20 Most Creative Musicians in Nigeria

most creative, lyrical and sensible Nigeria musicians
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It seems like we no longer understand what music is about in Nigeria as mainstream music in Nigeria is being led by narcissistic musicians (are they even musicians even?) who embellish themselves with golden earrings, mobile devices, private jets. These are the ones who produce songs preaching sex, money/wealth and riches, cyber-crime, drugs, women and a bunch of nothing tagged music providing no real value but even amongst all the jargon being released, one should not forget that even amongst bad eggs, there should be the good ones too.

Top Lyrical, Sensible and Creative Musicians in Nigeria


‘Who is responsible for the things we teach our children?It is the internetOr the stars on T.V’ Click To Tweet

You can’t get that anywhere else that from the queen of music in Nigeria.

Born in September 1984, Asa real name Bukola Elemide is a French-Nigerian singer, song-writer and music with styles in the Afro aspect of music

Over the years, Asa has proven to be an embodiment of knowledge and wisdom all entrapped in her little but wonderful body.

Breaking into the music industry after her debut album, Asa in 2007

Just read this lyric from one of her songs

‘Where do you go when you’re by yourself?Who comes along when you cry for helpI know I can’t change the past,But as the river keeps flowingI’ll keep on moving on’ Click To Tweet

Asa’s latest album as at the release of this article is Lucid which was released in June 2019 and has been making waves around the world.


‘Omo Kapenta’

Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ, is a native of Lagos State in Nigeria, his song Ara really was what led him to the limelight, a song that’s still relevant to the achievers of today, a song of prophesy he has not only proven but others too have.

From HEYA out of his album, he says

Everybody thing say dem dey go their waybut I notice say we dey block each other wayNah our ignorance dey make life hard @Brymolawale Click To Tweet

Let that sink in, Brymo is not your average Nigerian musician, he speaks on the occurences that happens to people in the nation day-to-day.

In his songs, he is a social critic – one who reminds us daily of what it means to be Nigerian, to be African. he is an embodiment of what a true African creative should be sharing the light on African cultures and traditions in many of his works.

Adekunle Gold

Ever since AG acceded into the Nigerian music industry with Sade – a story of detailing love and pain; also a high-lifeof One Direction’s Story of My Life, it has been a buck-load of great tunes and doings for him. He truly is Golden, because his art is too.

Apart from being one of the most creative Nigerian artists, he is also a great Photoshopper.

He has so far released four albums so far which have all been received with great appeal from both listeners and critiques.

Adekunle Gold in his songs speaks of life, of being and of doing and he embellishes his art form with stories that are relatable.


You just got to love his “Itz Falz the bahd guy in the building by the way” intro

Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz the Bhad Guy is one of those names that’s stuck in the head of the average Nigeria music lover. He is not just a great rapper/musician but also puts his artsy skills on display for T.V/Movie lovers too, shedding the comical part of him that we all love.

Falz is a lawyer by profession but is definitely not in the shadow of his father, Femi Falana – an ace lawyer in the nation.

He has been involved in a lot of songs that are aimed towards impact positivity and knowledge into the lives of the listeners.

His album Moral Instruction speaks on the day-to-day ills in the Nigerian nation and is a sample of one of the great Fela’s albums.
He doesn’t tag himself to be an upgraded version of anyone, not even Fela – he is just Falz and we love him as just that.


Simisola is everyone’s favorite, if there is anything – we love her for her SIMplicity.

Simisola Ogunleye is one with an endearing voice and a charming personality who has touched thousands with her music.

A traditional Yoruba wedding would actually not be complete without the inclusion of at least one or two voices of Simi in the DJ tracks.

Kizz Daniel

Kizz is not just one of the most handsome guys in the Nigerian music scene but he also is one of the most creative singers in the nation. One just needs to hear his intro and be ready to hear some great melodies.

Since his debut song, Woju in 2014, Kizz always brings himself back as a better and much more refined creative musician in the nation.

He definitely is one of the most applauded artist in Nigeria.

Yemi Alade

Mama Africa!

Yemi Eberechi Alade, popularly known as Yemi Alade, is a Nigerian Afropop singer and songwriter who came into the limelight after winning the Peak Talent Show in 2009.

She has stayed up on her game as a creative musician and an awesome performance artist releasing great jams and tunes for the love of the public.


Teniola Apata is just something – the lady is literally something else entirely.

