Steps To Building a Personal Brand in Nigeria from scratch

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It’s a sad thing to realize that many ignorant and unknowing Nigerians of today still believe branding to be a thing just for the big firms, celebrities and influencers, but do not really see it as a doable thing for starters in the business world.

Before you go on, let’s do a quick exercise, just go on your favorite search engine it’s probably Google for most and then type your name in the search box, what comes up?
You, some old dude or is Google telling you to change your search titles to something they recommend?

If you’re on top of that list or in the images sections, you must have been doing some branding over time to get there.

When you search for your name on your favorite search engine, what comes up? You, some old dude or is Google telling you to change your search titles to something they recommend? Click To Tweet

So many individuals in Nigeria have already leveraged on the power of personal branding to grow, make themselves known to a vast majority of audience in various walks of life and financially sufficient.

Personal Branding as defined by Wikipedia is the practice of marketing people and their careers as brands. It is an ongoing process of developing and maintaining a reputation and impression of an individual, group, or organization.
It is the process of developing a mark that is created around your name or your career. You use this mark to express and communicate your skills, personality, and values.

If the idea for Personal Branding is actually personal as the definition above implies ‘your name or your career’, then are celebs or companies the only ones who should brand themselves as influencers or firms respectively? NO!
Because you can too.

In today’s article we shall be treating the need to build a personal brand in Nigeria, how to build a personal brand in Nigeria as well as how to grow a personal brand in Nigeria as well as reach other parts of the world.

Why You Should Build A Personal Brand


Brand (Personal) Owners are seen not at common game players in whatever niche they are involved in but are seen already as figure-heads in such industry.

Creating a personal brand centered around oneself is a quick way to get established as an authoritative-figure in such niches or focal-points as people already look up to you as one.


You’re your brand. You’re the runner
Owning a personal brand means you get to call the shots around here, it means you are not to be ordered around and frustrated at a job you don’t like.

People Trust People More Than Brands

People want to trust people when dealing businesses, not corporations or the big title in front of the office.Not Facebook, Instagram of Twitter ads even.
We trust people to make things happen.
When one is built up as a Brand – a standalone brand, it gains the trust of people easily as well as helps them businesses get referrals easily.
Why? Because your customers know who you are and what you are about!

It’s A Place to Fall Back On

For many employed individuals who’ve build a personal brand around their names, it is much easier to continue with the dream when life hits and employment falls. Since your brand is you, you can always move the motion.

How to Effectively Build a Personal Brand in Nigeria

Everyone’s got an idea of one thing or the other they actually wish to endeavor in need for entrepreneurs to 

We shall share our best and advisable ways to follow in order build an authentic personal brand that will improve your trust advantage, eventually sales, authority and finally impact.

Leveraging on Your Existing Contacts

Don’t worry, not every one of your friends or even family would be interested in your brand.

In fact, getting rejected by the many you think would wholly accept, support and contribute to the growth of your brand is one phenomenon all entrepreneurs would face but still that should not discourage the ambitious you.

To the few who are interested in supporting, leverage on them, their friends, their connections. Rome wasn’t built in a day you know.

Be Real With Your Audience

You’re still a person remember, let people in a little on with what’s up with you, make relevant and intentional posts and provide them with your contact details.
You never can tell where an opportunity might jump from.

Leverage on Social Media

Take time out to fill out the details of yourself and your brand on the various social media platforms you use or want to. I’d advice to focus on two for starters but you need to understand your audience before even picking a social platform to use also, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Leveraging social media is a real life hacker for businesses when done right but when not, is a sure way to go down the frustration lane.

Ensure to focus your energy on where your audience of interest groups are situated and fill out

People talking about you or your brand with mouth won't move you to the front page of Google, their online activity with your brand will. Click To Tweet

Actually Brand It

Logos are important for brands. They create a connection to a brand even without an accompanying marketing copy. It won’t do less for a personal brand. People can connect your name with a logo when you have one.

Logos are a very essential tool any and everyone who wishes to get their brands known would really need to put in real work into making the best ones for themselves or getting another to do it for them, make it simple but not boring.
Logos as a method of getting brand known has a way of catching the attention of individuals. If you think about the logo of Nike, Twitter, WhatsApp – these brands have put in the work to be in front of their audience just by connecting a simple message through their logo.

The world of millennial is very busy and we don’t want to waste our time on something boring, so make that logo of yours catching.
If you don’t wish to spend too much on creating a logo there are tools you can use to easily make a logo for your brand.

