16 Best Freelancing Websites and Marketplaces for Freelance Jobs in Nigeria

top freelance websites in Nigeria
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Freelancing Sites are basically platforms that connects project owners, employers, service finders with skilled workers who are willing to work on projects for them (service finders) at either a stipulated or agreed fee and for a particular period.

Freelancing in Nigeria

Freelancing in Nigeria is definitely the way forward for many workers who are now opting to stay at their preferred location to work rather than being confined to an office chair for 9-5 doing something they really might not enjoy.
The lack of employment for many youths have made learning and possessing certain skill-sets a requisite to success in the entrepreneurial world and as it stands, you can actually make a living off your skills without walking the hot sun searching for vacancy banners.

One major influence on freelancing in Nigeria has been the recent trend in the number of organizations that prefer outsourcing freelancers to help with certain projects rather than employing a worker for it.

One sad issue with many other Nigerian websites with having this same contents is that most freelancing sites in Nigeria included have actually stopped functioning or shut down. So in today’s post, we shall be delivering the top functioning marketplaces for freelancers in Nigeria. These are platforms where they can put their freelancing skills such as ghost-writing, designs and so on to good use and make a well sum off it as well as sites for business owners and service finders to find and connect with freelancers in Nigeria.

Unemployment in Nigeria is on a high ” in recent times and there is a need for skilled workers to utilize their skills to earn and make a living off, this is where freelancing comes in Nigeria

Top Sites for freelancers in Nigeria

In addition, you have the choice if setting your own price for jobs that you want to take on. With the yokebay freelance website, project owners have the option to contact the right candidate for the particular job.


The site provides a brilliant summary of everything it is about as an introduction to potential service finders and service providers through a header on the website ‘JustFrom5k is a Nigerian freelance platform where person A is connected to Person B. On JustFrom5k.com, Person A is anybody who needs to get something done and is willing to pay for it, while Person B is someone (a freelancer) who is searching for something to do and expects to get paid for it.

The categories of freelance opportunities include:
• Web Programming
• Document Writing and Typing
• Business Services
• Fashion and Design
• Graphic Designs
• Marketing
• Software Programming
• Adverts and Self Promotions
• Real Estate Agents
• Referrals and Commission Based
• Social Media
• Research and Feasibility Checks
• Pickup and Delivery

If you are skilled in any of the abov mentioned categories, the platform would be a really great tool for you when used well.


The self-acclaimed ‘First and Largest Freelancing Platform for Buying and Selling of Services in Nigeria’.
234work aims to enable freelancers use their knowledge, talent and skills to earn money online.

The platform allows customers find services that they need, gives the option of connecting them with the right freelancers, compare prices, portfolios, order and pay for services as well as helps freelancers post services they render, suggests them to interested services finders in Nigeria, helps with deliveries of jobs and helps freelancers build their reputation as freelancers in Nigeria.


Yokebay is a large, one of the largest freelancing sites in Nigeria – the site boasts of over

Yokebay is more than a freelance platform that links up freelancers with customers however, but is also a great job listing site.
Wherever you are in your freelancing career or whatever your level of experience, Yokebay is most likely to have jobs for you.


Dirlance is a community marketplace for professional freelance in Nigeria that connects business services to skilled freelancers. We are here to provide you that service and deliver it fast as well; whatever you need to turn your ideas into a reality, whether it’s a programmer, writer, or a team of freelance to handle your task. Find, hire and collaborate with as well as pay freelancers around Nigeria via Dirlance to take your business to greater heights.

With a vision to create a workplace where people can use their skills to solve business services needs and also collaborate and to solve business services needs around Africa with skilled professional freelancers.

As a freelancer, Dirlance should be bookmarked onto your various browsers.

Popular categories on Dirlance.com include;
• Logo and Identity
• Web Research
• Creative Writing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Editing and Proofreading
• Cover Letters
• Web Developers
• Art and Illustration
• QA and Testing
• Social Media Marketing


The 9jaServices aims to help Nigerian connect with the right service experts (freelancers) close to them.
Users allowed to list their services under the List Business Page so they can be accessed by7 potential clients who require the services they do render.

