Challenges Facing Youths in Nigeria 

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Youths are the work-force of any nation, country or entity; they are the movers and shakers of pillars, the ones who really can make the change needed.
In Nigeria, youths make up for more than half (53%) of the total population of Africa’s largest country and the issues faced by the major workers of a nation definitely would be mitigators against social and economical growth of the nation.

We plan to with this article, unveil the major problems affecting youths in the country and many other African nations in the world and proffer feasible solutions where can be made.

Major Challenges Facing Nigerian Youths


You know, when one thinks of Nigeria and her problems, the first thing that pops up in the mind is the corrupt system she’s been practicing over decades.

The young children and adults in Nigeria are nurtured up in the corrupt system run by the ruling powers, the political parties.

The old (rulers) of the nation are greedy politicians and game players who over the years have refused stepping down from the game of politics and made the plebeians their pawns in this game of theirs, they decide who comes up, who goes down and who stays there, all for their own personal benefits.

This is can be noticed even in the local council centres where the public are to be offered services on a first come – first serve base, but with a few money-shakes (handshakes), positions are swapped for money and rights are too.

The resulting upshots of being nurtured in such a system are the visible moral misconducts and activities being performed by young adults in the nations today, the involvement in scams, cyber crime (yahoo yahoo, wire/waya), institutionalized bribery, nepotism and so many more since they’ve been watching the elders do it, why not them too?


Youths in Nigeria are claimed to be more than half of the 200+ million Nigeria and with reports from the National Bureau of Statistics the unemployment rate among the youth at 65%, this shows Nigeria still has a long way to go regarding employment and job creation for her ever-uprising numbers.

Many struggle through their tertiary days with hopes to find a valid and sensible job which they would in turn use to fend for themselves and their family but so is not the case, as after graduating, many more are left to deal with job searches and the bribe-infested officers in charge of recruiting.

Since the saying ‘an idle hand is the devil’s workshop’ still is valid, the lack of employment opportunities has led so many (not justified) to involvement some degrading activities such as kidnapping, cyber thefts, ritual processing and so on.

Reclining Standard of Education

In terms of education, Nigeria seems to be lacking in a lot of ways, gaining entry into public schools these days even involve money, what’s more, the pricey cost and toils of getting admitted into universities , with all these to settle for the poor and traditional methods of black and white, the educational system of Nigeria has refused to move with the advancements technology has brought to educators and educationists.

Moreso, the educational system of Nigeria doesn’t seem to train you for tomorrow anymore,  many students are yet to figure out why they are in school in the first instance and so many just attend tertiary institutions for the certifications.
Students don’t even take examinations serious anymore, most now rely on the ‘orijo’/cheat-sheet that would be provided by a fellow students or on life-damaging websites that provide these answers some periods prior to exams.

Not to mention the fact that lecturers underpaid and therefore don’t go the extra mile to educating students as they should.

Drug and Substance Abuse

Drug Abuse is still trending, it’s still a large problem facing Nigerian youths..

Not too long ago did the excessive use ‘Tramadol’, pain reliever usually prescribed by medial practitioners to treat moderate to severe pain in adults. Tramadol has had its use transformed from being a common ‘pain releiver’ to a ‘strength provider’.

Till date, the issue of drug and substance abuse is still a prevalent social ill amidst Nigerian youths as one gets banned, two gets unveiled.

What’s saddening however about this malicious act is the public display of drug, alcohol usage by many musicians and real-time celebrities and their glorification of such acts is not a help to the problem at all with lead artists releasing songs like ‘On a Codeine Diet’, ‘Original Tramadol Extra’ is actually a popular search phrase from and many more.

Usage of drugs such as cocaine, weed, indian hemp, opiod has led many to early graves and its usage leads to delirious activities and may be a cause of mar for the lives of users either in school, at home or at work.

Till date, the issue of drug and substance abuse is still a prevalent social ill amidst Nigerian youths as one gets banned, two gets unveiled.


Lack of interest in Culture

The lackadaisical position of indigenes towards their own culture is a thing of concern, Nigeria children these days would rather communicate even to their parents in a foreign tongue rather than their own.

So many youths these days have little or no interest in their local culture, knowing their history norms and there’s been a decline in such education too.
Culture is ours to grow, but the youths of this generation are being led away the more from it.

