Productive Things To Do Instead Of Wasting Time On Social Media

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Social Media Addiction, the excessive use of information technology, addiction to mobile gadgets a is now a topic of concern as social media has take over as the new digital cocaine and this can be backed up with stats showing users spending 4-5 hours on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, LiKee, TikTok and many more trying to search for what, fun, connection – not so much.

But what if one is actually so into the whole social media thing and that is the only thing they can think of when free or less busy, what activities can one take up and will utilize their times wisely.

Social Media will always be there for you to go back to at the end of the day but would the time wasted doing unnecessary things and mindlessly scrolling minutes and hours away ever be gotten back?


Social Media will always be there for you to go back to at the end of the day but would the time wasted doing unnecessary things and mindlessly scrolling minutes and hours away ever be gotten back?

Things You Can Do Instead Of Wasting Time With Your Phone

In this post we shall give 10 activities you can do instead of wasting your useful time on social media and they include;

1. Working on your goals

We all have goals, dreams and ambitions we want to accomplish and instead of spending hours scrolling through our news feed on social media or chatting all day long which eventually adds no real value to us, the little time you feel the urge to pick up your mobile device to log onto Facebook or Instagram, why not pick up your notepad or wherever you have that plan of yours and revisit, check what’s the next step for you, don’t search for too much, just work on what would take you one step closer to your goals.

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2. Planning For Tomorrow

Do you actually plan for tomorrow?
Why not?
Check your schedules and fix what tasks you want to carry out the day to come, it’s your day after-all and it keeps one organized and ready for the next day and what it brings your way.
No fear!

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3. Exercise

Though exercise should be a casual activity carried our by everyone, today’s world doesn’t seem to leave out that period for most individuals especially employees and since it’s so, why not use to the time that would’ve been spent on social media wisely and for physical fitness?

Health is Wealth, remember and physical health is health too.

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4. Personal Development

Often times, people are triggered to pick up their phones for social media during their leisure periods since they think they’ve got nothing to do. This might be true to an extent, it’s leisure afterall. But instead of Social Media, listening to a podcast, watching a video or reading through a blog post that develops one mentally, spiritually or in whatever way pays as it helps you become a better you and less of an addict to social media.

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5. Learning a Skill

If the average person who uses Facebook daily -2-3 hours – invests such time daily into learning a skill that they are passionate about drawing, animation, graphic designs, coding, event planning and management, baking etc., such a person would not need to pay extra-bulky fees to learn such skills when the need arises.

Learning a skill opens one up to the learning process and as we are all leareners for life, this is definitely an healthy practice. 

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6. Reading a Book

No doubt, the world of readers is slowly emanating to the world of scrollers, as many individuals nowadays find reading novels, drama and even poetry so tedious that they sleep off some minutes into it nonetheless, reading from black and white or even Amazon Kindle (link to Amazon Kindle) engages the mind and other senses of the body healthily because reading is feeding on knowledge, the more you do, the better you get at it.

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7. Reading a Magazine or Dailies

Your news-feed is not the only news source from the world you know, way before the world of social media and ICT came to be, there’s been independent publishers curating and spreading happenings around the world and picking one up at leisure sure keeps the mind engaged with current happening around town and globally plus reading from dailies explains in full details, happenings around.

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8. Observing the Environment

Have you ever been on a queue and suddenly decided to stop using your phone for a while?
If you’ve ever done that, you’d realize that everyone is pressing these days and very little are observing.

Taking your time to just drop the mobile and facing the world right in front of you helps one stay conscious of happenings in the surroundings and who knows, a brilliant idea might just pop up in your head while doing so!

9. Watching a Movie

Okay! Okay!!
This might not be the best advice to give but watching a movie definitely not the Vin Diesel type relaxes the body and since it’s leisure, watching something that helps develop you such as A In Pursuit of Happyness, Forrest Gump, Facing The Giants and other inspiring movies do a great deal in paradigm shifting and goal-chasing.

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10. Trying Out A New Recipe

This is definitely not for everyone, cooking is personally not something everyone likes to experiment but if you’re free and up for such a deal, trying out a new recipe with something naturally done in a certain way helps build creativity in the mind as well as feed the mind with joy.


If there are other activities that can be carried out by individuals instead of social media, kindly include them in the comment section.


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