Coping with failures in school

Learn how to make the best of your day!Okay, it's not a magic trick but it works.

So many individuals go around their day getting frustrated at themselves just because they are unable to achieve that which they planned out to. We're here to help!
All we need is your co-op, are you willing?

Failure is not cool; really failure in school or in ones educational career might get so bad that it leads a student to becoming depressed, bitter and even pessimistic about education as well as other non-academicals which might include such individuals success at the end of the journey. But since people fail with an average less than 50% students claiming they’ve never failed a subject in school or a course in the university at one point or the other in their academics, we should understand that this is something that occurs every time but how we cope with it even matters more because when it’s occurred because as said by Eric Thomas ‘It doesn’t matter how many times you get hit, what matters is your getting up’, none of us can actually go back in time to correct what has been marred but we can however, make the future a better one. In this article, we are hoping to educate students who’re passing through this phase or are hoping to help their mates, parents who wish to educate their kids, or educators in all spheres willing to go the extra mile to educate their students on the inevitable for many. Failure being inevitable is why this article is termed ‘COPE’ with and not some other jolly word because even as many individuals claim that they do not wish ever encounter the costly FAILURE, many more however will take a cup of water from her well and well, this is what we can do to help out in such cases.


Seek To Understand Your Flaws Better

Seeking to understand one’s flaw seems easier said/read than done as most people who fail already know where they are lagging behind upon which seemingly caused them failure in such subjects or course and they have to carry-it over, what they just don’t know is understanding how to awaken that learning door in their heads towards such a work. Find the topics you’re actually weak at in that damning subject of yours and go seek knowledge from people who know better [Learning from a fellow student actually helps you explore more than that of the educator – a little secret], your facilitator should always be willing to lend an extra hand to any student who wishes to know more about what he/she teaches because that’s the profession, so you can get to understand more about why you feel weak in some areas than others as well as learn how to get better in them.

Avoid Bitter Criticisms Over Yourself Or By Others

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‘What you feed your mind is what comes to you’ -NF
How would you feel if you just failed an exam and someone tells you ‘Now you realize what I’ve been telling you, you’re not good in Maths, just stop it’ and someone else told you ‘You just need to concentrate more on the graphical aspects of Maths, that’s where you’re lacking, I believe you’ll do better next time.’ The former critic might be trying to help as well (in all good intents) but will leave such student being desperate and make them feel hopeless in or on such a subject while the latter revives hope in such especially with the last statements. Criticism is helpful but bitter critics actually do more harm than help the affected as they make one see his/her self less than they actually are and increase the worries of such a person especially coming from friends or family, these words go straight to the mind and if care is not taken, such individuals might end up dwelling with failure as the motto for the rest of their academical career. Avoid words like ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I’m just not cut out for this’, ‘I am a failure’ and embrace words like ‘I’ll do better next time’, ‘I’ll study harder the next time’.

Go Back To The Drawing Board

Finally! The first progressive step towards moving from failure is actually learning more, understanding what you’re dealing with and how you can actually do better with it. It’s probably something you’ve been taught by your facilitator but didn’t quite catch or was just too foggy for your brain to grasp when it was being learned, or perhaps you weren’t paying attention while in class (which is your bad!) Going back to the drawing board is telling you to ‘GO BACK TO THE BASICS’, the research, the topic one, the formula, the book readings, the late night candles, the self-test one takes to show discipline.

Accountability (Partner)

You might have troubles doing it all alone but working together with someone (someone better is preferable) on your journey to rise from the ashes is one of the best way to work effectively on past failures, get a friend or someone you know who might be better than you (or not) to be your accountability partner whom you share your progress with and can consistently grab noesis from.

Stay Motivated And Focused

You’re really fighting on your own, avoiding anything that might cause distractions to you while on this journey is top-crust gift to yourself as you plan to get the best out of yourself and focusing on the goal at hand (beating your failures) should be your top priority, it should beat your Friday night parties, Facebook chats, Instagram feed, unnecessary video and voice calls with not-so needed friends of yours and so one. Do not lose focus when on this journey as losing such might be more costly to your learning process that the joy of the five-minutes pleasure you’re craving from Instagram.

You Can Do It Again

Feeling fearful about the outcomes when re-trying an exam is guaranteed for all who’ll take this journey but even if the results come out not to your advantage, keep on doing and doing till you finally get there. You just need to understand that it’s actually doable and you will DO IT. Nothing in life is truly gone forever, you can always retake that TOEFL, SAT, WAEC, JAMB and you can always get better at it. P.S: This is a little gift from US to YOU as we wish you the best in your academics. (Video motivating students on exam)

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