Being In A Relationship: Should I Or Should I Not?

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Funny to know is that this question is actually usually high on the minds of so many young adults who do not fully understand and want to know whether or not they should be in a boy-girl/love relationship and usually, it arises as a peer group thing because they see their friends in the act and supposedly ‘enjoy it’ and after all ‘it does no one harm’.
But before going deep into this, ask yourself – do you even know what a love relationship is?
And to you, how do you define being in a love relationship or being boy/girl friends?


Why do you want a relationship?

Many young adults, as they don’t question ‘WHY do not think this through before going/threading into love relationships.

Most youths want a relationship or want to be in one because of the claims companionship and relationship (understand the ships before going in for a ride ***winks)

If to you, there is no need of being committed to another being ‘external’, and you would rather worry about yourself, family and career rather than that of another human being, getting entangled in a relationship probably shouldn’t be considered yet till you think you now have time for it and are mature enough to handle the responsibilities included;
but if you think you’re totally fine with having a partner to whom you relate everything or almost everything with and would really enjoy living under this conditions plus would still shine in your doings; well, why not?
Understand that being in a love relationship is best handled by mature individuals who understand commitment, jealousy, time management, goal setting, and if you know that is not you, don’t even bother wasting both your and his/her time.

You should know that there is not a specific time to be in a relationship, and individuals every being differently experience love and so do you – so there is not experience gained now in a love relationship that cannot be gained later on in life. 


Friends and Relationships

As stated earlier that most young adult relationships are entered into ignorantly because of peer influence as you see others do, you want to be in one too or pressure from friends as the one missing all the fun or on the losing end because you’ve got no boyfriend or girlfriend, you need to understand that even those who claim to be having the time of their live because of their lovers are also ignorantly involved in what would soon be a heart-breaking experience because they do not understand it and just went in for the catch since they were young and inexperienced as most of them do not learn priorities, companionship, even RELATIONSHIP in the going.


Some things should be considered before entering into any relationship and they include

  1. Do I need to be in a relationship?
  2. Why do I need to be in a relationship?
  3. Will I be able to balance my relationship with life?
  4. Do I gain anything valuable from the relationship?

If you fully understand these, then you should be able to understand whether or not you should or shouldn’t be in a love relationship with another.

 Lastly, if anyone comes to tell you of how you’re missing out, just tell them “Yes, I know but I like it like that!” and advise them to also think about their priorities while in the relationship.

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