Cultism In Tertiary Institutions And Universities in Africa

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The devotion to the doctrine or a cult or to the practices of a cult usually being practiced and executed in secret and away from public eyes, cultism.

Despite the numerous placards, billboards, visual ads on newspapers and journals distributed on school walls and in neighboring surroundings, it’s such a demeaning fact to understand that many students and individuals are still enticed to the sullen act of cultism as a way of life which once in – getting out (alive) might not really be an option or is a very demanding one and an act which inevitably ends up damaging, thwarting the lives of participants as well as endangering the lives of others, those related to them included even to the capital extent of seizing the life breath away from a human being.
The issue of cultism has been a perturbing issue since the days its focus was shifted from academic excellence and difference to bullying, control and power.
The first case was originated during the times of Nobel Laureate. Wole Soyinka, back in the days at the prestigious University of Ibadan with colleagues in school preparing themselves to excel in their studies in secret though then noted for the academic and extra-curricular values it provided its members with and not a dark group of individuals on red, black, yellow, green or whatever color seeking dominance and to oppress anyone they feel like, we can say Cultism of then should be tagged White-Cults who signify knowledge and good while the ones of now well, red, black and yellow cults as these are some of the colors associated with many evil fraternities in the nation are just there to do more damage than is already being suffered by people of the community.
But the question society should ask is Why? – Is the experience of cultism so grandeur that it propels a score of individuals towards itself and they get drawn to it as Pooh to honey or is it for the power and what are the unseen figures enticing and guiding many into act and luring innocent people to it.

Reasons Why People Join Cult Groups

Getting Enticement by material things

Many Students, usually the innocent fresh-men and women get approached by members of such communities, mostly they go for the physically fit, bold, courageous and outspoken types for their membership class and with cars lining up behind them, cash flowing out, girls holding on and entice such people with the great illegal wealth they’ve acquired over the years doing business – the wish for such type of a seemingly great life with wealth in seems like an irresistible offer to many individuals mostly the ones from poor home and background who join on the basis that they want to change their life and that of those around them for the better.

Implied Force by Cultists

Some people do not have the luxury of choice when approached with the cultism pledge by members, despite being shown the fun things, the cars one can buy, the money get for each kill, blah or rant, the house one gets to live in with the crew, the good grades make from being a part of them with no worry about studying because they have it all figured out on the right hand, the left hand contains addresses to such a fellows parents, sisters, junior ones and a promise to kill or inflict injury on them without co-operation and with these threats at heart, so many are hesitantly forced into the group of evil-doers.

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Excessive Want for Luxury and Freewill

The inability and want of students to achieve more than they condition themselves to in a school setting, desired results like pass marks in their studies, vengeance for a girlfriend snatched or taken from one by another man, dude or guy, crowd-beating up of a fellow who decided to not pay his respects and so on seems to be a cause to join the incongruous act as when they do, they are usually the set of individuals who get to do what they like, stay where they wish and how they want it, they are the ones who usually show up for lectures once or twice in a session but get fairly good grade on the result papers at least fair enough to get them a pass in their various courses and this is not because they are reading their lives out while on-the-go but for the numerous threats sent out to lecturers holding their family members in ransom while they get to smoke, party and cause turbulence all they want around the community and beyond it.

Peer Influence

Peer Influence sits atop the reasons why many individuals are lured into this as is one of the surest way involve one in many harmful acts, the reasons why many feel endeared to the act as many most students,
For cultism, it involves the uses of age mates, friends, and class mates into luring individuals into acts or bidding.
While in school and on-campus, students need to build relationships with others and with such free time with peers, many individuals have gone the wrong road – getting influenced by their friends and falling off the right track of true education and knowledge acquisition.
Evil company corrupt good manners so goes the saying which shows when forming relationships within such ambience might get an individual in the wrong business because in school, these young fellas are with their friends for over 18 hours per day and whether it is liked by them or not, some of the doing of such friends in that environment would surely rub off on them too and somehow they’d get pushed to becoming a part of something as evil as cultism which they never actually intended.
The mantra, If you can‘t beat them, join them is the excuse many young adults give themselves for falling for the seducing cars, wrist watches, girls, cash and other luxurious things they get enticed to all in the name of wanting power and so join something as malicious and threathening as cultism because they see these peers (involved) living the life they crave, the life with what you want and no reason whatsoever to need calling on parents before one can feed, disturbing Father for textbooks, handout or other educational materials.

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With such free time with peers, many individuals have gone the wrong road – getting influenced by their friends and falling off the right track of true education and knowledge acquisition.


The Need To Belong and Other Incentives

Many cults usually form communes, where members of the organization are promised free resources, cash, extra protection, or other incentives for services performed and as many individuals especially freshers come from backgrounds that is poor and they’ve been neglected, upon getting teased as the so-called family cultism provides, the need to belong and have a place attracts people into the act and most times do not understand the full details included.

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Solutions to the Issue of Cultism in Africa

The way forward to help curb this bad seed in the lives of young adults even if not totally but to a great extent includes:

Continuity of what is being done, the numerous placards posted in universities, polytechnics and other institutions as mentioned at the very top of this article informing people of the why cultism is bad for them, their family, the community as a whole, constant education and reminders sets triggers in people’s mind and mass orientation should be given to freshers new to the learning environment

Media influencing, the people especially the youths nowadays tend to do more with their mobile data (internet searches, social media platforms), the T.V and less with audio platforms so if can be done; governmental and non-governmental organizations should endeavor to reach out through these mediums, to those influencing such spaces and encourage various publicity on the issue of cultism, and how the people can help themselves with this.

Highly recommended platforms include: YouTube channels, Blogs, T.V Series and other audio visual content providers.

Creation of a report Channel: Students and other individuals in the schooling environment should be granted means to contact officers when being threatened or some other personnel related to such office the position of threat by such a party.
This way students, can assure the safety of their relations as well as theirs from the snare of the inhumane doings of cultists.

School counselors and other educating personnel should give an open arm to individuals willing to make restitution for their involvement and doings as well as organize rehabilitation centers for these young adults not to be alone in their distress.

Parents should place a cautious watch on their wards in and out of campus, know their friends, be their friends and see to it that such individuals are indeed making the best choice of friends and not ones that would scar and mar them now or in the future.


One more thing to say:
Cultism is a union of various individuals, pulling members out of the dangerous act one by one will prove to be a better mean to fight this trouble the youths have found themselves in.

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