What To Do When Approached by Cultists

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When approached by cultists in school or at other locales to become a part of the highly dreaded gangs with deceitful tongues speaking of the extra benefits and untold terms and conditions, what are students to do and how can they walk away from this trap?

Cultism is one of the social vices still raving on and destroying many lives around the African Continent and beyond especially in Nigeria and most especially that students of universities usually freshers, at home or other social gathering and niches who, when approached to pledge and become a part of a cult or a cultist gang, are usually confused and do not know where to run to for help or who to seek advice from, school authorities, parents, military personnels, pastors and the rest alike.

Reasons People Get Approached By Cultists

Cult groups and gang members usually have certain criteria for picking out their targets in school or at other locations which ranges from;

  1. Lifestyle
    Cultists love the life of the street, the partying, the smoking, the roguishness, the tomfoolery, the flashy and blazing lifestyle, the trendy — hese things are attractive to cultists when they
    see and always, they want to involve individuals doing such in their club.
  2. Physical looks
    People get picked based on how huge their body is, or how skinny they look, because the face shows how rough or smooth one’s life might have been.
    Having the height, girth and voice of a Rambo is likely to make one a high-target for cultists because they understand that such a body can withstand war and win battles in their favor.
  3. Wealth
    Cultists are usually the rich gangs and the ones lavishing in university pareties spending what was illegally mined, feeding on cash from whence they never worked, and as such admire having rich individuals in their circle because as they say ‘The rich befriends the rich’
  4. Ambience and Influence
    As a man or woman of the people, someone with much influence in the social environment of a location, there is every reason to become a target of cults as they too want high-profiled individuals and students in their circles as this obviously commands more respect for them and is the key to being able to influence more lives (negatively).
  5. Victimization
    So many individuals have been victimized by the society, maltreated by parents, cussed by friends and so become an easy target for cultist to influence because they’ve at this point in a person’s life, one is highly gullible and totally malleable for the worse.

One of these reasons or more might pertain to every student in and this indicates that there’s every chance every student is a target for cultist to drag into their circle!

Now, we shall be deliberating on things students can do to help themselves in case of a night-visit by the least expected cult members in the school coff jumping into the hot pot as a frog unknowing that it the one who decided to kill itself by staying in the pot for too long and not leaping out.

There’s every chance every student is a target for cultist to drag into their circle!

What Are People To Do When Approached With Cultism?

