Top 22 E-Commerce Websites for Buyers and Sellers in Nigeria (2020)

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Would you rather stress yourself walking to a store, queuing for some thirty minutes just to get a box of shoes or would you prefer lying on your couch and making choices for the best one, ordering and getting the cling cling on the door some thirty minutes later with your pretty shoes?

E-Commerce platforms are basically here to ease the stress of commercial purchases and revolutionize trading with people and businesses as well as develop a safe-medium of exchange for good and services.

Also, shopping online saves a buyer the stress [and a lot of time] of moving from stores sections to sections finding their one well-desired product whereas on the mobile, all products can be easily found with the search feature and added to the cart straight up.

While many Nigerians are still really skeptical about whether or not they want to shop online or not due to trust issue, fraudulent activities by some and other factors surrounding the growth of e-selling and buying in Nigeria, a vast majority are transiting to these online sites for the purchasing of their desired wants.

Top E-Commerce Stores in Nigeria

Jumia is a household name in most areas not just in Nigeria but also in the whole African continent.

They are the first on the list of e-shopping sites in Nigeria.

Since its inception in Nigeria by four prevalent individuals in 2012 in Lagos, Jumia has made themselves known and revered as the most reputable online ecommerce website in Nigeria, and for those people who are still being skeptical about patronizing online shopping stores in Nigeria, Jumia can is one site that will put your mind to rest.

To show how wide spread their services are, they have over 18 million followers on Facebook and have remained one of the Top 10 Most visited websites in Nigeria for years.

Another household name in the e-shopping space of Nigeria.

Self-tagged ‘Nigeria’s largest online mall’, Konga was founded in 2012 by Prince Nnamdi Ekeh and Nick Imudia with the mission of becoming the engine of commerce and trade in Africa and they have done excellently well over the years.

They are masters in the art of connecting products to buyers through their various channels and there is hardly any Nigerian products needed that won’t be found on this site.

Also, one really alluring aspect of the site is their affiliates bundle, which unlike Jumia’s, has a better rating from marketers and provides an extra source of passive income.

Sellers are also welcome to trade their commodities on the Konga.

This is the trading name of Royal Coast Technologies Ltd,  and they are unique in a special kind of way. For speed, support, pricing and interestingly their 7-day return policy for returned commodities from consumers.

Their partnership with various retails sellers placed in their purse various categories of commodities every Nigeria would be interested in.

Electrical supplies, home and kitchen appliances, computer and tech appliances and so much more can all be found on the platforms. continues to build its influence amongst common Nigerian online shoppers through their amazing deals and discounts offered out to their clients.

They as well as other major e-shopping brands have an affiliate program to help support visitors and marketing specialists with some extra cash.

The vision of is to build a reputable online store that provides customers with quality products and efficient/effective services.

Money well spent!


This is a platform that’s truly More than shopping, it’s a lifestyle for them.

From the well-laid view to the easy-to-navigate site, the PayPorte team have got their game spot on.

Ever since its creation in 2014, PayPorte has grown to becoming one of the largest retail sites for wears of all kinds in Nigeria and this is a proud achievement they’ve kept well in mind consistently.

The sharp rise-to-fame of the platform can be greatly accrued to its (previous) headlining the sponsors of Nigeria’s largest reality show; Big Brother Naija and the team hasn’t stopped displaying what they do best, showcase fashionable lifestyles to the public.

Pretty sure you must’ve heard that ad that plays Jiji It numerous times on your stereo.

Well, this is the JiJi the song’s for.

JiJi is a fast-growing free online classified ads channels that allows a simple system for buyers and seller to trade and purchase commodities within the platform.

Since its launch in 2014, the virtual ad-shop is steadily rising to becoming one of Nigeria’s favorite go-to online plaza to sell and purchase products especially locally produced goods.

Merchants of products are allowed to make free ads on whatever products they have for sale and get a fair amount of reach targeted at people with such interests at heart.

The tagline of this e-commerce store is to aid Nigerians Shop Online without Stress

 It is set to re-define the local eCommerce landscape by bringing to shoppers

They offer a wide range of products. With most of their key-products including electronics and electrical appliances, home/office appliances, security and surveillance cameras, security safes, cameras and so much more on their shopping basket.

Since the inception of the e-shopping platform in November 2014 (Black Friday)

The Obeezi Nigeria Online Fashion store had been building an empire over e-fashion realm in Nigeria.

The have built so much trust and credibility with their customers and this has helped them stay on top of their game of continuously catering for the fashion needs of Nigeria through providing the best-of-the-best deals on Clothing, Shoes, Wrist watches, Sunglasses, Colognes, Fashion, Shoes and everything else fashionable.