She gained the attention of the public eye in 2017 and literally blew up in 2018.

She’s one highly creative musician that’s showed us different sides of her and continuously entertains her fans with not just her music but also her witty and comic skills.

The release of her highly acclaimed song Uyo Meyo – catalyzed her career as a musician for the best.

Timi Dakolo

Nigerian King of Soul, Timi Dakolo is one of the most refined musical acts in the nation.

Despite being in the music game for so long, Timi still always comes up with melodious songs that keeps the listeners moving to his intentional sounds.

He always finds a way to remind us that true music is not always about the gbesesoke and raunchiness displayed in many songs in the nation.

King Ebenezer Obey

We wouldn’t want to call this great man a musician, rather a Story-teller for this is what he does in most songs accredited to him.

Despite being an Evangelist, most of the Evergreen songs are still very much relevant to the happenings and realities of today

Despite singing most songs in his native dialect; as very much expected of many musicians of his time, his songs hold messages that needs no translation before being understood through story-telling, lyrical mastery, relatable phrases, action, figures and so much more.


He definitely belongs here – in the list of highly creative musicians in Nigeria. Most of his works if all of them pass an undeniable message to the average Nigerian and this aloine, intertwined with his great rapping skills puts him in the lane of most creative Nigerian musicians.


You should recognize talent when you see one. Erigga  also known as PaperBoi, real name Erhigha Agarivibie embodies talent and this is a highly conspicuous aspect of him. He is a rapper that’s displayed his artistic skills in his works which always have one mesaage or the other to pass to his listeners. “. Erigga has released four albums as at the release of this album Okorowanta, A Trip To The South, The Erigma I and II.

Beautiful Nubia

As Reaggae is to Lucky Dube, so is Folk-songs to Segun Akinlolu – stage name; Beautiful Nubia.

He is a highly creative artist, a composer, poet, bandleader and high-uplifter of folk music in Nigeria. He usually centers his art using the Yoruba lingua franca.

Beautiful Nubia puts it all in his craft. He is a songwriter with melodies that ranges from love, value, culture and a whole lot more.

The relevance of his music is still pretty much felt in the traditional music scene of Nigeria.


He definitely is the King to his African Queen(s).

Innocent Ujah Idibia stage name; 2Face – now 2Baba is a name that needs no introduction in the Nigerian music scene.

He is a music veteran who has paved the way for many young successful musicians in the nation. His creativity is highly visible in his music – the pop songs.

He never fails to give us more of his dexterity as a creative musician and has managed to stay on top of his game and relevant in the music industry till date.

Johnny Drille

Johnny’s songs literally can alter your emotions – but don’t worry, it’ll be in a good way.

The suaveness of his voice and the tempos always seems to match the listeners mood.

He is a fairly popular musician in Nigeria but his level of creativity is beyond words.

Sound Sultan

Sultan is just himself – a sultan and one who knows how well to reign.

He is a veteran in the Nigerian music industry but still manages to stay a relevant figure due to his high artistic level. All of his songs have messages intended for listeners and he is nobody’s mate when it comes to doing a naturally something.

Cobhams Asuquo

Cobhams is an inspiring figure that proves to the many physically challenged that even they can be someone others look up to.

Despite being blind, Cobhams has displayed his intrinsic creativity on numerous platforms such as songwriting, music production etc. and this alone has helped him with a career in the music industry.

Mr Eazi

Real name: Oluwatosin Ajibade

Mr. Eazi is a flow to behold. He is the frontliner for Banku Music, a new music style that chords Nigerian music style with other styles.

Mr Eazi is a really interesting name in the Nigerian music scene, one who delivers amazing contents for his lovers consecutively.


One of the best rappers of value in Nigeria and the African continent.

V-E-C as he rightly introduces himself to be is a top-dawg in the Nigerian lyrical scene.

Lafiaji himself is no new name to the Nigeria scene and his creativity is visible all around his raps, in word plays, in message rendering, even in delivering his musical packages.


It’s a question – we all know that Olamide is one of the most lyrical rapper in the nation – but are his words sensible?

I would love to know whether or not you’ll include one of the nation’s best rappers in the list of the most lyrical and sensible musicians in Nigeria.

Honourable mentions of other creative musicians in Nigeria include: Black Magic, Fireboy DML, Mr Eazy

If you enjoyed this article or think there are others who are worthly of being included in this list of highly creative musicians in Nigeria, kindly note your views.

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