  1. Know Your Stance
    People need to know where they stance on the whole act of cultism, many people join when approached is because they didn’t keep a correlation plot with cultism and the other problems faced, hold on their stand or they never even had a position on CULTISM to begin with, keeping a tab on your values, understanding the things you want and those you don’t would surely help you decipher between what you should be doing and what you should not and if in anyway getting involved in cultism is one of the things you placed your stand on that you won’t be joining, know this within you in your heart and mind that you will never join because ‘the sweet talks can be really tempting’ and can be ideology-bending – having to not read or work for good results is not something many students really would love to drop for the stress of lectures and so much other life-shaping activities faced in school and life.
  2. Give An Ambivalent Answer
    Some certain sets get the option of choice when approached with the pledge and when this is so, the best way to get out of that situation right there is to leave an answer that would not mean Yes, I want to join and accept all the gifting the three dark-wise men from the east come bearing or a No, I am not interested in your occult – you guys can leave my room now, Thank You! – and the reason is that the former already puts you in cage, to them you’ve accepted and this is seriously bad for business as continuously, you’ll keep getting invited for secret meetings, initiations, jobs and failure to show up for these things makes one a rogue and to them, such an offence is usually the capital punishment, the latter on the other hand is worse off as you could get beaten to a pulp, killed, threatened and forced to join in on what you don’t so leaving the blank void is the best way to escape such a ghastly situation.
    When asked the big question it’s best to not pick an option between life (death) and death, just leave them hopeful but not optimistic as regards your answer. You may tell them you want to test the waters and see what’s going on, you’re new to the system and would get back to them later.
  3. Communicate Right but Not Rudely
    Cultists want people to fear them, they feed on this fright people have for them and at every given opportunity, use it to mar, molest and hunt them.
    Appearing fearful of the men in your company is a sign which shows to them you’re a weakling and that alone might even smear you beatings by the crew without you rejecting their offer, appearing natural and your unperturbed self however puts yourself and them on a negotiation seat and things can go a little more sane – forcing your will on them however is not an advisable thing to do and the beating might still come into play.
    The whole idea is to see these guys as mates you don’t know seeking information from you and not as Zeus’ or Hades’ descendants making a request from you.
  4. Inform a higher figure or an authoritative figure
    As indicated earlier in the article that of most cases, one major problem students face is that they do not usually know who to run for help when such cases arise and this abruptly leads them to making wrong decision. Meeting up with a higher figure, a lecturer, it might even be a senior in the school who has had such experiences and discussing with them is one way help can arrive faster.
    However, individuals should understand that most cults usually trail their targets, especially pending ones as such to confirm whether or not such an individual is trying to sell them out and it would be wise to be extra careful with who you meet and where you meet them during this period.
    It’s might be who you don’t know or who you even know who might be your monitor and shares information on what you do, who you meet and what you discuss even.
    N.B: I am not sure if such a facility is available but if so, students should meet up with counselors who’re working directly with a dept on cultism affairs.
  5. Ensure the Safety of Relations
    Not everyone gets the free hand when approached with cultists, some (more) get threatened with death, beating, unwanted visit of their families, friends on campus and so on if they don’t comply with their demands, and this puts such individuals in an unsettled position which destabilize them, what’s best in such a maze is to ensure is that one’s relations are safe before taking other actions, whether it includes getting policemen to handle the task or school authorities to take it up, ensuring the safety of those who mean dearly to you is one thing that must be done.
  6. Involving Law Enforcement Agencies
    This is one advantage people have but under-utilize as most cults do not want to have things to do with the Law and its agencies, involving them in your lives and ensuring they (the group) sees this is going to be a smart move, however, you need to ensure it is not a threat to them as this would only cause more ruckus and problems.
  7. Joining a Religious Society
    Upon request, if cultists notice an individual’s participation in religious acts, such as church crusades, evangelisms, or mosque worships and sessions – they tend to get disinterested in such individuals because they BELONG to the others.
    However, this doesn’t make individuals attending and performing such functionings a target.
  8. Watch Your Doing and Activities
    If you’re the loud-mouthed fellow who stirs attention to his/her position or the party-goer who’ve ever present at all the raves in town and school, you need to let go of this attention because it might be what makes you a target for cultists, changing that however and laying low of your profile would do you a lotta good.
  9. Study Your Friends and Who You Relate with
    There’s an Yoruba saying with goes ‘Kokoro to n je efo abe efo lo wa’ which when translated means ‘a TRAITOR is someone that is very close to you or someone you consider a friend or family member’ and understanding who your friends are, who and what they deal with will do one a lot of good as this helps protect on from unforeseen situation even cultism as many people are usually approached due to the report from someone you never may know even a foe-like friend.
  10. Focus on your life
    It’s dreadful enough knowing one gets approached by members of the dark-gang while on campus or in other locations but it’ll be worse to know that on while few individuals successfully escape the snares of cult members, that constant fear and inerasable prompt that some people might still be after one’s life actually deters a lot of individuals from focusing on their original plans, while being approached is a big deal and all, achieving your goals is a bigger deal and if the past and its experiences doesn’t get shaked off, it might end up becoming a traumatic experience for such a person.

..while being approached is a big deal and all, achieving your goals is a bigger deal.

One more thing to say:
One can actually get off the whole cultism approach and can survive the period, be strong for yourself

If there are other methods you find doable, kindly drop them in the comments.


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