What type of contents are we looking for?

Just as the name implies, we are interested in

The categories of posts we are interested in featuring in ranges from but are not limited to;

  • lifestyle
  • education
  • relationship
  • social issues
  • resources
  • life hacks
  • youth

Will I be paid for contributing to Crugit?

No! We are unable to pay for guest posters and bloggers featured on our site yet.

Benefits of Guest Posting on Crugit

  • Establishes you an authority in your niche
  • Opportunity for a back-link to your personal or business website
  • We provide Search Engine Optimization to all posts submitted to us. This way your work gets seen by more people across the world.
  • We give credit for the post to authors

To Submit Notes

Notes are basically expressions of people on certain things that interests them. They may range from a tweetable rant/nugget to a semi-blog. Just some way to document happenings.


We clear our notes section each time we upload a real one – sadly. (So even if your note’s been accepted, we clear them as time deems.)

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