an amazing business.

Think about the birthday shoots your friends have, event journaling – someone is getting the cash from all that.

Photography is a really lucrative and under-tapped business idea in Nigeria and you can take this to your advantage.

Apart from working with various clients covering them or their events, you can even make more incentives from publishing your works on websites where photographers get paid by people for using their images.

Although setting up a business with photography is not your normal Snapchat (filter) images and is not all that easy to go into, those who are naturally interested in this would be able to catch up quick and utilize this visual knowledge to their advantage.


Blogging is a highly profitable business in Nigeria as it’s made some individuals highly successful in their doings

Setting up a blog is the hard part but once that is well-done, the blog begins to get exposure and gains traction as well as consistent and sustainable traffic. Blogging really can be the highlight of one’s life.

It has taken Linda Ikeji, Uche Eze, Esther Adeniyi places they might’ve never gotten if they were not blogging, it means it can take you there too.

In Nigeria however, to gain success quickly as a blogger, one has to be to in some certain niches/categories because these are the things that really interest Nigerians and they are willing to spend their time reading.

  1. lifestyle/fashion niche,
  2. entertainment,
  3. news/politics
  4. tech
  5. commerce

This is not to say other niches are not profitable but these are the ones sitting at the pique of things.


Many Nigerian entrepreneurs require websites to further scale their brands and in most cases, they are too busy so website designers and developers are paid for their services.

To succeed with this idea, one needs to have a well-laid portfolio for potential clients to see and make biddings.

You can utilize the freelancing websites in Nigeria to get more visibility into this business idea of yours and optimize your profile to get seen easily by more clients

Flower Sales/Gardening

Got a knack for the greens?

You can turn your space into a forest of beautiful flowers. You can grow flowers and sell them in nursery for money.

This business idea is most profitable for rainy/moist environments as the plentitude of rain helps a lot in the even distribution and growth of certain plants.

Work-Space Rentage

If you have a space large enough to accommodate a small workspace for another person or a few more, then this is a good business idea for you.

Know of those extra space you don’t really make use of around you?

They can be turned into money-making spaces.

Since there has been a recent upsurge in remote workers in Nigeria, many workers find work-spaces around them, conducive locations where they can brainstorm, meet clients and practice their doings. You can act well on this opportunity and get more money in your purse.

The trick to growing this is to make that space visible. You can utilize bill snips (short posters) or even reaching out to potential social media customers around you.

Home-made productions

The market for home-made products are literally endless.

Huge thanks to the recent appeal of locally made products to Nigerian. The demand of local-products is not something every manufacturer should be looking well into.

From shoes to hand sanitizers, liquid and bar soaps.

Laundry/Dry cleaning services

While clothes are used daily, not so many have the luxury of time to clean them up soon, so most stack them.

Now how does this become a business idea for you to capitalize?

You can contact workers around you with the offer to help them take launder their clothes at a fair price (or even the normal price).

This is however a better business idea for Nigerians who have a knack for cleanliness as they would know better; how to handle hygiene especially when it comes to business-minded fellows ‘who always want to look good but won’t wash their clothes’ *I’m just kidding

Online teaching

This is the time to put your knowledge to good use.

Whatever expert-like noesis you’ve got in your head can actually be converted into a way of making active and passive income.

Did you know that people actually search for ‘How to boil water?’

Trust me, if people can search for that, there’s nothing they can’t search for – Maybe you should create a course titled ‘The Elaborate Way to Boil Water’

You can provide such teachings in various forms, eBook, video courses, one-time webinars and so on.

Create a sign-up and payment form and get people the direct link to learn whatever they care for.

Home-based consultancy

Obviously you have to be an expert in a field [certified even] to make this possible.

You can turn your expertise into a money-making tool through becoming a consultant for brands or individuals on various topic/issues relating to whatever you’re certified for.


It is really sweet and easy just to blog about businesses one can run from home but the truth is none will survive without the individual’s determination to succeed and well-grounded knowledge on whatever idea is chose to work on.

So whichever you decide to venture into, do well to read on it [especially from entrepreneurs who have been there.]

Finally, if there are other cooler ideas for businesses Nigerian’s can start from home, kindly drop them in the comments.

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