Maybe we don’t know that ‘No matter how you tone your skin to be white, you still won’t be known as a white man/woman’ (allusion)


It’s unfortunate to know that most youths these days do not want to work hard to get things, they want it quick and easy, most youths are not interested in putting in the work to get the result, and thus search for quicker shortcuts to success.

Sometimes ago, President Buhari tagged the youths ‘lazy’, and there was an uproar but the he was actually right, most youths are lazy. Many people started talking about their achievements but many more were just onlookers.

Most youths want to become Aliko Dangote, Charles Coscharis in one day, they want to sit in their house and expecting money flowing in and this is why activities like MMM really made sales in the country, this is also why (in recent times) platforms like NNU, GiftalWorld are selling heavily, the average youth in Nigeria wants to become a millionaire sitting at home.
While we’re not implying such platforms are bad, it just encourages laziness in many.

Cultism and Thuggery

Many youths nowadays fall prey of cultism activities and this might becomes a mar in them for the rest of time, as dealing in cultist acts equate putting your life on the line each time their activities are carried out.
Many get initiated through such acts from tertiary educations and carry it on for life, while others get forced in.

Youths are usually goaded by corrupt politicians to cause upheavals during political and electoral activities such as ballot seizure/stealing, political persuasions and intimidation etc. 

Unhealthy Usage of Social Media

The invention of social media tools was a basically a means to allow users connect with the world a on their devices as a means of bringing people off all walks of life together.

As improvements were made, it gradually become just more than connections, it become product sales, news sharing but there came more with just these to the youths in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Social Media sphere now houses a lot of bandwagons who would rather stay hungry but being fed with likes and reactions from social media platforms and not face the real world.

Most youths on social media are just looking for memes to laugh about, sex stories to read, celeb news to view, who to bruise in the comment section (savage response) and less, interested in the real social, economic matters which concerns them.

So did the rise of spam accounts by individuals on also commence as people started creating accounts with fake names in a bid to deceive foreigners into duping them of their hard-earned money.


The issue of insecurity has been raving for a long time now, unnecessarily and inhumane killings of people for no just cause especially concentrated in the Northern parts of the country still remains on issue affecting youths in such communities who are forced to live their own ‘Land of Opportunities’ to find greener pastures elsewhere especially in places like Lagos State, this in turn leads to over-population of major cities across the nation.

This adds a tally as one of the causes of unemployment in the nation.

Lack of Political Involvement

‘If you want to swim, no matter the frame of mind you have on land, it cannot commensurate the experience of being in the water’.
It is a sad thing to see that most youths are politically lukewarm as regard the polity of the Nigerian State and such the ruling umbrella are the old men and women who in actuality, have no sense of what it feels like to be youths in the 21st era, thus they lead the old way, the traditional way and such positions can never be compared because the difference is clear.

The lack of youths in political spaces and areas leads to a major set-back in development technical aspects of the state.

Since the youths are the ones on major technical fields, placing them in power posts would give them and the nation a better chance improving the nation technologically.

Lack of Facilities for Entrepreneurial Ventures

It’s sad to know that our lack of infrastructural tools and facilities also has been a factor to the increase in youths emigrating from the nation in search of a better life elsewhere, a place that can house their talent and ambitions.
Through this, Nigeria has lost and still is losing many of her talents to other countries of the world who provide them the resourced needed for dream fulfillment.

Prostitution and Human Trafficking

In a bid to search for a better life somewhere, many young Nigerian women have been initiated into the business of selling their bodies for money.

Though many join willingly, many other women are compelled to participate in sleeping with Alhajis, Chiefs, Senators through human trafficking while trying to pass Ghana to Canada or on their journey to Italy.

Many have lost their lives to these trips and it’s quite disheartening to know that so many are still threading this same path.

Solutions to the Social Issues faced by Nigerian Youths

Before feasible solutions can be provided to solve any or all of the contemporary problems affecting Nigerian youths and helping to build a better path for the future of Nigerian youths, the following need to be put up.

  1. Public Empowerment Programs like NPower, YouWin, YEDI all aimed towards developing youths through provision of soft skills and coaching that aids them in life, business and other aspects.
  2. A better infrastructure for entrepreneurs and ambitionists.
  3. A review of the educational sector, a look outside to see what’s new, what’s working and what can work for us.
  4. Sensitization of youths on the importance of their participating in government and inclusion of youths in political posts and in the decision-making sphere of the nation and

All of these and more are feasible solution that can be put into place to make this great nation greater.

To the future success of the Nigeria, the Land of Green.


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