16 Top Business Listing Directories in Nigeria

business listing websites and directories in Nigeria
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In the world of business today, local business directories and listing sites are one of the most cost-effective ways to transit your business to the front of your potential customers and this is a highly valuable tool to small and medium scaled businesses.

Since the statistics display that over 50 % queries made on the internet are usually of local intent, the need for businesses to start capitalizing on the services of rich business listing directories cannot be over-emphasized.

The first positive result of listing your small business on business directories is that it helps you with more visibility online and on search engines. The end goal however of this is to be accessible to customers who are finding your services or products.

Although the inputting has to be done manually and this can seem like a drag, properly filling out the right information would definitely pay off in the long run.

I’m sure you’ll testify!

Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Make Use of Business Listing Directories

More reach – learn how to build an online presence for your brand:

Listing your business on directories helps more people see your business and find what products or services are offered by such organizations.

Promotes sales – The end goal of being seen is to be approached by potential clients or customers who are in need of your services or products

Gives a competitive edge – Since listing your business on directories helps you get seen by more people who might be interested in whatever you company is about; it also provides small/medium scale business with the advantage of reaching more people without the excessive investments on advertisement on social media or search engines.

Top Business Listing Sites in Nigeria

Connect Nigeria

ConnectNigeria.com is one of the largest business directories in Nigeria.

They make it a quick task to find business and provide adequate information about them.

Searching for restaurants, beauty salon, even the nearest union banks in Nigeria is made all easy on this platform.

Their purpose is to enable an organized archive of all things [corporate] Nigerian. This cuts across highlight locations, business offices, even settlements in Nigeria.

They do offer the free listing of businesses with the general [normal] reach as well as offer the paid for promotion on the site through banner ads on the site.

This is one business listing site I’d recommend to any and every Nigerian entrepreneur.

List your business on connectnigeria.com


You ever tried searching for terms like publishing houses in Lagos state and found this site popping up its greeny head screaming ‘pick me’?

Well, it will – because it’s that popular and effective.

The purpose of this online directory for businesses in Nigeria is to aid local businesses find customers who are in need of them/their services.

You definitely can call the site the official Nigerian business yellow pages.

One really amazing thing about this directory is the reviews feature. It allows customers review brands/businesses they’ve purchased products or services from.

This way, other potential customers are able to understand what kind of a brand they are dealing with.

List your business on finelib.com


BusinessList is a top online directory for businesses in Nigeria with the end goal of helping business owners maximize their businesses’ online marketing.

They site was set up to provide online visibility to businesses in Nigeria.

Business owners can advertise their businesses for free on the site to be seen by more potential customers and gain an edge over their less visible competitors.

Register your business on businesslist.com.ng


The Nigeria Listing site was created to help business owners build an online reputation and grow an online presence for business in Nigeria.

Since its establishment and incorporation in 2016, over six thousand businesses have been enlisted on this directory for businesses in Nigeria.

Submit your business to be listed on NigeriaListing.com


This site emanated from 6000profiles.com – now a resource platform for 6,000 businesses in Nigeria with profiles and well-collated data.

NGContacts is a database with profiles and contacts of companies and businesses in Nigeria. Its database also contains details of executives of organizations listed on the platform.

Ngcontacts’s reliable and well-detailed information has established them as one of the best and most trusted business directories in Nigeria.

While many use this platform mainly for research and marketing purposes, business owners you can use it to promote their brands and get enough profit from doing so.

Get your business enlisted on ngcontacts.com


Foremost a local search engine. VConnect has been in the game of connecting Nigerian service workers and business/brands to potential customers who require their services.

Over the years, it has developed into a well-known business directory for Nigerians. Entrepreneurs and business owners utilize VConnect as a means to build and grow not just an online presence over the web; but also communication channel between client and servicers in Nigeria.

Recently, the platform launched an arm; OmniBiz.com – a channel for educating Nigerian business owners and entrepreneurs and this is the new platform where businesses gets listed.

Get your business listed on VConnect/Omnibiz.com

Nigeria Directory

The aim of the Nigeria Directory is to build the largest directory for business and organizations within Nigeria.

The site offers a free platform for businesses and organizations to be listed in order to grow a lot faster on the web space. Also it provides spaces to list products and information about their various organizations.

New entries are added by more and more entrepreneurs daily and gets displayed on the sites so if you’re a business owner in Nigeria and you are thinking of building brand visibility for your organization, you should think of this site too.

List your business on Nigeria directory

Nigeria Galleria Directory

The main purpose of this online directory for businesses in Nigeria is to enable people find businesses nearest to them with the least time wasted.

Apart from providing one of the best business yellow-pages in Nigeria. The Nigeria Galleria business listing site also provide entrepreneurs with growth tips and hacks.