With a portfolio of over 5,800 businesses/freelancing service providers, 17,067 Services Offered, 5 Million Visitors and counting, this is one site freelancers in Nigeria should be looking towards promoting themselves and selling their skills.

Visitors can find services they wish for, start conversation with verified service providers, and freelancers can grow their businesses/brands/portfolios through selling their skills, getting and keeping leads/clients, and growing their exposure base from positive reviews.


One of the much more recent job platforms in Nigeria ”, the FindWorka platform was launched in May 2016 and has over one thousand freelancers onboard ranging from Web Developers, Graphics Designer, Content Developer etc.


Unfortunately, so many Nigerian undermine the potential of the world’s largest social network for professionals.
As a freelancer, you can easy get jobs from the LinkedIn platform and turn it into a platform dedicated to that because it is filled with business professionals and these are the set of people who usually need the services posted on other freelancing sites.

Social Media

Apart from LinkedIn, Nigerians are really heavy and do love and embrace the social media world, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter are great tools for freelancers because they allow more engagements with people, real people and engaging with the right people would definitely help0 one’s career as a freelance because people who need the service you render know you more than they ever would merely looking at your profile on UpWork or Freelancer and also they trust you more.


This is a Nigerian freelancing site that enables freelancers to manage your career through creating and building a profile as a freelancer, describe your skills, detail your areas of expertise and include your portfolio, gives updates when available on projects one might be interested in and even allows bank-in transfer for payments.
Freelancers are able to find projects, review customers budgets and consider deadlines, discover opportunities and grow a freelancing career in Nigeria matching your skills, experience and expectations.


The world’s largest platform for freelancers doesn’t leave the Giant of Africa out of its picture. Fiverr is probably a cliché to freelancers finding sites where they can earn well freelancing.
Despite the difficulties that might be faced landing clients on this platform due to it boisterous community base, Fiverr is actually a solid way to earn from rendering services to those interested also because of the large customer base on the site.
One thing interesting with Fiverr is that project owners can have multiple projects to work on, as well as many freelancers working on them.


The second most popular freelancing site in the world has made its mark since being established in 2015 as an authority in the freelancing space and has connected millions of freelancing jobs over the years.
One interesting thing with UpWork is that despite its large pool

This site boasts over 1.5 million clients, and there are jobs for every type of freelancer that you could imagine that last short term and long term. Work can be done as hourly or per project, and anyone whose skill level is entry level to expert can find something that fits their need. Because of the vast availability of work, it is likely that anyone can find work through this platform. When work is completed, funds are safely transferred from client to freelancer.

UpWork just as Fiverr and many other popular freelancing sites in the world has a section dedicated to Nigeria freelances where interested customers are able to connect with Nigerian freelancers.


Also one of the most popular freelancing platforms in the world, Nigeria freelancers are able to earn up to $50 per hour based on their expertise on given spheres.
Freelancer has a boisterous number of visitors daily and the site ranks at 810 most visited websites in the world as at the time of releasing this article.


This platform is one of the world’s largest job sites. they also have a section of their site dedicated to connecting freelancers to service finders worldwide and Nigeria is not left out of the map.


With the aim to connect the world’s top talent with the world’s top organizations.
Toptal fully meaning Top Talents is an exclusive network of the top freelancers including the best of software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers in the world.


99designs is a Melbourne, Australia, based company that operates a freelancer platform for connecting graphic designers and clients.
The site majorly is for freelancing designers and graphic artists

People Per Hour

Any freelance site doesn’t just grow into a community with 900,000 businesses and over 2 million freelancers, that means the People Per Hour site is really doing its bit at connecting businesses to an international community of freelancers who want nothing more than to help your business succeed.

The top categories freelance projects on the site includes:
• Popular categories:
• 3D Printing
• Business Setup
• Infographic Designer
• Mobile App Design
• Asset Managers
• German Translation
• Ghostwriters
• eCommerce Photographers
• Presentation Experts

Are there other freelancing platforms we didn’t include in the list?
Let’s know.

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