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The world of parents nowadays is so busy and buzzy than in comparison with the uncomplicated parenting life in the past and this really affects parents and parenting as they (parents) usually do not have much time to spend with their families due to their unplanned late returns after work and even weekends are less fun for them because they have this and that to take care of and really need to.
But what can parents do to make the best of the meagre time they have to spend with their family and what family activities can they have for Christmas, Halloween, summer break, job leave, weekends or other leisure times they are chanced to have, we have compiled a list of family activities that would surely make the best of your vacation or free time with loads of entertainment and not just the fun-fun but also reflection periods and bonding moments.

Best Family Activities for Leisure, Holidays and Free Periods

  1. Travel
    Taking a travel is surely entertaining and can as well be draining but look to the bright side, it is one sure way to ease the tension and stress built up from work, the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life as it exposes one to newer things, cultures, traditions, value system, food, lifestyle and a whole lot of other things.
    Travelling also boosts the relationships amidst family members into a stronger one as they have to stick together, laugh, talk during such trips, taking a journey back to one’s hometown or to a never-been location helps puts the mind active and gets it excited to experience newer things and in more complex or seemingly sophisticated tongues, learn them and using them in its interaction with others as there, the family is opened to newer people, ideology and lifestyle.

  2. Have a Picnic
    Having a picnic bonds the family, it creates an expression session for the whole family, don’t wonder too much why your Grandpa requests to have a meal with the family.
    It is quite different from the normal dining table system many families operate, having a meal in an outdoor environment relaxes the minds, it seems the air automatically becomes fresher, scene lighter and has the mind on Cloud 9 plus it is a really great way to bond oneself with the family and establish a more mutual connection because this is the time to talk, to joke, to be sarcastic about someone and these act are really what helps to bond us to another, doing this with the family by your side is one sure way to have one of the best evenings of a life.

  3. Attend Festivals and Festivities
    If it so happens to be in a festive season while on this leisure period, day or month, taking the whole family to go see a festival they’ve only gotten to watch on T.V, its ravings on social media helps create a fun-filled atmosphere for the family and learning platform for them as well.
    You can make a query of events to attend on Eventbrite.

  4. Go See a Movie
    This one never fails, does it?
    Seeing a movie is great when it comes with one’s friend, co-workers, peers but doing it with the family is greater and is one relaxation period for everyone in the cinemas, the family of course, being not an exception.
    Watching a movie with the club (your club) helps members of the family share human experiences through the screen and at the same time. Please use your PG when picking movies to watch together though.

  5. Having Reflection Periods
    This is one things most people don’t do and count as invalid or not needed because they think the mood is not right or this leisure times should be all-fun and not serious, you need to ask questions that demand answers from your family members, partner, parents even, relatives, kids on what’s going on with their lives, what they need help on, how they are faring with themselves, doing these even though it irks some members especially kid and young adults as they might show reluctance in answering shows that you actually care and are concerned about them and their lives.
    Leisure time might be for fun, but there’s nothing holding you back from learning one of two things while in the moment.

  6. Learn Something New
    Learning something new creates an atmosphere of learning and development for the family and when done together builds even more momentum in the relationship of parents, kids and siblings.

  7. Pick Up a Challenge
    Got a book you really wanted to but have been unable to read – well, this is the time to do so, a notepad to write in daily and for the whole period, this and more helps not just to build the challenge seeking prowess but also inspires kids to do same.
    Picking up a challenge to do when on a free time or period helps keep the mind engaged in a battle with itself and this is something that also helps educate the family, kids especially as it prepares them ahead of the challenges life is going to throw their way when they grow into adulthood and even before then and help them have a mindset willing to win such battles even before they come their way.

  8. Have Fun
    That’s simple to say but quite difficult to do as many people still think about work and the numerous undone and uncompleted talks they left before the vacation and this really inhibits such persons from enjoying such a holiday or period wholeheartedly, the best things you want for yourself is to be happy and being so in the moment will help in a lot of ways than just curbing depression but also building a happy relationship with the family.
    Don’t just have fun for the kids or to make someone feel better don’t pretend like you actually are, have fun for yourself because it helps.

  9. Gift An Experience
    Be it for festive seasons like Christmas, Esther Period, New Year festivities, Job leave, weekend time, the best thing parents can actually do for their family that would make the best of their time and resources with the family is gifting them an experience. Putting full commitment into each activity being carried out and ensuring the family has maximum experience and joy is something parents and relations should strive for because people tend to hold on to the memories more than they do things you give them and this is why a kid can remember the first time her/she visits a particular center more than they can what toys their parents first bought them.

A quick question before ending the talk!
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Well, now you know what you can and with not too much fees attached in.

One More Thing
Make the best off your free time and ensure you kids, relative and family feel your presence in their lives, don’t just be an insignificant number in the family, be the exception.

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