If you ever need to make searches on the latest Gucci, Ankara, Tommy Hilfiger, Raph Laureen, good fashion canvas, et cetera or if you want to compare for the best prices on such fashion commodities, is the place for you to do.


If it’s technology! It has to be eshop.

This is an online technology shopping platform that deals well, with technical and electrical gadgets alone.

Products available on the platform are flat screen televisions, inverters, solar panels, solar-powered inverters), security gadgets, cookers and other consumer electronics that are on high or medium demand in Nigeria.

So if you’re searching for the latest electronics from Skross, LG, Samsung, Philips even – you think eshop!

From being one of the best business directory sites in Nigeria to running into one of the top ecommerce websites in Nigeria.

VConnect has been in the game of connecting Nigerian service workers and business/brands to potential customers who require their services, now it’s taken the game higher and is now an option for potential buyers and sellers to trader resources for products and vice-versa.

Due to the already-build influence with a lot of businesses in Nigeria, the online shopping store delivers the best products at affordable rates, which are sometimes even better than others.

Jonliz Market

Jonliz Market is the one of the less popular but highly effective commerce sites in Nigeria.

They offer high quality products for best-buy prices and have continued scaling their business since inception.

Gbanjo Deals

This fast-growing e-shopping site in Nigeria is well-stocked with phones, laptops, computer, games, food, camera, electronics, and fashion wares for Nigerians.

They are well known for their great pricings.

Slot Nigeria

If you’re a lover of the latest mobile phones trending in Nigeria, then surely, you must’ve come across this wonderful retail store at some point.

They offer both offline and online shopping platforms where Nigerian shoppers can visit to check on the latest mobile and technological gadgets.

They are well renowned for their great after-sale services as well as their customer support which has made a good number of clients want to come back for more.

Good thing is, when they do come – Slot is always open to another slot!

Super Mart is an online commercial store that deals with all your favorite grocery needs.

Food sellers and business owners that deal with groceries can greatly maximize this platform to up their sales, make more customers as well as achieve more profit for their brand.

They offer a same day delivery package in Nigeria but we all know this might not be so true in all cases.


Since the advent of the Opera Investment in the Nigerian transport industry with OPay, the start-up keeps spreading its tentacles around various industries and the ecommerce space is not left out of it.

Olist provides a free classified advert space for businesses and business owners in Nigeria to list their services and products for free in order to attract more potential customers and patrons.

A new player in the game who seems to want to be teaching even coaches how to play the game of online sales.

Pointek is a retail store which a great reach across Lagos State [even within the gadgets heart; Ikeja, Computer village] and other major cities within Nigeria.

Unlike most other commerce sites; AfriMash is for the Nigerian online shoppers who are interested in purchasing or trading agricultural commodities, is the best site to go. They are the preferred destinating for farmers looking for poultry, and other agric products.


Though we expected more from this store, it seems not just to know how to meet the expectations of its customers.

Anyways, OLX can be said to be the CraigList of Nigeria.

Most products on the platforms are fairly used products that are up for sale to other end-users.

Their amazingly cheap and affordable products are the key reasons to why the name keeps ringing in many Nigerian heads.

It is advisable for anyone who wishes to trade on this platform to however be really careful and cautious so as not to fall for fraudulent users on the platforms.

With a physical location in Ibadan, Nigeria – OjaShop is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing online stores.

The platform was launched in 2014 and ever since has continuously grown its network with business owners and clients within the nation but with Lagos and Ibadan as the core.

Fouani Nigeria Ltd started out as one of the major distributors of LG products in Nigeria and then started and online shop for their products.

They have been able to attract much success with inter-state deliveries within Nigeria due to their influence with showrooms nationwide.

Ajebo Market

Since inception in 2013, has grown into a leading online fashion store for men in Nigeria.

The vision behind AjeboMarket is to be a leading figure in the sales of fashion supplies for all men in Africa. So dear men, when next you’re thinking of changing your fashion wares or just aadding a little touch to your sway, just think Ajebo!


Everything (well almost) everything techie can be found on this e-commerce platform.

TechMall’s online shopping platform offers the best deal on latest improvement in techonological equipment, electronics, and even security gadgets.

With roots in Kenyan, KiliMall is one of the largest ecommerce stores in Kenya. Well, now they’ve decided to take a step further into the Nigerian market.

This mall is well known for their affordable prices which has kept their brands open for a long time in other nations.

Guessing Nigeria shouldn’t be different.

Other Online Shopping Platforms in Nigeria


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