Much information on the blog related with how to grow brands, tips on improving brand visibility and more marketing techniques on how to maximize the web for businesses.

Even articles on Why listing your site on business directories would help your business grow are featured.

Add your business to the Nigeria Galleria

Business Finder

Businessfinder is focused on providing a quality platform for individuals, agencies and businesses to list and find top rated businesses and service providers in Nigeria.

This business directory for Nigerian businesses aims to become the largest resource pool for companies and service providers to find information about businesses, agencies around the nation.

Depending on the budget of the data entrant, business owners can start out comfortably as a free user forever or migrate for a small fee to manage multiple businesses and services using one account on the platform

Business Directory

Businessdirectory.ng is a fairly popular business listing directory in Nigeria that aims to get business noticed by prospective customers who are searching for products or services they might provide.

Due to the reputable run of the website, businesses listed on the platform gets noticed on the internet in no time, and prospects get acquainted with related products and services rendered by various organization or businesses within the Nigerian axis.

Add your business to the businessdirectory.ng’s listing

Codewit’s Business Directory

The Nigerian Business directory from codewit.com is the first yellow pages in Nigeria.

It is also one of the largest business directories in the nation with the aim to provide exposure to small and medium sized businesses across Nigeria.

The plan is to provide businesses with an edge in the online space as a means to help budding organizations have an advantage in the ever competitive world of business in Nigeria or at any other location across the world.

The directory offers free and premium business listings to thousands of Nigerian companies, businesses, non-profit organizations, charities, schools and companies that service the Nigerian Market and you can tap into that boisterous audience too.

List your business on CodeWit.com

NgEX Business Directory

NGEX is a data-providing platform that help businesses reach, engage potential product and service consumers in Nigeria and beyond her shores.

Such information to be found on the platform include business addresses, contact information and lists of Nigerian businesses, companies, organizations and agencies around the Nigerian axis and even as detailed into cities and states such as Lagos, Abuja, Ogun Maryland, New York, etc.

Add your business to this directory


Apace is a fairly newer business listing directory in Nigeria. If was founded recently.

Don’t get quirky, YapAce is an acronym for Your All-Inclusive Platform for Achieving Competitive Excellence in Business.

It is an SEO-friendly Nigeria business directory where private owned Nigeria businesses, public institutions, non-governmental organizations, professional bodies, agencies, freelance, experts, specialists and relevant online based businesses with their contact details are listed. It also combines as a business content hub geared toward helping Nigeria business (whether newbies or blue-chip companies) achieve the goals of attracting new customers, retaining existing customers, improving brand productivity, maximizing profit and minimizing running cost.

List your website on YapAce.com


Lagoslist is an online discovery channel that helps people easily find information and opportunities in Lagos state.

Searches can utilize the platform to discover businesses in within the state, discover their products and services as well as offers, promos, deals, and even find job opportunities within Lagos/Nigeria

Though, this business listing directory maybe niched down to Lagosians, its network definitely is not.

Because Lagos is the commercial center of Nigeria, its branches reaches beyond the Centre of Excellence and to other major cities in the nation.

List your business on Lagos List


Nairaland is not a business listing website but it is the largest forum in Nigeria. With over 2 million Nigerian sharing over 5 million topics.

Trust me – you have a market on Nairaland.

For some, you might need to upload an online add to list your business on the site [premium plan] but for me, there’s a way to make it done for free and if well done, you can profit well with the site.

Just making a post relevant to a trend in your industry would draw interested readers to you. Or shall I call them potential customers already?

If this doesn’t work for you, you can always try the online banner advert placement on the side.

Google My Business

Someone would wonder why I put this last!

Well, because this is a global business directory and it is not Nigerian.

As much as I’d love to praise how this tool from the largest search engine in the world has helped a lot [me even] with more visibility, this post is made for made in Nigeria products.

So let’s get into it.

Google My Business is a recently-launched tool that allows businesses get seen much quicker by potential customers who are searching for services or products such businesses might render.

It allows small business owners provide information [relevant] about their organization and connects them to people [or vice-versa] who search for products relevant to what has been put up by listing entrants.

Another amazing feature of the GMB platform are the free tools provided to business owners which enables them engage customers from whatever part of the world.

Listed businesses get to appear on Google Maps and can even make update on newer products through Google News.

Little peek: The above is easy talk – getting registered and verified for Google My Business takes a little more than just some online sign-ups and can really be a drag for many Nigerians.

Register your business for Google My Business


Many entrepreneurs do not really utilize the amazing potential the world’s largest social network of professionals has.

Some business owners who understand the above have also realized that there is to LinkedIn than just connecting with like minds. It’s can also act as a business listing site.

You can either list your business through promoting it on your personal profile or via creating a company profile for the business [the better option obviously]

Learn how to utilize LinkedIn to promote your business

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