It’s not just the logo though, there are other aspect to personal branding that need to be carefully crafted – the business tagline, color.

Find, Connect and Build Relationships With Your Audience

Connecting with those who are interested in what you do helps you find easier access to what’s on their minds, what they’d love to know more about, what’s affecting them, what they’d love to learn to improve their personality and so on.

Let them know about the wo/man behind the logo, let them in a little on your vulnerabilities since you’re human too, let them have that human connection.

Be Unique in your own way

There’s definitely hundreds or thousands of individuals also offering the shoes or clothes you’re producing but in order to effectively optimize your opportunities, you have to make them know that this is you and this is them.

What really contributes to the high success of some brands and the receeding success of the many others is usually just one thing the intending buyer saw in one that they couldn’t find in the other and even though that thing might not be a necessity in the good demanded, they just get enticed by it and that’s it, the money goes into it.

Let’s go to class: If two retailing individuals approach a lady with same chiffon to sell but Seller A came with a pack that has a more elite look to it or just an inscription claiming it’s the original product they are about to buy or something while the other; Seller B came with the normal package, do you think she would buy from seller A or would opt for seller B?
That’s what being unique does to the brand.

Understand the Industry

So many entrepreneurs just jump on opportunities because such seem to be the hot market and do not have clear understanding of such industries they get into due to the desperation and what this results in is usually failed efforts.

As a brand builder, you should have an in depth understanding of whatsoever industry you’re niched upon and not changing focus as this irks interested audiences and might/will cost you to lose them.

Invest Wisely But Not Too Wisely

While building, don’t be too scared to take risks and don’t be in a haste to do so too.

When the period to make investments and inputs (monetarily) with hopes to make your returns come up as the dream of all personal brand builders is to in one way or the other be able to benefit from their creation. Do not be too scared to take up risky decisions but also, do not be too cautious in your actions that you settle for less too.

Also, investment might come in form of learning, taking up classes or course, paying for events which would help you get better at what you do, this is a great way to grow oneself as a respected figure.
Attending events or course and getting certified in such niches definitely places one as a force to reckon with.

Solve a problem

This is an easy but difficult way to get your brand known to people who might be interested in it.

Solving a problem the people face through your business really is one sure way to get known because once people start noticing you, they’d just keep on referring others to you.
For example, in community F, there are no cloth markets and the only grand way to purchase clothes would either be to buy from the costly boutiques who’ll intentionally increase the pricing of these goods or visit the Community Market which is a long journey from the community.
Someone who is smart and is interested in the textile industry might purchase in large quantities and at discounted prices from market sellers and sell to the community at less or normal prices. People would definitely glue to purchasing from such a person because they need their commodities.

So do your homework, what do people in your environment need but to get, they’d need to travel miles to do so?
That may be where your money is.

Find an opportunity in the society

Paystack by Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi were founded as a resultant of the fact that making online payments in Nigeria was an effortless dream and while the major platform that had this in place for the world at the time was PayPal – he just decided to create his own and that worked for him as now PayStack is the most recognized way for business and entrepreneurs to make and receive payments for transactions made as well as one of the most visited websites in Nigeria and the world due to its root in other nations of the world.

Just as was done by the engineers of Paystack, young entrepreneurs who wish to build their brand need to find opportunities around them to work on and feed off.

Put YOU in your works.

Let people know the men behind the scenes of whatever brand is being built, people don’t just want to see the cute logo on the website on social platforms, they also want to see those doing and providing them solution.

Build A Website

This would be advisable from the very start but with social media available and tools such as link.tree or availble, the need for a website might not be so urgent while starting but as you continue to grow the brand, it is a necessity to have a website.

It definitely helps one into being an established as an authority in your various and is the best way to get prevalence online and when searched for on search engines.

Do What You Love

It’s true that many entrepreneurs in the world these days are only getting in for the quick cash or return on investments they get to make on transacting for a while – but the problem is that most of them are not really passionate about this niches and only gained entry in it because of the opportunity found in it e.g high demand rate or season.

If you don’t do what you love, eventually you’ll get disinterested in such brands and this is why many start-ups are closed down almost immediately they are founded. It’s simply because the brains behind such are not really in that field or passionate about it but only logged in for the opportunity they found in that industry.

If there are other tips you’d love us to know on how to build a personal brand in Nigeria, kindly leave them in the comments.



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