Biggest Regrets of People in Life, What would you regret?

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If you die, would you regret living, not spending enough time with your loved ones?
What would be your greatest regret; not living the life you really wanted to, not having friends and loved ones around, would spending more time with work and less with yourself and family be the regrettable actions you take?

We all are so occupied these days, working our asses out and trying all we can to ensure we get a better life for ourselves and the family as well, it’s not easy at all, the hustle is real and everyone is doing what they can to live better, be better and have more. But with these entirely put into consideration, what would happen if someday we get sick and are announced that we’ve got an incurable illness or naturally, we age and it’s time to say nightie-night to the world?

What do people in that scope worry about?

Would it be work, the life they lived, their relationship with others, wealth, educational certifications, personal and organizational achievements or are there more things beneath and in the depth of our hearts, things we actually worry about as people?

The Biggest Regrets People Have in Life

Not Living While Living

This might actually be a bit foggy to understand on the surface look, but deeply, if we ask ourselves really What is living? – it is definitely not following the system and doing all that you’re instructed to by the dictates of the society, government and even family, friends. It is the experience that matters, the joy of actually doing what you love doing.

Most individuals however do not think of this, rather they are forced to submit to ‘society’s truth’, which most are lies e.g. the common rule of grow as a youth, go to school, get a job, marry, give birth, die – who says there’s not more to that ladder than that?. There actually is, and you are responsible for finding it for your own life.

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Not taking enough Risks and Staying within Your Comfort zone

Risks are a part of every human life and as one, people would face difficulties periodically where they’d have to take risky advance and approaches but many are too fearful of taking those major or minor risks in their career, life, relationship and many more things.
The risk of just following that gut feeling to do something, caring less about the consequences and just hoping to enjoy the journey.

Fun Fact – Did know that many people end up regretting not ‘asking that girl or guy out’? are you there too?

Being less happy and over-Serious

Everyone seems overly-serious these days, not too many smile and laugh around, for no reason but just to be happy about themselves.

Very dominant among males, men these days are rarely seen jovial except when high on life at pub joints or parties greeting the whole universe with their 32 or 34 sets.

People have conditioned themselves to be seen as rigid being who are here just to face their business and end up regretting not being as happy as they should have.

People also show less of the jovial and silly part of them, as much as they want to claim the serious and diligent worker who takes ‘no shit’ at the workplace or with the family at home, being a little bit friendlier and relatable to people doesn’t remove a penny from your wages and it take nothing from you too, does it?

Not Spending More Time with Family

A man should never neglect his family for business. 
Walt Disney

Nowadays, it’s work, work and work for most parents who’d leave home as early as they can and return late at night.

Many people at old age or on their dying bed regret not spending the only real and precious commodity everyone has as human, time with those they loved and cared for more rather they did spend these times at work doing something ‘most of them’ don’t even love doing.

People frequently deceive themselves with the thought of making up for the time spent at work by promising to take them out for lunch or to an amusement park but in most cases, such occurrences don’t actually come to pass as there is always an assignment to carry out on weekends and times continues to wait for us, weekends turn into weeks, into years, into decades then a life-time

Loosing Real Friends

It’s not uncommon that many will regret eventually moving towards the recesses of their lives, they discover their not having their old pals and friends by them and many times it is not possible to track such persons as everyone seems to move on.

Most people have become so caught up in their personal affairs that they’ve totally let go of the rope and bond friendship keeps in their hands.

People eventually regret not having these good friends by their sides, those with whom they experienced life as children; when gay was still playful, grew to love, but because work got so overwhelming, they let go and this becomes a thing to regret during the recesses of life.

Wishing You Stood up for Yourself

Did you know that many things people regret not doing also pertains to certain happenings while as kids or young adults?

Most people keep their mouths shut even when pained by some experiences they grow up to witness.

This is why many never seem to forget experiences such as bully while at a young age, they may never say these things to the world but internally wish they had more strength to fight that bully, to arrest Dad back when he was abusing Mom, to speak out when being raped by an older aunt, to do what was right when faced with fear and torture, we really do regret not being able to do so, standing up for ourselves and what we believe in.

Wasting Time on Doing Unnecessary Things

Eventually, everyone does end up regretting times wasted on doing things that yielded little or no results, acts were without purpose and meaning and such were unnecessary e.g. times wasted on playing video games at the expense of planting for the season, times spent watching porn, drinking oneself to a state of stupor.

All of these transcend upon the mind and become regretful actions taken times ago.

Trying to please everyone and worrying much about what others think about you

If there is anything that is a surer factor to regret in this list, it is in the fact so many people would realize eventually that trying to please people in life is just wasted efforts, because eventually, they would realize that the opinion of other people about them doesn’t matter as it doesn’t define who they are and will become, people trying to look prettier, sexier, more sophisticated will all eventually realize that all the time, money and resources exhausted in these acts, were all wasted, they can be compared to setting money on fire.

Not Taking Care of Health When healthy 

Many people do not take care of their health and are unperturbed about it till they have a health problem or issue and they end up regretting this fact when struck down by certain major or life-threatening sicknesses, you’ll see an already obese individual still consuming more sugar-filled products, who is not expecting diabetes for such a patient already?

Running Another’s Race

It’s really unfortunate to know the in recent times, many people do not know what their own race is, they tend to be pushed around by the opinions of other people too many a times and this eventually leads to an uneventful life full of less success and more failures.

You see them switching employments/careers periodically apparently because they think it job pays more and would probably lead to a better life.
This is also apparent in schoolers as they tend to go with the crowd in most of their institutional choices

Ways To Avoid Having Such Regrets Before It’s Too Late

Do with intent and purpose, in all acts. Don’t just do for doing-sake, do because of the reason. Click To Tweet Take care of your health while you still can, are there personal problems you’ve been noticing but neglecting over time? Its better you get yourself checked out before you become hospitalized on what could’ve been prevented Click To Tweet Live on your own terms, break rules, make some, and mend some. Live! Click To Tweet Love who you love, don’t even bother hating who doesn’t love you back, not everyone will. Click To Tweet Scrap the last statement in the sub-heading, it’s never too late.The fact that you’re still here means there’s still something for you to do.Even a sick and dying person can still enjoy life till the fullest before death knocks. Click To Tweet


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