How Can Youths in Nigeria Make A Difference in The World?

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Learn how to make the best of your day!Okay, it's not a magic trick but it works.

So many individuals go around their day getting frustrated at themselves just because they are unable to achieve that which they planned out to. We're here to help!
All we need is your co-op, are you willing?

We all hear of world changers and leaders, even young ones like Greta Thunberg doing remarkable things, breaking records, boundaries, advocating for change and so on yet something inside of each and every one of us beckons in our ears saying, ‘you can do something too’ but because we feel like we’re too young, too limited both mentally or financially we many times just feel like we can’t do anything to really make some feasible change in our environment and the world at large but really? Why not? Today we’ve prepared a few options deemed feasible to help out each and everyone who plans to take matter of change into their own hands and does hope to start taking part in making some change happen with their own doings.


A volunteer is a person who performs free work for an organization and this varies from aiding out with supplies, running field errands for the team to taking care of babies, aiding out builders, managing a social media network, communication, journalism, walks… doing this opens an individual up to a lot of on-field experience in whatever faction of humanitarianism they choose to endeavor into as this is mostly an on-field activity.


As a student, you can serve as an intern in any organization that pertains to your goals and ambitions, all you have to do is to prove your validity and bam!, there should be a few paper works to get settled and once in, you’re sure in for a life time of experience because you’ll be working with fellow interns if there is any and workers/employees of such organization through which you get to learn a lot of insights and get what a lot of people would pay for right on the spot.

Donating for a good cause:

Do not worry, you’re not being asked for your whole tuition fee, just a little bit of what you can afford to give out to support movements, causes or organizations that are contributing towards making life better and easier for people around the globe. Remember the saying ‘little drops of rain, makes the mighty ocean’? So does your 1$ or 50 Naira.

Seeking Help From Parents and Relations For Some Cause:

Even if you do not come from a place with Silver Spoon and really want to make something happen, seeking help from adults around proves to be a very feaible way to get funding to start up something great as you’ll be working with those you’re familiar with and combining their knowledge and experiences with your goals and ambitions, trust in it that something great is about to happen and it will be through you. Think about Marley Dias’ #1000BlackGirlsBook movement, she had support from parents.

Learning and Utilizing A Skill:

There is the need to understand that each and every organization especially non-profits all at one point require external hands which they work with either for a project or a target and being equipped with a relevant and needed skill to such an organization is one the way you can contribute your own quota to aiding out. A skill such as social media management, coding, content creation, teaching, farming, graphic designs, video editing comes in hand really well and while you’re waiting for that big occurrence that will require your services, keep on learning my friend and keep on developing that skill of yours.

Create/Join A Movement:

Many organizations/causes /movements usually are welcoming to potential individuals who are interested in joining their organization as either a full time employee or a location based worker and it is just a matter or reaching out with an email, checking their website for the area that discusses membership or simply visiting the nearest office near you. While working for others might not be the option for some; maybe because they seem to have a totally different aim in mind to achieve or just feel like the firm is not their go-to place, creating a new brand advocating for change in some other area too is feasible. Gather round like-minded individuals and get the dream working. Note: It’s very common to be altered by parents, because they want you to be safe and just like everyone else but while their care and affection is greatly valid, your purpose and ambition is too, get them to understand this. Now that you’ve learnt the ways through which you can contribute your own quota to changing the world, what are you going for?
it’s never too late nor early to start, do something and I can’t wait to see you on the side of greatness.
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