13 Things NOT TO DO on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while many articles, write-ups, videos and contents of all sorts are being published by creators during this period educating people on what to do to make this Valentine’s Day the best one of your life well, every year, how to have the most fun with one’s spouse or lover during this auspicious period, date ideas for the couples, fun options for the singles, things to try out during this period – not so many are educating people on what not to do during this moments because there is always the evil side of good, which when done could actually ruin such relationships, destroy future plans, lead to emotional trauma of partners or even just make such day a bad and unfulfilled one.

Don’t Dos For Valentine’s Day

Do Not Sulk About Your Bad Relationship/Singleness

Aye! It’s annoying enough to know that most if not all of your friends are out with their lovers on either a date or a visit to some unreal island to have the most of their times together but lazying around all day watching Titanic and  about your singleness or the bad relationship you’ve been involved in seriously helps no one!

If you so detest being single on such days, why not work a little harder on your relationships or partner? – It hurts to try but it’s fun as well.

Get yourself up, go and have a discussion with your other single friends – connect with the singles you know. Just fill your day with memories that will last a while instead of watching chilling alone with Netflix and watching sad romance movies all day.

Don’t Brag About Your Relationship

Yes, we get it – it’s Valentine’s day, and many people get the urge to make updates on their feeds to their followers or friends around the world about how awesome their relationship is or has been, they want their friends to know how cool their other half is and how s/he has been taking good care of their emotional needs.

The problem with this is simply that ‘NO ONE CARES’, of course we all have our awwn moments after seeing cute and adorable photos of our friends with their boo being dyadic for the camera, but publicly telling a story that concerns yourself alone is actually not a smart move. I do realize it’s Valentine’s day but telling me a tale of how yourself and Manuel met back in 2010 and are still together is not exactly how I want my day to be spent. 

Also, putting the single ones into consideration, it is simple adding fuel to the fire in their minds.

Don’t break up with someone

You know, this is ironic but it’s quite a shocker at the rate of couples who intend to break up with their partners on Val’s Day.

Imagine being heartbroken by the person you love the most on what should be one of the most romantic days in the year and a day for love and lovers?

It’s more than just the break-up on most occasions, such people are forced to ill memories kept of themselves being rejected on a day of joy.

There is nothing wrong with breaking up in relationship, we all fall out and back in love (at times) but having this occurrence take place on Val is a thing not to do, if you plan on breaking up with someone around this period, getting it done the day before Valentine is a smart choice – as this way you get to keep your cash at hand or in the bank before spending it on memories you plan to ruin or just wait days after to do this.

Do Not Have Sex

Yay! It’s Valentine’s Day, the period for lovers and such is the heat that comes to the scene with it, the urge to have sex comes in but what will be the point and how would you feel after coming to the realization that you just had a one-night stand after the deed is done?

Unless it’s with a trusted partner with whom you aim to have a life with, having sex on Valentine should be totally a no-go area for couples.

Do Not Forget the Good Things in Your Life

Don’t overlook and belittle the good things in your life while centralizing all your thoughts on your being single or other things you’re yet to reach on such a special day.

You’ve been blessed; you’ve got something good in you too.

Focus on the good that’s right in front of you, family, life, ability, wisdom instead of those things you’re yet to achieve in life.

Don’t Go on Blind Dates

There’s all the glitz and glamour that comes with the Valentine’s period, picking to go on a Blind Date on such day is a 50-50 chance because there’s no assurance you’ll fall for this guy you met on Tinder or were matched too by a bestie, so why take such a chance with your happiness, you’re better off watching End-Game than wasting your time on a date with some wo/man you’ve never met and risk having your day ruined by the bloat who appears to be your date.

Nothing wrong with blind dates, just to be on a safer side, don’t do it on Valentine’s day.

Don’t Belittle the Regards from your parents

Parents are one of the greatest treasures those privileged to have will ever get.
They are the ones who won’t scorn you for your bad choices as they know it’s your life and you’ve got to live it.

When you receive those gifts from your parents on Val’s day, take it openly and delight in the fact that you’ve got parents watching out for you and expressing their love to you in their own way.

Don’t doubt that love is out there for you too

This is the case for so many singles especially women around the world, they’ve tried hard and hard to make their previous relationships work and since they didn’t, it’s almost like they now have to write ink with the notations ‘I NEED A LOVER’ on their forehead as most of them end up begging for attention and desperately to find someone to love them.

Don’t doubt the fact that love it out there for you too; you just need to keep on searching and please don’t be a cherry-picker, pick what resonates with you and not what you think would promise a richer or well-furnished lifestyle.

Don’t forget about Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has over the years and till now evolved into a season to celebrate love around most parts of the world.

This is a fact that is really common, so many people tend to forget the significance of this while being consumed in their ocean of work or personal issues – despite the fact that all of the whole Valentine’s day thing in modern times is just a ploy to raise more revenue for corporations.

It’s a good thing to remember the date and at least do something special for your lover.

Plus it’s embarrassing to be reminded of this kind of things by your co-workers who had made plans for their lovers and you, nothing.

Also it the fact that best goodies that could be purchased for such occasions would have probably been traded since it’s the rush hour and you’d be left to pick the crumbs.

Don’t send anonymous gifts

Why do people do this really, on Valentine’s Day?

If you’ve been operating this system with someone you really do like and would love to have a relationship with for over a month or two now, don’t you think this is the perfect moment to come out clean with your name on it.

What could go wrong? – She either accepts or she doesn’t.

Don’t talk about past relationships on dates

Seriously, your date doesn’t care and want to know if your ex was the Mayor’s son and owns the largest farmland in town, just don’t talk about your previous relationships with a present lover, it’s not just annoying but it also implied you’re either not over your ex or are just not really for another real relationship. Also, there’s also a likelihood of such discussions steering jealousy in your lover which would eventually lead to an argument, that’s not what you want, is it?

The moment is about the current you, and whose there with you – not some story of happenings in the past.

Don’t Go to the extremes with your purchases

It can be really alluring to want to do all in your capacity to plan out an exuberant date for your lover for Val such as a purchasing highly expensive meal or booking a five-star restaurant for such means.
While there’s nothing wrong or bad in doing all of these, don’t go broke trying to impress your date just for one day in a full year.

Instead think of things that would hold longer memories instead of a once-in-a-year meal.

Don’t do the same thing you have done before 

It really depicts you have put in little or no effort at all and it really won’t feel special anymore, it’s just like feeding a person with same food every time  – it eventually gets bland.

Do something else, something different for your lover but also remember to take note of the point above. 

Are there more things you’d love to advice people to keep at the back of their minds so as not to do on a day as special as Valentine?

Kindly leave them in the comments.

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